Back to Basics: Our Culture and Values

At Birdie, our culture and values define us and the work we do. They are the reason we wake up and come to work each morning. This post has been created with you in mind. To demonstrate to you how our cultural values comes to life and how it translate into everything we do.


At Birdie, we believe that culture comes from deep within and radiates far beyond the walls of our offices. Our culture defines how we work together, how we hire, how we make decisions and how we share a drink at the pub. It establishes who we are as an organisation and as individuals in the eyes of the external world. We know that understanding and building a culture is a never ending process that requires iteration along the way and a good dose of humility. This is a journey we are proud to explore, together.

The Birdie team (and Betty).


To build a society in which we all age with confidence.

Ageing is an intrinsic part of being human, no one can escape it. It has a profound impact on who we are. We want to make everyone who ages* confident that this is a journey worth exploring, on your own terms.

*and that’s essentially everyone :


We want our loved ones to age in their own home, surrounded by their communities. We want everyone to feel reassured and in control so we can all feel confident about tomorrow. We want to live happier and healthier lives so we can share those precious little moments all together for as long as possible. We are reinventing care. At home.


Within 5 years (December 2023) is to have radically improved the lives of 1 million older adults and have the financial means to sustain our growth independently.

This is what fuels us each day and keeps us going. It is the most immediate impact we aim to have and the reason we work so hard each day. It is our ambition that defines our day to day work, our weekly targets and our monthly goals. It keeps us feeling determined and motivated. We live to reach this goal in 5 years time so that we can reach those who need us most.


At Birdie, we’ve built our set of values from the ground-up. We created and voted on them as a team which makes us all more accountable for breathing and living them in everything we do. We see them as guiding principles, impacting how we build our product, how we behave and work together and how we develop ourselves and our skills for the best of the company and our customers. The more this resonates with you and the people you want to work next to, the more you will feel comfortable and enabled to strive at Birdie.

  1. We Care 😍

We care about our society, the people we work with and for, the planet and the ways in which we can impact positively on millions of other lives. That’s why we’re committed to building a fantastic service for our users and our industry.

  • We care deeply about our customers and want to significantly improve their lives.
  • We are passionate about our product and are committed to change how society ages, worldwide.
  • We treat people with respect and benevolence.
  • We care for our planet and society and make decisions to look after them.

2. We are smart, brave and ambitious 💪

We continuously challenge the status quo, open our arms to change, adapting quickly and learning even quicker. We make tough decisions and tackle problems headfirst. We are courageous enough to step outside our comfort zones because nothing is too big for us.

  • We dare to challenge the status quo, question everything and everyone and create space for debate.
  • We welcome change, adapt to it quickly and excel outside our comfort zone.
  • We embrace and look for different perspectives to make better decisions and look far beyond the standards in our industry.
  • We make tough and quick decisions with the right level of information and iterate along the way.
  • We believe that nothing is too big and every problem has a solution.
  • We make the complicated simple and believe in quality not quantity.

3. We succeed together 🙌

We want to bring everyone on our journey with us, going far beyond what is expected of us and our industry standard. Because we have a reliable team of splendid individuals working to elevate each, we trust each other, share everything and give continuous feedback

  • We have a common mission and vision that we pursue together.
  • We build open and honest relationships based on transparent and proactive communication.
  • We make time to support our colleagues.
  • We are quietly confident and openly humble, which means we put our egos aside.
  • We embrace mistakes openly and freely, learn from them and move on.
  • We give and seek continuous feedback and are open to receive it from anyone.

4. We grow individually and strive for excellence 👍

We’re obsessed with growth.

In ourselves, our product, our teams and in our society. We recognise our strengths, share our work, take initiative, ask for help, improve ourselves and always reach higher than the day before. Also, as a care company, we believe it is our responsibility to care for ourselves so we can better care for others.

  • We demonstrate consistently strong performance, move forward independently and seek help when we need it.
  • We are all leaders in our field and are recognised as such inside and outside of the company.
  • We recognise our strengths, share our knowledge proactively and always try to assist outside of our own work.
  • We identify our areas of improvements, set concrete actions to grow, ask others how to improve and request resources and training to get there.
  • We are conscious of how we feel, how happy and productive we are, and we share it openly.

5. We nurture fun and a little quirkiness 💃

We believe in fun and hard work, giving us the tools to succeed and grow, while also creating an environment that celebrates humour, community spirit and idiosyncratic talents. We love what we do and are quite unique in our way of doing it.

We are building a unique family, together.

  • We enjoy what we do, have a good time doing it and are proud of our achievements.
  • We are special and other teams know us for our uniqueness.
  • We are optimistic, uplifting and serene especially in good and difficult times.
  • We have a strong sense of community, give a family vibe to the office and people feel welcome when they interact with us.

By sharing this piece with you we believe we have shared a part of our journey with you. Our journey to build a society in which we all age with confidence and explore the next stages of our life, on our own terms. That’s why we’re building Birdie, to reinvent the way we age.

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