Bird Droppings: Intro Blog

Welcome everyone! I’m glad you found us!

It’s been quite a while since “Bird Droppings” was live and churning out nuggets of information about all things Missoula Osprey, which makes me think 2017 is as excellent a time for a reboot as we’ll find.

While some of you might have read a thing or two about me following my hiring in January, I expect that most of you are generally unfamiliar with me. Allow this entry to serve as an introduction to both myself and an overview of what to expect and how to follow the “Bird Droppings” Osprey Insider Blog.

One small item of housekeeping up front to avoid confusion later: please be aware that the previous rendition of “Bird Droppings” still populates the web on Wordpress. Despite our efforts to consolidate content, it’s body is floating out there under the same name and search keywords. To avoid any confusion while Google searching, the best way to keep on top of the “Bird Droppings” Osprey Insider Blog is to actually navigate through our team webpage (under the “multimedia” dropdown there’s an option that says “Bird Droppings Blog”). If you’re more the type to reside on social media, you’ll also regularly see stories linked from our Twitter profile.

Now, finally, let’s get this first “Bird Dropping” of 2017 — the first entry since 2014 — in motion!

Back to introducing myself. My name is Cooper Perkins and I have the distinct pleasure of taking over as the Osprey’s play-by-play voice for the upcoming season on ESPN Missoula 102.9 FM. For those of you who were expecting to hear the sounds of Tyler Geivett over the Western Montana airwaves for a third consecutive summer, I look forward to doing my best to fill his sizable shoes.

As a recent graduate of the University of Southern California, I’m personally quite excited to come aboard the Osprey’s operation and work to offer all of you a look at what goes on day to day, both over the airwaves and through new media platforms. I enjoyed the pleasure of covering a few extremely talented programs and teams during my time in college and look forward to building on that experience here in Missoula.

Throughout the season, “Bird Droppings” will tag-team with our Twitter and Facebook pages to peel back the curtain and keep all of you Osprey fans informed. You can expect to see this insider blog populated throughout the season with content ranging from game previews to debriefs and, of course, random musings. Be you a diehard bird fan, a casual Missoulian, or a D-backs prospect nut curious for info on the organization’s Pioneer League club, you’re all welcome and hopefully “Bird Droppings” will offer some unique substance to quell your appetite.

Keep a look out in the coming weeks for some new channels of original content and, as GM Jeff Griffin loves to say, “Providing nuggets of information about all things Missoula Osprey.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact me through my Twitter profile or shoot me an email to offer feedback on either “Bird Droppings” or the nightly broadcast…heck, feel free to tweet at me personally during a game if you feel so inclined. You can always reach me via email if you prefer to get in contact that way (my email address is

Cheers to what looks like an incredible summer on the horizon and, hopefully, an unforgettably talented group of O’s sporting the black, white, and blue!

More To Come Soon,