Pulsechain Launch: Opportunities and Risks for the Crypto Community

Bird hops on the unstoppable Pulse train

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The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is constantly evolving, with new projects emerging to address the challenges faced by users and platforms. Pulsechain is one such platform, a new blockchain network set to launch soon, a system state copy based off of the Ethereum network.

Pulsechain is designed to offer several advantages over its predecessor, including faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and energy efficiency, thanks to its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Pulsechain has been an intriguing subject of discussion at the Bird Nest, and in this article, we take a quick look at the opportunities and challenges it presents and how Bird can help the Pulsechain community when its mainnet sets sail.

A New Ethereum, but Better

With the launch of Pulsechain on the horizon, the crypto community is buzzing with anticipation. As a carbon copy of everything Ethereum, including all the projects, wallets, smart contracts, and NFTs existing currently on ETH, Pulsechain is touted to be the biggest airdrop in the history of crypto. If you have a certain number of tokens or NFTs of any kind, with Pulsechain’s airdrop, you recieve a free copy. You’ll have two times the same amount of tokens or NFTs to do with whatever you wish.

This is exciting news that has got the Bird Nest buzzing, as this is not just another opportunity for Bird to spread its wings, it serves as another window for us to take our risk analytics products where they are most needed. As Pulsechain testnet v3 just went live and with mainnet expecting to launch anytime now, we feel it’s important to weigh the opportunities for everyday crypto users and also the potential challenges.

Opportunities of Pulsechain

The launch of Pulsechain presents numerous opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. First and foremost, Pulsechain is expected to offer faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum, making it far more attractive for users who want to transact quickly and inexpensively.

Additionally, Pulsechain’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism means that users can earn rewards by holding and staking the Pulse native PLS token, making it an attractive investment option. Pulsechain’s energy efficiency is also a significant advantage over traditional proof-of-work blockchains. Proof-of-work blockchains like Bitcoin require vast amounts of energy to power the network, leading to concerns about their environmental impact. Pulsechain’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism requires much less energy, making it a more sustainable option.

The launch of Pulsechain will also be the most significant token airdrop in history, with all ERC20, ERC721, and any other smart contracts on the Ethereum network being copied over to the Pulsechain network. Immediately upon launch of the network, users will have a copy of all of their tokens and NFTs to work with in whatever capacities they choose.

Moreover, the launch of Pulsechain is likely to lead to the creation of new projects and innovations within the ecosystem. As developers seek to take advantage of the new network’s capabilities, we expect to see new tools and services that complement the existing infrastructure.

Risks of Pulsechain

As with any new network, there are also potential risks and challenges associated with Pulsechain. One of the biggest risks is the potential for scams and fraud. By essentially being an exact copy of everything on Ethereum, one can reasonably expect the influx of hundreds of thousands of eager adopters from small-cap projects to everyday crypto users. Scams are an everyday reality in the crypto space and with a massive, new, and highly anticipated network coming online such as Pulsechain, it will be a magnet for scammers. Fraudulent players trying to steal funds from unsuspecting users and projects is all but a foregone conclusion. Scammers may try to take advantage of the hype surrounding Pulsechain to trick users into investing in fake projects or sending their tokens to fake wallets.

How Can Bird.Money help the Pulsechain Community?

Bird launched on Ethereum, therefore the coming of Pulsechain is of big interest to us too. The Bird Nest is excited about all the incredible opportunities it will bring for BIRD holders and has already mapped out battle plans to bring Bird’s groundbreaking risk-mitigating tools to the Pulse community. Bird’s suite of risk and predictive analytics tools helps individuals and companies accurately assess the amount of risk in transacting with wallets. The Nest envisions a vital role Bird can play in the safe launch of the Pulse ecosystem. Bird is ready to play a crucial part in the Pulse ecosystem by providing additional tools and services that complement the existing infrastructure.

Bird.Money’s risk analytics engine can help users accurately assess the amount of risk in transacting with wallets and smart contracts before executing transactions, thereby reducing the risk of falling victim to scams and frauds.

Bird.Money’s analytics tools will be integrated into existing wallets and exchanges to provide users with real-time risk assessments of their transactions. Additionally, Bird’s expertise in risk management will be leveraged to develop new financial products and services that cater to the needs of the Pulse community.


As a project that lives where the action is, Bird is super excited to be a leader at the opening of this frontier, a new dawn for fast, cheaper, and ultimately safer user experiences for blockchain users. Bird is happy to be part of the Pulse community and can’t wait to unlock the doors to its existing and future risk and predictive analytics products to the entire Pulse community.



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