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Bird.Money Farming And Staking Ready To Take Flight

Another milestone achieved as per the Q1 Flight Plan as we prepare to launch multiple farming and staking options and our new Bird Dashboard App for our community.

Bird Yield Farm on our newly released dashboard

In the spirit of delivering on the promises of our flight path, to establishing a trust network within the Decentralized Finance industry, we’re pleased to announce that multiple farming and staking options will be made available for Bird Token holders. We have also released our Bird Dashboard app where users will be able to access all Bird related DeFi products within a simple and elegant dashboard interface.

Expect More From Bird

After going live with our lending platform on the Ethereum Mainnet, we focused our efforts to avail the Bird Flock of the full benefits that come with a decentralized finance ecosystem in the form of our integrated dashboard app and yield farming platform.

Our newly launched dashboard allows users to access and interact with all Bird related DeFi products and applications, including our oracle, lending platform and yield farms.

With the upcoming launch of the native Bird Yield Farm platform, as well as our partner CyberFi’s Samurai platform, Bird token holders will be able to supply liquidity in the form of BIRD/ETH LP tokens in exchange for specified rewards. The deposited liquidity serves as the seed which feeds the BIRD/ETH liquidity pair, allowing users to earn rewards distributed in the form of stable coins, avoiding any downward price pressure on the native Bird token.

Bird farming and staking will be available on the CFI Samurai plaform

Staking will also be available on CyberFi’s Samurai platform for users willing to deposit their Bird Tokens into a smart contract, effectively taking them out of circulation in exchange for rewards. Staking plays a key role in preserving the value of the native token and Bird.Money is honoured to reward holders that believe in our long-term vision. Staking and Farming are available on our valued partner, CyberFi’s Samurai staking platform as well as our own Bird yield farming platform within the Bird.Money financial ecosystem, offering our community more options to choose from.

The Perks of Farming and Staking

Every action we take is a result of a well-thought-out process. We are proud to report that our farming and staking initiatives come with key benefits that protect all stakeholders and help keep the ecosystem vibrant. Some of the exclusive benefits include:

Bird Token Protection: To guarantee a safe farming and staking market, all deflationary farming and staking rewards distribution will have no downward pressure on the Bird token price. Your assets and investment value are safe.

Safe Rewards: Staking rewards period for the first 30 days will be $30,000 total for yield farming the BIRD/ETH liquidity pair (LP) token deposits. The fiat value of your reward is also guaranteed, which is why all rewards will initially be paid out in USDT.

Bird.Money Synergy: Our goal is to create a truly seamless and convenient platform. As such, the Bird.Money lending platform, yield farming, and staking arms will all work in an integrated synergistic system that mutually complement one another.

Audit Reviews: After running various quality assurance checks on all of our platforms and products we’re pleased to let the Bird Flock know that all contract audits are under review to validate the safe deployment and operation of our DeFi vision.

In our continued effort to deliver on safe and sustainable DeFi products for our community as part of our mission, the Bird yield farming platform will be made accessible on the Kovan Test Network. Users will not be able to interact with the smart contract and deposit their funds until we have received and cleared our contract audits, which have been submitted and are pending. Upon receipt of all audits being conducted, the Bird yield farm will be deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet and will be available to all users to interact with.

Due to the high volume of audits currently being conducted, there is a backlog which is out of our control. Although we do everything possible to ensure the safety and usability of our products, we are unwilling to risk the trust that our community puts in us to protect their assets and investments. As such, users may begin preparing themselves to interact with the Bird yield farm once we’ve deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet and activated the deposit interaction function upon receiving the all-clear on our audits. We will immediately communicate the results of our audit reports upon receiving them and make them public for our users to review.

Flight Controls Ready

In the meantime we invite users to connect to our new dashboard app to start familiarizing themselves with the new Bird.Money dashboard, which will serve as the hub for all Bird related DeFi initiatives moving forward. Our dashboard sports a clean, intuitive and inviting interface that’s easy to interact with. From here users will be able to access oracle analytics, yield farms, our lending platform and all future Bird related DeFi products and applications.

The Bird Oracle view within the dashboard

As we wrap up Q1 2021 plans we reiterate our resolve to deliver on every promise, as well as go above and beyond according to our flight path. We take the trust vested in us by our investors, lenders, community members, and the wider DeFi space very seriously. With yield farming and staking coming to Bird token holders, we hope this demonstrates our continued devotion to transforming decentralized finance from mere aspiration to mainstream reality.

About Bird.Money

Bird.Money is creating next-gen data-driven solutions used to mitigate risk in Decentralized Finance by securely delivering their off-chain oracle Trust Score — the DeFi equivalent to the legacy financial system’s credit score — to lending platforms and protocols.

The Trust Score helps manage risk to liquidity supply and borrow markets, ensuring the likelihood of loan repayment. Borrowers with a prudent DeFi history are provided with the advantage of being able to leverage an increased collateralized debt position (CDP) ratio on their loans, above and beyond the standard 66%.

Bird.Money is poised to be the leader in bridging the gaps between legacy and decentralized finance by bringing under-collateralized loans to DeFi through the use of their Trust Network.



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