Bird Finds A Home On The Moons

MoonTools DEX Explorer integrates Bird.Money’s API into their soon-to-be released Wallet Explorer.

OCADA AI (Formerly Bird.Money)


Bird.Money is excited to announce our partnership with MoonTools

It is a pleasure to announce our official partnership with a platform we’re very excited about, MoonTools. This marks another technical integration with actual use case for the Bird.Money API.

MoonTools and Bird.Money have officially formed a technical partnership.

At Bird.Money we are eager to partner with other hard working project teams that have an interest in integrating our data services on a technical level. Our partnerships are carefully selected to ensure that they meet the level of criteria we have set out for ourselves as a requirement. MoonTools is a shoe in. A hard working team focused on the technical details of their app, as well as an excellent user experience. After some time working together behind the scenes, we are pleased to finally announce our partnership and integration into the MoonTools platform.

About MoonTools

MoonTools ($MOONS) is a cutting edge data explorer for decentralized exchanges (DEX) that is poised to disrupt the current space and challenge for the incumbent’s marketshare. The app, which is currently in beta—though fully functioning—is temporarily free to try it out. Their smooth and extremely user-friendly UI boasts useful features such as a customizable dashboard, inline token swaps, favourite tokens list, alerts, desktop-to-mobile sync and various other useful features. Once you begin to use MoonTools it becomes difficult to trade on decentralized exchanges without it.

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Powered by Bird.Money

One of the features being implemented into the MoonTools platform is a Wallet Explorer, allowing users to peek into an Ethereum address’ token list and see the following:

  • Account age
  • Transaction count
  • Ethereum balance
  • Portfolio overview and token balances

More data and features will be added to the Wallet Explorer over time.

The Wallet Explorer also features the Bird.Money Trust Score which we continue to develop on in order to bring trust and fairness to the decentralized finance space (DeFi).

The soon-to-be released MoonTools Wallet Explorer.

The wallet rating, also known as the Trust Score, which assumes a score of 0 to be normal, can reach a maximum score of 100. A higher score would indicate an Ethereum wallet that has successfully participated in DeFi (prudent behaviour, loan repayments on-time, not participating in nefarious activities, etc) in the past.

The Trust Score will be utilized to increase a DeFi user’s collateralized debt position (CDP) ratio in the future when participating in leveraging a loan through a decentralized lending platform. This would allow a user with a high Trust Score to increase their CDP ratio higher than the current standard of 66% in order to take out a loan, offering high scoring borrowers more assets to be borrowed against with less collateral. This is a watershed moment for DeFi, where mechanisms from the legacy financial system are being implemented and brought over to the cryptocurrency and DeFi space. Bird.Money is creating those mechanisms.

Future developments of the MoonTools Wallet Explorer include:

  • the ability to save and track addresses
  • set alerts
  • view additional information on holdings
  • and more

We encourage everyone to start using MoonTools to get an edge on their DEX trading.

Start using MoonTools, free for a limited time by visiting

We’re extremely happy to be working with the great team at MoonTools and look forward to a long-term technical partnership, further expansion of features for the Wallet Explorer, as well as the alpha release of the app.

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