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Community Update #13

BirbSwap is Completed

We are only waiting on the auditors to finish checking the new smart contracts and the moment they are we can release BirbSwap to the public. 🥳

Regarding removing liquidity or unstaking, if you have any issues please contact us at There will be a page for DBIRB holders to claim BIRB tokens.

Birb Casino Games (Surprise for the community) 🎉

Check out the video below on the first game we added, Birb Slots. We plan to have a series of Birb games for our users where you can win Birb tokens.

Birb Casino Games

Right now we are connecting BIRB token directly into the system for Withdraws and Deposits.

We are only using temporary graphics. Our lead artist is making artwork for the entire website.

Once we fully test we will release it to the public. 🎉

BIRB NFT Game (BirbBattles Preview) 🥳 🎮

The community requested and we are happy to show you a preview of our upcoming BirbBattles game.

Birb Battles Preview

This is a preview of our front end. Our new website will contain a page dedicated to our upcoming BirbBattles game. It will contain information on the different races Air, Water, Arcane, Fire, and Earth.

Each NFT game character will have different statistics HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Magic, Intelligence.

Phase 1 of BattleBirbs is scheduled to release shortly after our NFT Marketplace.

Please note: Birb NFTs and BirbBattles NFTs will be completely different. Only BirbBattles NFTs will be playable in our game.

BIRB NFTs & NFT Marketplace 🖼️ 🎉

This will be our next major release. The smart contract for the marketplace is completed. Right now our lead designer is separating all accessories, armor, clothing, etc… So that we can generate a good amount of unique Birb NFTs. We are very close to release. 🎉

New Website and Upgraded Whitepaper are Coming

The Birb team has decided to create a completely new website design that will be easier to use and easier to translate. Our main priority is to have our new website content translated into many languages. There will be a dropdown menu where people can choose different languages.

The whitepaper will also be upgraded with more information regarding developments that we added to our initial plan.

Our main content writer is simplifying our text and making improvements so that many can understand our project. When our new content and website is live we will need the Birb communities’ help translating the website to more languages. Those that assist will be given a $BIRB reward. However, it must be custom translated, and no translating software such as google translate should be used. More information will come later regarding this, we will provide a document to make it more organized for those translating.

There will be a large focus on the eCommerce payment plugins that we have developed. The new dedicated page for this will have easy-to-follow instructions and documentation so users can accept BIRB payments in their online stores.

BirbPay: E-Commerce Plugins/Apps (Adding stable tokens)🎉

We received community feedback and are adding a stable coin option to our 3 current Birb eCommerce payment plugins.

As of now, we have 3 working Birb E-commerce plugins ready to download and use.

Download the Birb Prestashop Payment Plugin here:

Download the Birb OpenCart Payment Plugin here:

Download the Birb WooCommerce Payment Plugin here:

How do you use the payment plugins?

Step 1: Download the plugin you need in the links above.

Step 2: Sign up for your API keys here: you will need your Birb API keys to use all of our upcoming Birb Payment plugins. You will need your API keys to use the payment plugins.

Step by step .pdf tutorials are being created for each plugin (Also videos). We want to make it as simple as possible for anyone to use.

Our development team is already hard at work on the next e-commerce payment plugins, Magento2, WHMCS, BigCommerce and a non-javascript version for Tor users.

Social sending development is also going well by this same team. We cant wait to show everyone the sneak peek! 🦜🎉

Rewards Portal 💰

We assigned another developer to work on the rewards portal. The main focus of the new rewards portal is to make it easier to use and less confusing to our users. It is also to match our universal design style.

Birb Burning!

Birb continues to do daily burns! Birb started with a max supply of 100,000,000.

Our total supply is now 93,948,232. To this date, 6,051,768 BIRB have been burned.



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