Big Partnership Alert As Bird.Money and Glitch Come Together

DeFi OS and DeFi credit score platforms form partnership union

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3 min readJun 22, 2021


Moving forward together has always been our philosophy at Bird.Money when it comes to our vision for DeFi. With so many incredible teams building fantastic solutions, we always take deliberate action to seek out the best and partner with them to bring more value to our community members and build a better decentralized finance industry. We are thrilled today to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with layer 1 DeFi OS blockchain

DeFi OS Meets DeFi Credit Score

Glitch is a layer 1 blockchain-based operation built specifically to be a key hosting ecosystem for the budding DeFi industry. Glitch is building a rich ecosystem of solutions that include its GEX (Glitch Exchange) answer to DEXes and comes with everything expected of a modern blockchain such as super-low transaction fees and a formidable throughput of transactions per second.

Our partnership agreement gives Glitch access to our BIRD Score infrastructure which will be deployed within the Glitch ecosystem once it goes live. The Bird Nest is thrilled with this partnership, as it not only demonstrates the resilience of DeFi as an emerging industry in challenging times, it goes a long way to show how confident and ready the world is for a truly decentralized financial industry.

Making Personalized Risk Assessment a Staple

Getting access to financial solutions from diverse sources will be among the strengths of DeFI going forward, and we are excited to be part of Glitch’s journey as it implements the Bird Score on its Glitch Exchange (GEX) as well as future lending dApps built on the layer 1 DeFi focused blockchain.

We hope to send a clear signal that everyone should and can have access to accurate and personalized risk assessment that helps them gain access to the funds they need. We wish the Glitch team phenomenal success and hope that this will only be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial alliance.

About Bird.Money

Bird.Money is developing data-driven solutions used to analyze risk in Decentralized Finance by securely delivering their Blockchain Individualized Risk of Default (BIRD) Score — DeFi’s improvement on the legacy financial system’s credit score — to lending platforms and protocols. The BIRD Score is the first DeFi credit score based on the statistical prediction of loan default, created using advanced machine learning methods and made available to lending protocols as a simple, accessible rating. It’s the next generation of credit scoring.

Together with its lending platform, decentralized analytics oracle, and API, Bird.Money is leading the way in empowering DeFi product innovation. Bird.Money’s suite of analytics products and services enable truly individualized DeFi solutions to be uniquely tailored to each and every user.

This is the future of finance.