Kommunitas Selects Bird as Its Launchpad Partner for Real-time Investment Analytics

“The world is now awash in data and we can see consumers in a lot clearer ways.” -Max Levchin, co-founder of Paypal.

OCADA AI (Formerly Bird.Money)
3 min readMar 4, 2022


Blockchain users have become increasingly reliant on quantitative analysis — the point that many venture capitals, protocols and individual investors are driven solely by algorithms. Ultimately, these algorithm-driven data deliver top-notch insights.

To assist stakeholders in creating a seamless and optimized investment experience, Bird has announced a strategic partnership with Kommunitas, a decentralized and tier-less blockchain launchpad, to provide ground-breaking vision analytics across multi-chain oriented projects.

Towards A Multichain Powered Decentralized Launchpad

As a revolutionary fundraiser in the digital ecosystem, Kommunitas aids developers in their quest to capital injection for their projects. With the vision of defeating the single-chain limit in many launchpads, the forthright trailblazer is the solution for multi-chain oriented projects including Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana etc.

More than a launchpad, Kommunitas offers a conglomerate of start-up essentials to budding projects, which range from funding, private seeds, strategic round to marketing strategies that comprehensively enhance the viability, growth and sustainability of the project.

Bringing Vital Solutions with State-of-the-art Insights

Bird’s proprietary platform utilizes advanced data science algorithms to provide insights based on statistical fundamentals. From quantitative analytics including the tracking of addresses, transaction history and wallet activities, insights from on-chain data are extracted to facilitate decision makers in devising strategies to mitigate potential repercussions for individual and corporate investors.

Joining hands with Bird, Kommunitas together with its incubated projects will be able to get a better understanding of investor expectations and more specifically, how market conditions and developmental objectives of each project will affect their seeding decisions.

Through the provision of in-depth analysis of corporate to small-scare investors, Bird will provide updated ratings of investor scores to Kommunitas in better understanding the behavior of investors in the context of certain financial performance factors. With a structured approach customized for the needs of different parties, Kommunitas will assist projects and investors to aim at benefiting from long-term value creation throughout the market’s cycles of boom and bust.

About Bird

Bird is empowering dApp developers to create the Web3.0 UX of the future by developing wallet-level machine learning prediction products that are accessible within a permissionless, decentralized on-chain oracle. Developers that integrate with our products can, for example, offer variable defi loans or launchpad investment terms based on Bird’s analysis of the wallet’s past behaviors as well as off-chain data streams.

Behavioral prediction products fueled the growth of Web2.0 companies such as Google and Facebook, but centralization had led to power and profit disparities. Combining the power of ML with open and decentralized technologies will enable Bird to create an entirely new tech business model. Operational decisions such as how sensitive data are used and what user behaviors are analyzed can be made by the community (i.e, token holders), with community profit-sharing serving to align the long-term incentives of Bird administrators and ecosystem users.