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Bird.Money Meme Contest is Here!

Win cool cash by creating an awesome Twitter meme, Telegram or Discord sticker

What’s a Bird Flock without some color, bird dance, and good vibes?! Welcome everyone, it’s our pleasure to announce that after taking a lot of feedback from you guys we’ve decided to go ahead with a Meme Competition!

Everyone is invited to this contest that will showcase the amazing creativity that we know our awesome community has. It’s time to make a big announcement to the world about our project and you can help us do that by participating in this meme contest!

Theme: Bird.Money’s Flight Plan

How to Enter:

How to Enter: All you need to do is to make a creative Twitter, Telegram or Discord meme or sticker that follows the Bird.Money theme! Make it colorful, exciting, and make people laugh 😃. Helping us spread the word about Bird.Money with the help of our resources is something we’d truly appreciate.


  • $300 reward shared among 3 Twitter meme winners selected by the team ($100 each)
  • An additional $300 reward shared between 6 randomly selected Twitter meme winners ($50 each)
  • $100 for the Telegram Sticker Winner
  • $100 for the Discord Sticker Winner

Duration: June 22 00:00 UTC ~ July 20 24:00 UTC


  • Create your best memes around the theme “Bird.Money’s Flight Path”
  • Post your entry on your Twitter with hashtags and mention — #Bird.Money, $Bird, and @_birdmoney.
  • Follow us @_birdmoney on Twitter.
  • Retweet and Like the meme contest post pinned on your profile.
  • Join us on telegram
  • Fill out the participation form.
  • Enter once per Twitter account.
  • Telegram and Discord stickers requirements are outlined in the participation form.


  • All participants will be manually verified to ensure no bots are counted. Enter as many times as you like, the more the better!
  • Any questions or concerns can be sent to Team or Admins on Telegram or Discord.
  • Please note that by participating in the Bird.Money sticker meme contest participants and contest entrants agree to provide Bird.Money complete rights of usage of all submitted entries for promotion and marketing. Entrants are not entitled to nor shall they be owed any compensation for the use of any graphics submitted to Bird.Money.
  • Any submission before or after the duration will not be considered.
  • Rules and regulations are subject to change

Twitter Meme Participation Form:

Telegram Sticker Participation Form:

Discord Sticker Participation Form:

Bird.Money Logo File:

About Bird.Money

Bird.Money is developing data-driven solutions used to analyze risk in Decentralized Finance by securely delivering their Blockchain Individualized Risk of Default (BIRD) Score — DeFi’s improvement on the legacy financial system’s credit score — to lending platforms and protocols. The BIRD Score is the first DeFi credit score based on the statistical prediction of loan default, created using advanced machine learning methods and made available to lending protocols as a simple, accessible rating. It’s the next generation of credit scoring.

Together with its lending platform, decentralized analytics oracle, and API, Bird.Money is leading the way in empowering DeFi product innovation. Bird.Money’s suite of analytics products and services enable truly individualized DeFi solutions to be uniquely tailored to each and every user.

This is the future of finance.



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