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Predictive Analytics for on-chain Web3 Identity and Security

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Predictive Analytics for on-chain Web3 Identity and Security

With the recent reset in leadership at Bird and macro events on the wider markets, the team has gone back to the drawing board to chart a course for the future. The founders who began the Bird.Money journey just over 3 years ago with the first line of code, supported by the rest of the core team are happy to announce that the Bird’s Nest is back building in a leaner, more agile fashion with the goal of producing viable market products..

Flight Towards Real-World Use Cases

Going forward, Bird.Money will channel its energy toward high-impact real-world use cases. High among our areas of focus will be to make Bird the go-to predictive analytics solution provider for companies trying to secure the on-chain and off-chain identities of their customers.

Apart from pegging the general Flight Path in real-world use cases, we are especially excited at the new possibilities our new products will present for a wider audience that includes eCommerce platforms, insurance companies, and of course, payment gateways.

This is an exciting opportunity that presents the shortest go-to-market route for Bird 2.0. Our goal is to empower our partners and customers with the resources that bring both on-chain and off-chain fraud to the barest minimum.

Supercharging Web3 Experience with Predictive Analytics for Security

Predictive analytics for on-chain identity comes with several benefits, the most important of which include:

Keeping Tabs on Engagement

Web3-focused predictive analytics can help identify users with the most engagement or network activity. This knowledge can greatly increase the efficiency in target marketing and outreach efforts of companies towards users and enable them to create better features and more intuitive UIs that enhance the user’s experience.

Fraud Detection & Deterrence

Predictive analytics also empowers organizations to pinpoint users that have the most likelihood to be engaged in malicious or even fraudulent activities. The design of security measures and timely law enforcement countermeasures will be made possible and maximally effective as a result.

Identifying High-Value Actors

With many web3 ecosystems built around varying reward systems, predictive analytics’ ability to identify the most valuable users will come in especially handy. This will enable teams to implement pro-rata reward mechanisms and also help easily target these high-value users.

Tracking User Turnover

As projects and even L1s amass adoption, user retention becomes a critical metric for success. With predictive analytics, networks can easily identify which users are most likely to leave, enabling them to create and implement effective retention strategies that keep user turnover to a minimum.

Overall, predictive analytics can provide a treasure trove of data that can be used to improve the design and effectiveness of web3 applications.

Case in Point

Many groundbreaking innovations bringing TradFi and Web3 ever closer (notably Gnosis, which has created a dual-faceted visa card that also serves as a self-custodial wallet), continue to flourish. The Nest believes that Bird can be the first on-ground to provide industry-leading security and identity analytics solutions that many such innovative companies will inevitably need.

It is therefore our pleasure to roll out the new, reborn and re-focused Bird:

Bird 2.0: Focus Security and Privacy

  • Development of MVP (User On-Chain Rating).
  • Development of full version Swap and Transfer Protocol with built-in security and identity layers.
  • Advanced predictive analytics with off-chain and on-chain data combination.
  • On-chain computation via protocols (Partnerships).



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