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Bird.Money Tokenomics

UPDATE: 28 Nov 2020

New Max Supply = 140,000 $BIRD

Burn Total = 674,641 BIRD
Burn TXT:

Revised Tokenomics :

54,641 — Presale Allocation — 40%
27,320.46 — Liquidity- 20%
27,320.46 — Development- 20%
13,660.25 — Marketing — 10%
13,660.25 — Team — 10% (locked and vested bimonthly for 5 years)

BIRD-ETH Uniswap Liquidity:

Locked Liquidity:

Locked Allocations:


Token Breakdown

Max Supply: 140,000 $BIRD

  1. 40%: $Bird Public & Private Sale
  2. 20%: Liquidity allocation
  3. 20%: Bird.Money Ecosystem Development
  4. 10%: Partners share of $Bird
  5. 10%: Marketing
  6. $Bird Public & Private Sale
    The total allocation for the sale of the $BIRD public and private sale is (40 percent), which will be further split as 40% for presale, and 60% for public sale. all unsold token will be burned or supplied back to the liquidity pool for yield farming to the benefit of our owners. We will allocate funds raised from sales to the continues development and improvement of the platform.

2. Liquidity allocation for yield farming (20%)
The 20% of $bird will be allocated for liquidity and yield farming. $Bird will be paid as a monthly bonus rewards to Liquidity Providers (LPs) in two Uniswap liquidity pools: BIRD-ETH and BIRD-DAI. These bonus rewards are paid in addition to the Unsiwap trading fees that you will be collecting.

BIRD-ETH Uniswap Liquidity:

Locked Liquidity:

All unsold tokens are now burnt.

3. Technical Development Share (20%)
We will be building Bird.Money farm, loans and analytics platform. The development allocation will help us grow our activities, as well as develop and secure our platform. This allocation will help facilitate the development of the 3 key aspect of the $BIRD ecosystem. The farm, lending and analytics platforms.

4. Team Share of $Bird (10%)

For 5 years, our team’s tokens (10%) will be locked. This is a token of confidence that we give our community to realise our top priority lies in the high quality development of the ecosystem. We will keep the storage of these tokens public through a time lock contract.
Locked tokens can be confirmed here:

5. Marketing Share (10%)

We will inform our community if we use them to keep them up-to — date with our token distribution, which ensures that our marketing costs will be made public for all to see. We will be releasing a public spreadsheet of the expense plan.

We invite everyone fascinated about blockchain, cryptocurrency, link marines, deFi enthusiasts, ethereum fans, all other altcoin lovers and the rest of the world to come join our community in building Money without boundaries.

Join us on discord, follow us on twitter or visit us at



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