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This is an email from Bird Calls Community Update, a newsletter by Bird.

Bird Calls Community Update

Vol 1• Issue 6

BSC launch, high-profile AMA with Crypto Society, updates coming to our website and taking care of one of our own. The Bird family forges ahead.

Welcome! It’s another time to go take a look under the hood and catch up with your favorite team. Every month, we catch up with the Bird.Money team and get the latest updates on what we’ve been up to since the last newsletter. Let’s dive in!

Product, platform, protocol updates

Binance Smart Chain

Let’s just get straight to the point. The patience our community has shown over the past few months demands such an approach.

Our native token bridge — the last component required for launch — has been submitted for not one, but two audits. Token bridges represent a new and larger attack surface in the Bird ecosystem, so the team felt that multiple independent audits were required to maintain our high security standards. We have been told by our auditors that their reports will be delivered this week.

You might be asking, why hasn’t a specific date been set? Two reasons: first, we intend to launch as soon as our audits have been completed. But secondly, advanced launch dates often create prime conditions for the type of price manipulation that punishes smaller, retail investors. So, in accordance with our goals to launch all products as fairly as possible, we have opted instead to provide 24-hours advance notice of the exact timing across all of our channels.

As we’ve shared in the past, staking and liquidity rewards will be further reduced on CFI and re-deployed with our BSC partners Polaris. Stay tuned for specific incentive terms as the launch nears.

Marketing, HR, Operations

Establishing The Vision

Team Bird has been investing heavily in documenting the company’s vision as discussions progress with various partners and investment groups. Bird will play a vital role in driving innovation in the web3.0 era, and as such, we’ve begun to produce important collateral that expands the company’s analytics target well past credit scoring. Our latest investor relations presentation positions Bird squarely at the center of key emergent technologies, such as blockchain, web3.0 and machine learning. Have a look here:

Website Updates

Changes are also coming to the Bird website! The Marketing team is thrilled to announce that work is underway to bring updates to our website to better reflect the direction of the project. As a project with a long-term plan, we believe it is critical that all messaging be coherent and consistent across all of Bird’s assets.

This is yet another crucial step in growing the project and its resource base. The changes will reflect our current position and plans for the future. The new site will be live in the next few weeks, but for now, here’s a sneak peek:

Images of the new Bird website showcasing Bird analytics products

Marketing Initiatives

With so much progress having been made on developing and documenting the company’s vision, it’s time that we begin sharing this important work more broadly within the crypto industry. Over the coming months, we will be ramping up strategic marketing efforts with the goal of forming new partnerships, attracting investment, and solidifying our place as the first and only oracle project with a plan to deliver the power of web2.0 machine learning prediction products with the innovative capabilities of web3.0 and blockchain.

The first of our marketing events is one of the biggest stages that Bird has been on to date.

Bird will be appearing for an AMA sandwiched between two other projects you may have heard of: Solana and Bancor.

This just goes to show the true scale of Bird’s technology and its potential to revolutionize the decentralized oracle space. Please join us on Crypto Society’s telegram channel on August 19th at 17:00 UTC:

Bird will be appearing on an AMA with Crypto Society on August 19th at 17:00 UTC

Because Bird’s vision and strategy are so unique in the blockchain industry, we’ll be focusing on communication mediums that allow us to fully explain our plans for the future. That’s why we’ll be engaging in several more AMAs over the coming months. We welcome the community’s input on other forums or groups to partner with for additional events like these.

Talking about the future, no plans will succeed unless we have the right team in place! That is why the Bird Nest is happy to inform the Bird Flock that we continue to make progress in personnel management. We have solidified full-time positions, converted key contract employees and established talent pipelines with two separate blockchain recruiting firms, with interviews already scheduled. Here’s the latest on team development:

Luciano Sebastián De Monte — Director of Growth

Strategist and marketer with over 20 years of experience in branding, growth, UX, operations management and team leadership. Specializes in breakthrough adoption and new market penetration for technology start-ups. 2 years of experience in blockchain investing and business development.

Michael Nnamdi — UI Engineer & Creative Director

A graduate of computer science and UX design virtuoso. Certified by Google as a UX designer, has deep experience branding startups with creative, user driven designs that reflect their core values and resonate with their qualified audiences. As Creative Director, Michael’s unique and sensible approach to design will shine through for Bird.Money

Leo Anbarasan — Blockchain Engineer

Software developer and project management expert creating business-centered technical solutions for 15 years. Has deep roots in technologies ranging from Java, to Semantic Technology and is proficient in ETH, Binance, and NEM Smart Contracts. Will bring trailblazing solutions and innovative leadership.

