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Community Update #15

BIRB AMA is coming on Nov 30 at 11 PM UTC 🎉


A 1,000 BIRB prize will be given to 5 of the questions submitted.

Fill out this form with your questions:

Birb Casino Games (Added New Games) 🎉

The Birb Poker game is now launched. You can try it out at We received several requests to add hold em poker. We have added single-player hold ’em poker. We received feedback about multiplayer hold em poker with tournaments, high stake buy-ins, and more. One of our devs will be working on this. We do not want to rush as it takes time to develop a good poker game with multiplayer, tournaments, custom room, chat and custom buy-ins etc…

Top Holder Casino Rewards: On December 12 We will send 30% of any BirbGames profit to the top 250 holders. The rest would be used for any marketing and development. This will continue every month on the 12th.

BirbGames was just a surprise release for the community. This is however a beta version and games will be improved, including the look and aesthetics.

Birb Marketing

Marketing has now started. We are doing banner ads for our campaign.

We are using the following crypto ad networks: and

We are also contacting many Youtubers to be prepared for the upcoming NFT marketing campaign.

(UPDATED) BirbPay: E-Commerce Plugins/Apps (Added stable token support)🎉

We are proud to announce that all of our payment plugins were updated and are now also accepting stable token BUSD. Several community members asked us to add this feature and our developer has now completed it. You can now accept BIRB and BUSD in your online store. Our new website will have a dedicated section for our eCommerce plugins and a gallery for any sites using our E-commerce plugins. We will give good incentives for any shop using our payment plugins.

As of now, we have 3 working Birb E-commerce plugins ready to download and use. Please see the new download links below:

Download the Birb Prestashop Payment Plugin here:

Download the Birb OpenCart Payment Plugin here:

Download the Birb WooCommerce Payment Plugin here:

How do you use the payment plugins?

Step 1: Download the plugin you need in the links above.

Step 2: Sign up for your API keys here: you will need your Birb API keys to use all of our upcoming Birb Payment plugins.

Social sending development is being done by this same team. Now that we finished the stable coin upgrade they will focus fully on Social Sending! 🦜🎉

BIRB NFTs & NFT Marketplace 🖼️ 🎉

Our highest priority. The Birb NFTs and the NFT Marketplace will be next to release. 🎉

As we mentioned in our previous report. You can earn $BIRB tokens by staking your Birb NFT.

The smart contract for the marketplace is completed. This development is very important for the team so we are taking our time to make sure everything is perfect.

We plan to show you a preview of our updated NFT Marketplace front end on the day of our AMA. Stay tuned!

Our artist has been extremely busy adding different birb types, different costumes, headgear, accessories, and more. We plan to have 2–3k BIRB NFTs.

We will no longer show NFT costume previews so all of the new ones can be a surprise at launch.

BIRB Play to Earn NFT Game (BirbBattles) 🥳 🎮

BirbBattles game is having great progress. This will be released shortly after our Birb NFTs and marketplace.

Our new website and whitepaper update will have a section with detailed information about our upcoming game including the NFT character stats, rules, and much more.

The Birb NFTs and the NFT Marketplace will be released first. After this Phase 1 of BirbBattles will follow.

Phase 1 of BirbBattles will be released first. We are working hard to release Phase 1 of the game quickly after the NFTs and marketplace release.

Please note: Birb NFTs and BirbBattles NFTs will be completely different. Only BirbBattles NFTs will be playable in our game.

FlockProtocol (Our Flagship Feature)

Flock protocol development was a big investment for our team. They are working on the smart contract for our upcoming feature and we are making final modifications to the front end. Expect a sneak peek when the final front end is completed.

Flock Protocol will allow you to send private $BIRB transactions and protect the privacy of the sender.

DBIRB Holders

DBIRB holders have some options. Please visit this page for full details:

Be sure to read and follow any instructions carefully. Birb tokens are sent out in the weekend.

We want to thank all of our community members for your support!❤️

Birb Charity

This week Birb has donated $350 of BNB (5000 $BIRB value) to Belize Bird Rescue. The founders decided to donate out of pocket to not sell $BIRB at current rates.

Belize Bird Rescue is Belize’s only multi-species avian rescue and rehabilitation centre.

We welcome you to visit their website:

Transaction id:

Rewards Portal 💰

As we previously mentioned, we had to assign another developer to work on the rewards portal. They are estimating 8 days for full testing and ready for release. They are also testing Dapp browser wallet connections.

The main focus of the new rewards portal is to make it easier to use and less confusing to our users. It is also to match our universal design style.

Birb Burning! 🔥

Birb continues to do daily burns! Birb started with a max supply of 100,000,000.

Our total supply is now 93,622,882. To this date, 6,377,118 BIRB have been burned.

Thank you to everyone for your support. We will get back to work as there is much to do for the upcoming releases.



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