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Community Update #14

Notice: The team has been quite busy with 2 developments that are about to release. We wanted to postpone this week’s weekly report but we decided to give a quick overview.

Birb Casino Games (Surprise for the community) 🎉

We just added multiplayer blackjack and another surprise casino game. We will be doing a stealth launch for our Birb Casino so you can expect it at any time within the next week.

Deposits and Withdrawals with BIRB are enabled. A good percentage of any BirbCasino proceeds will go to our Top Holders. We will post all details on the website.

BirbSwap is Completed

We are proud to announce that all audits have passed! We are excited to relaunch BirbSwap. Our countdown to launch is on November 15, 2021 at 8pm Central Time (CT). This will give us time to implement our marketing plan on the weekend.

The page for DBIRB users to claim BIRB will also be ready on that date. We want to thank everyone for your support!

BIRB NFTs & NFT Marketplace 🖼️ 🎉

Update: There will be staking. You can earn $BIRB by simply staking your Birb NFT. 🎉 💵

Birb NFTs and the NFT Marketplace will be our next major release. This is what our team is most excited about along with BirbBattles. The smart contract for the marketplace is completed. Final improvements are being made to the front end.

We added 4 new Birb types including a Cockatiel, African Grey Parrot, Budgie (Parakeet), and a Love Bird. We will add more in the near future but we chose these carefully as several of our community members own some of these beautiful birbs.

We will no longer show NFT costume previews so all of the new ones can be a surprise at launch.

We are very close to release. 🎉

BIRB NFT Game (BirbBattles Preview) 🥳 🎮

Our upcoming website and whitepaper update will have a section with detailed information about our upcoming game including the NFT character stats, rules and much more.

The Birb NFTs and the NFT Marketplace will be released first. After this Phase 1 of BirbBattles will follow.

We are working hard to release Phase 1 of the game quickly after the NFTs and marketplace release.

Please note: Birb NFTs and BirbBattles NFTs will be completely different. Only BirbBattles NFTs will be playable in our game.

BirbPay: E-Commerce Plugins/Apps (Added stable tokens)🎉

Our developer needed a paid API in order for the plugin to work as intended with the addition of stable coins. We got the required API for the developer so expect an announcement soon after testing.

As of now, we have 3 working Birb E-commerce plugins ready to download and use.

Download the Birb Prestashop Payment Plugin here:
Download the Birb OpenCart Payment Plugin here:
Download the Birb WooCommerce Payment Plugin here:

Social sending development is being done by this same team. We cant wait to show everyone the sneak peek! 🦜🎉

Rewards Portal 💰
As we previously mentioned, we had to assign another developer to work on the rewards portal. The rewards portal is getting great progress and we will update the moment the new style is completed. The main focus of the new rewards portal is to make it easier to use and less confusing to our users. It is also to match our universal design style.

Birb Burning! 🔥

Birb continues to do daily burns! Birb started with a max supply of 100,000,000.

Our total supply is now 93,800,840. To this date, 6,199,160 BIRB have been burned.

Thank you to everyone for your support. We will get back to work as their is much to do for the upcoming releases.



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