Muneeb Zubair — Blockchain Engineer

Programming polyglot and blockchain development expert with 5 years experience. Specializes in decentralized apps development, smart contract implementation, web3 frontend integration among others. Adept in many frontend and backend tech solutions that will come in handy for the Bird project.

Usman “Nicolas” Salis — Staff Writer

Tech industry writer for close to a decade. Has a wealth of experience building content and driving narratives for startups and other online businesses. A passionate believer in blockchain and DeFi, Nicolas blends journalistic inquisitiveness and tech evangelism in telling the Bird.Money story.

Organizational Updates

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt seen the uptick in news discussing crypto regulations. While we don’t espouse any formal opinions on regulation in general, our leadership team has committed to a strategy that ensures that when regulations do come, Bird will be positioned for success. This is one of the primary reasons we’ve committed so much energy to securing legal counsel. We’ve engaged over a dozen firms from 6 different countries. These firms currently represent blue-chip crypto projects such as Brave and Avalanche, and we’re even exploring our own in-house, general counsel. We’re happy to share that we’re now in discussions with only two firms and most structural decisions have been finalized internally, such as the jurisdiction location and entity structure. However, because of the sensitive nature of this process, we can’t say more at the moment.

Community engagement and FAQ

Communication with the community is the first line of getting quality feedback. In response to feedback from you, the core team is taking active steps to close the communication gap with the community. Daniel, our CEO, is already mingling with the Bird Flock, taking time out of his busy schedule to answer important questions on both Discord and Telegram.

Taking Care of One of Our Own

Here at Bird, we are a tight family and are at one with our community. When we heard that one of our most fervent backers Josef, got hacked and lost all of his funds, we felt it was our duty to come through for him. Josef has been invested in our project since February 2021 and was fully invested in BIRD. On Jul-28–2021 at 11:54 PM +UTC, hackers used malware to hack into his wallet and stole 129 BIRD, swapping them for ETH.

We are organizing a community fundraiser for Josef and ask that the Bird Flock chip in with its contributions to help a loyal member of our community who’s fallen victim to an unfortunate situation.

You can send your contributions to a specially set up wallet before August 6:

More details on the incident and the ensuing fundraiser can be found here. Company treasury is not being used in the fundraiser, and if more than 129 BIRD tokens are raised then the excess will be immediately used for marketing. Nearly 25% of the lost funds have already been donated by our amazing community.

Social Media Engagement

Our Twitter account too has been busy. The community engagement team has been tweeting Bird’s vision and unique solutions for DeFi. This has been a hit with many quarters of the Twitter community. One of our informational tweets reached over 75,000 impressions! We would love to spread the word more and wish to ask our indefatigable Bird Flock to support our efforts by retweeting and sharing our content across their timeline.

One of our informational tweets that reached an engagement of over 75K impressions

As always the community engagement team and of course the entire Bird Nest is open to feedback and suggestions on how we can serve you better. Please feel free to send us a message via any available medium, we will only be doing it right if we satisfy you.

That is all from behind the curtain at Bird.Money for the time being. Be sure to join us in the next episode as we go back to get you the latest and greatest being worked on by the Bird team! Don’t forget to share our docs, tweets, and other content. Your support is what makes everything worth it. Thank you.

About Bird.Money

Bird.Money is developing data-driven solutions used to analyze risk in Decentralized Finance by securely delivering their Blockchain Individualized Risk of Default (BIRD) Score — DeFi’s improvement on the legacy financial system’s credit score — to lending platforms and protocols. The BIRD Score is the first DeFi credit score based on the statistical prediction of loan default, created using advanced machine learning methods and made available to lending protocols as a simple, accessible rating. It’s the next generation of credit scoring.

Together with its lending platform, decentralized analytics oracle, and API, Bird.Money is leading the way in empowering DeFi product innovation. Bird.Money’s suite of analytics products and services enable truly individualized DeFi solutions to be uniquely tailored to each and every user.

This is the future of finance.




Bird is an Off-Chain Analytics platform for the blockchain, driving innovation with prediction products like the BIRD Score for DeFi lending. Data consumers can access Bird’s analytics products securely through the Bird Analytics Oracle. Read more at

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