Bird.Money and Unmarshal Strike Partnership

Exciting times ahead as Unmarshal brings structured multi-chain data to Bird’s infrastructure.

OCADA AI (Formerly Bird.Money)


The Bird vision for DeFi has always been to make the most seamless, competitive, and integrated finance option for the whole world. To accelerate the maturation of its line of products, the Bird’s Nest has gone into partnership with DeFi cross-chain data provider, Unmarshal.

What is Unmarshal?

Unmarshal is a primary enabler for DeFi apps. With collaborative support from the Ethereum Network, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot network, and Solana, Unmarshal is a protocol that helps streamline raw blockchain data across chains for the ready consumption, interpretation, and onward distribution by DeFi platforms. Unmarshal brings down the barrier of entry for DeFi apps by creating easily integrated data that DApps need to achieve their full potential.

A versatile network with real use cases in a wide variety of decentralized apps, it can create easily usable data for wallet apps, exchanges, investors, and DeFi protocols. Unmarshal believes that there must be real-time and unhindered access to structured data by apps to make decentralized finance truly mainstream. It curates such data and transforms it into usable formats that apps can easily benefit from.

Unmarshal’s multi-chain index protocols are a massive addition to the Bird infrastructure.

Bird.Money and Unmarshal is Bird on Turbo

Going into partnership with Unmarshal comes with certain perks for the Bird Flock. First, getting access to Unmarshal’s entire infrastructure will crank up the development of Bird’s analytics products. Unmarshal’s multi-chain index protocols are a massive addition to the Bird infrastructure. They will enable Bird to deliver cross-chain analytics such as to the Binance Smart Chain where it (Bird) is deploying soon.

Exciting Possibilities Ahead

Unmarshal is a natural partner for what Bird is trying to achieve. Not only will our Flock benefit from an influx of real-time structured data, but Unmarshal also provides some of the best SaaS API solutions that will amplify Bird’s line of products. Bird is on the cusp of moving decentralized finance from a buzzword tossed around in tech communities to what will help real people in need of access to the decentralized finance open market around the world. The Bird’s Nest is stoked about this partnership and can’t wait to explore more ways to bring value to the Bird community and the wider DeFi industry.

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi Data Network that facilitates seamless access to data on blockchains for any kind of decentralized applications.

To date, they’ve have added support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, PolkaDot, and Substrate-based projects such as StaFi and with Polygon they are now diving into the Layer-2 networks and empowering dApp developers to have easy access to on-chain data.

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About Bird.Money

Bird.Money is creating next-gen data-driven solutions used to mitigate risk in Decentralized Finance by securely delivering their off-chain oracle Trust Score — the DeFi equivalent to the legacy financial system’s credit score — to lending platforms and protocols.

The Trust Score helps manage risk to liquidity supply and borrow markets, ensuring the likelihood of loan repayment. Borrowers with a prudent DeFi history are provided with the advantage of being able to leverage an increased collateralized debt position (CDP) ratio on their loans, above and beyond the standard 66%.

Bird.Money is poised to be the leader in bridging the gaps between legacy and decentralized finance by bringing under-collateralized loans to DeFi through the use of their Trust Network.

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