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This is an email from Bird Calls Community Update, a newsletter by Bird.

Bird Calls Community Update

Vol 1• Issue 5

Major partnerships sealed, BSC integration update, increased CFI rewards, publicity with The Gem Hunters, and a meme competition to jazz up the community

Hello and welcome! It’s that time for us to hop on the updates train and catch up with the various departments at your favorite DeFi project. It’s been a while and there’s a lot to cover in the latest and greatest things the team has been up to since the last Bird Call, so let’s get started.

Product, Platform, Protocol Updates

Some exciting news on our resolute journey towards full BSC integration. After months of testing, the product team is happy to announce that substantial progress has been made, with some key assets live on BSC mainnet. We’ve also set a plan in motion to incentivize our community’s participation in the leading BSC DEX, Pancake Swap.

Binance Smart Chain Update

Let’s start with the great news. The entire BIRD codebase has been successfully migrated to the BSC mainnet and has been fully QA’ed. This includes the lending dapp, the oracle, and an initial version of an ETH-BSC token bridge (more on this in a moment). This was a major step forward for the development team and the rest of the Bird Nest is thrilled with their contributions to the Bird flight plan.

Now, some really good news! The heart of the Bird ecosystem, its decentralized Analytics Oracle has also been successfully migrated to BSC mainnet. This is vital to the Bird Nest’s ability to deliver its cutting-edge analytics to partners and data consumers. The Analytics Oracle contract can be found here on BSC:

If you’re guessing that the “bad news” is up next, well, not so fast. Perhaps the most important asset in any cross-chain integration is the token bridge. Bird had secured a third-party bridge and testing went relatively smooth. However, in working more closely with the team, certain concerns around the influence that this third party would have over this vital utility arose. For this reason, Bird’s leadership decided that the best path forward is for our team of experienced developers to design and implement our very own token bridge. This guarantees that the destiny of our flock remains placed in the best possible hands, or if you will, talons 😉. With that said, the team is very close to full deployment on BSC. We will have more updates on this soon.

Despite the fact that we’re not quite ready to begin migrating tokens to BSC, Bird has begun the process of setting up incentivized liquidity mining programs with our friends at Polaris. Their novel Supernova Geysers approach to liquidity mining and easy-to-use interface makes it a perfect place for the community to nest their hard-earned Bird eggs. A detailed announcement on the terms of this pool, along with instructions, will be released as soon as all Bird assets are live on BSC. We’re also cooking up plans to ensure that our most dedicated community members, those that provide liquidity on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks, receive an even larger reward.

Perhaps most importantly: the Bird token contract address on BSC will be announced here, and on all our official social media outlets at the same time. Do not trust any other source claiming to have address information for the Bird token or other related on-chain assets.

Marketing, HR, Operations

Although the majority of Bird’s marketing efforts are almost exclusively focused on B2B marketing, we are happy to respond to the community’s requests for more B2C marketing in order to give Bird an increased presence on the retail investment side. As such, the Bird Nest is proud to announce that next week an extensive project review will be published by The Gem Hunters.

The Gem Hunters is an active community of crypto enthusiasts that is focused on FA-driven research and investing while helping new and old investors alike trade intelligently. We’ve been working with their team of analysts for several weeks to help them sift through our litepaper, yellow paper, and other Bird resources. In addition to the review, we’re also working on some “bonus” publicity with their community of nearly 50,000 crypto followers. Q3 is just starting and this work with The Gem Hunters couldn’t be more perfectly timed as we march on to the future.

We will continue to seek out marketing opportunities that bring value to our community and make the absolute best use of our marketing budget.

Liquidity Farming and Staking

Our CFI-powered staking and farming programs have continued to be a great success. We’re beyond thrilled at how committed our community has been, in up markets and in down. To say thank you for that continued support, we’re quadrupling the current CFI rewards! As we move forward with the BSC launch, these rewards will be more strategically balanced across the two networks, so get in on these increased CFI rewards while they last.

CFI staking rewards are increasing

Business Development, Partnerships, Listings

From our business development department, some major partnership news! The Bird team is happy to announce its strategic partnership with The layer 1 blockchain agnostic network caters specifically to DeFi Dapps and trustless money markets. Spreading the word about Bird.Money is best done practically when deployed by our partners, and we are thrilled to count Glitch among them. This is a huge catch for the team and we are certain that the community will be proud to have this partner within our growing rank of allies.

In addition to Glitch, we’ve also inked a partnership with DefiPie, a multi-chain lending protocol fully controlled by their DAO. Their turn-key lending pools and multi-featured ecosystem is a perfect match for Bird’s DeFi Analytics.

We’re also working on further partnership commitments of data suppliers to tap into, other blockchains that would like to deploy Bird’s products and services, as well as lending dApps that are eager to utilize our BIRD Score to assess and mitigate borrower risk on their platforms.

Organizational Updates

One of the most important business development activities that the team has been up to is yet another example of our commitment for Bird to be around for the long haul. We’ve been hard at work retooling our team and preparing for a fundraising round that recognizes the long-term value that Bird’s Analytics can provide for DeFi and resources the project in a way that ensures we’ll reach those objectives. The recent market downturn is something Bird’s experienced leaders take in stride and, in fact, it only further motivated the team to focus inwardly to strengthen the team.

We’ve identified senior leaders that will be playing important, executive-level roles in the company, started discussions with seasoned veterans from many disciplines in order to begin establishing an advisory board to help Bird accelerate its growth. These are vital steps to taking the project to the next level and must be undertaken carefully. Our flock can expect periodic updates over the coming weeks on the matter.

Central to any fundraising effort is the creation of compelling investor relations materials and Bird has been hard at work creating several presentations that provide prospective investors with a clear view of Bird’s vision and some of the analytic products the team is developing. The first of these documents that the team is excited to share with the community is our BIRD Score Overview presentation deck.

Excerpts of the BIRD Score Overview deck

And finally, Bird’s leadership team has begun extensive conversations with experienced blockchain legal teams from around the globe. This will position the team to have access to the best possible legal counsel and fundraising support available. Part of this involves being cautious of how forward-looking financial statements are made to the community. Therefore, while we’d love to be more open about this process, our beaks must remain shut for now. Rest assured that all decisions made in this regard will be in the best interest of Bird in the long run, in other words, it’s in the best interest of our dedicated flock.

Community Engagement, FAQs

We know the last couple of weeks have been trying for every blockchain believer and our community is not exempt from this. We believe our ongoing meme competition is a perfect opportunity to uplift the spirits of the Bird Flock and to help us spread the good word about our project all over the internet. We recently expanded the winning slots to offer more participants the opportunity to win as we explore the incredible creativity we know our community is capable of. Winners will be picked from 3 categories, namely; Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Everyone is welcome to participate as many times as they like, and what do you know? You could just be the winner!

See you soon on the next Bird Call, trade responsibly, and stay safe on the markets. Cheers.

About Bird.Money

Bird.Money is developing data-driven solutions used to analyze risk in Decentralized Finance by securely delivering their Blockchain Individualized Risk of Default (BIRD) Score — DeFi’s improvement on the legacy financial system’s credit score — to lending platforms and protocols. The BIRD Score is the first DeFi credit score based on the statistical prediction of loan default, created using advanced machine learning methods and made available to lending protocols as a simple, accessible rating. It’s the next generation of credit scoring.

Together with its lending platform, decentralized analytics oracle, and API, Bird.Money is leading the way in empowering DeFi product innovation. Bird.Money’s suite of analytics products and services enable truly individualized DeFi solutions to be uniquely tailored to each and every user.

This is the future of finance.



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