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3 min readApr 28, 2021


Building a standardized DeFi experience requires a lot of input, tools, and APIs. At the Bird’s Nest, we continue in our resolute effort to ensure that the Bird Flock is the most equipped community to take the most advantage of the budding decentralized finance industry. In the spirit of this effort, we are thrilled to announce that Bird.Money is in partnership with major DeFi signals player UniWhales.

What Does UniWhales Bring to the Table?

UniWhales is a DAO built to give its users an intimate feel on the pulse of the DeFi markets before the rest of the world takes notice. It began as a membership-only Telegram group and quickly grew to be one of the most authoritative trackers of big money moves in the market. It is often said that whales control the market, well, UniWhales is the portal that tells you what the whales are up to in real-time.

How it Works

UniWhales is a three-tiered subscription service where its native token holders are made privy to levels of access on the latest consequential moves of the DeFi markets. From its beginning as a Telegram alert channel on big Uniswap moves, UniWhales is now a full-fledged analytics tool that saves users time and informs them of the biggest moves that could move market prices in real-time. Some of the key UniWhales features include:· Real-Time DeFi Whales Alerts

  • Real-Time DeFi Whales Alerts
  • MinimumTXN Value: $75,000 USD
  • Pro Telegram Channels include: — DAO — DAO Announcements, Volume Spikes, New/Unknown Tokens, LP Add/Remove, Sushi Whales, 1inch Whales, VC Deal Tracker, Power Brokers, NFT Whales (GMoneyNFT)

Why Bird + UniWhales

A partnership that brings Bird and UniWhales together is the no-brainer kind. These are two serious DeFi projects each with unique qualities that DeFi as an industry needs.

For UniWhales, getting access to the Bird Wallet Explorer API comes with new opportunities. One possible use case will be for UniWhales to deploy Bird’s unique DeFi trust score mechanism in evaluating the legitimacy of new projects getting traction. An aggregated trust score can be attached to such a project based on the average trust score of the various wallets holding its coins. If the average trust score is high, there is a higher tendency that the project is legit as such as a better potential than previously thought.

Here in the Bird’s Nest, we will be exploring ways to leverage UniWhales API data to enrich our products as we move along the flight path. The partnership with UniWhales readily equips the Bird Flock with data from a crucial segment of the DeFi market. This partnership brings two great DeFi projects each bringing unique value to the table. The team cannot be more excited for the multitude of possibilities this collaboration brings to the Bird Flock.

About Bird.Money

Bird.Money is creating next-gen data-driven solutions used to mitigate risk in Decentralized Finance by securely delivering their off-chain oracle Trust Score — the DeFi equivalent to the legacy financial system’s credit score — to lending platforms and protocols.

The Trust Score helps manage risk to liquidity supply and borrow markets, ensuring the likelihood of loan repayment. Borrowers with a prudent DeFi history are provided with the advantage of being able to leverage an increased collateralized debt position (CDP) ratio on their loans, above and beyond the standard 66%.

Bird.Money is poised to be the leader in bridging the gaps between legacy and decentralized finance by bringing under-collateralized loans to DeFi through the use of their Trust Network.



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