Bird Partners With Oddiyana Ventures to Build World-changing Solutions

The promise of machine learning and artificial intelligence is delivered in actionable analytics. Standing at the cusp of revolution, we collaborate to get one step closer towards innovative solutions.

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3 min readFeb 9, 2022

Bird celebrates a brilliant and exciting new partnership with Oddiyana Ventures, a leading investment firm in the crypto space, to bring AI-powered diagnosis and data analytics to emerging projects in achieving greater control over future-conscious developments.

Building the Bedrock of Game-changing Business Models

Oddiyana Ventures is at the forefront of funding innovation in the blockchain industry. The futuristic investment firm bridges the eastern and the western markets to provide maximum exposure to startups in addition to its combination of expertise and competence in CeFi, DeFi, and NFTs. From Web3 application, metaverse, blockchain gaming and beyond, Oddiyana Ventures has made strategic investments in more than 60+ projects as of December 2021.

Oddiyana Ventures invests in projects which are not only limited to being decentralized, secure and scalable but also projects which embrace creativity, privacy and have real-world use cases with user-friendly applications capable of adding value to the current system.

“We are excited to partner with Bird and look forward to growing a successful relationship together. In today’s world, as more people realize that their data is having significant monetary value profiting only the big tech companies, Bird has come up with a way to create behavioral prediction products more ethically and sustainably for its user. With Bird’s brilliant team whose experience ranges from blockchain, software development, data science, and finance I am very confident that their product is heading towards mass adoption and we are excited to be a part of it.”

- Dorji Rabten, Founder & Managing Partner, Oddiyana Ventures

A New Solution To An Old Problem

In many ways, the current development model within the blockchain ecosystem is flawed. Disparate streams of low quality data are collected from a plethora of sources. This results in products and user experiences not being optimized, and projects being littered with irrelevant information. In light of the above, it is the vision of Bird to empower the developer community with novel toolsets which conveniently integrate credentialed data to rapidly respond to user demands.

Immense capability of cutting-edge machine learning predictions will be at the center of the partnership. With this, projects incubated by Oddiyana Ventures will benefit from the data infrastructure powered by Bird whereby on-chain and off-chain data can enter various ecosystems and applications that drive superior performance, robustness, and agility.

Missioned to empower projects to balance data governance and protocol development, Bird will help Oddiyana Ventures in resolving multiple shortcomings in the status quo by:

✅ Monitoring performance data of users and investors to provide valuable insights;

✅ Bringing visibility and transparency to user experience; and

✅ Delivering individualization for developers to integrate customizable products and services.

Bird’s partnership with Oddiyana Ventures will form the infrastructural backbone necessary for innovative projects to uncover actionable insights such that developers and users can now be more closely aligned.

About Bird

Bird is empowering dApp developers to create the Web3.0 UX of the future by developing wallet-level machine learning prediction products that are accessible within a permissionless, decentralized on-chain oracle. Developers that integrate with our products can, for example, offer variable defi loans or launchpad investment terms based on Bird’s analysis of the wallet’s past behaviors as well as off-chain data streams.

Behavioral prediction products fueled the growth of Web2.0 companies such as Google and Facebook, but centralization had led to power and profit disparities. Combining the power of ML with open and decentralized technologies will enable Bird to create an entirely new tech business model. Operational decisions such as how sensitive data are used and what user behaviors are analyzed can be made by the community (i.e, token holders), with community profit-sharing serving to align the long-term incentives of Bird administrators and ecosystem users.



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