image protection and reverse image search alpha version powered by the birdlance blockchain

Mathias van Heule
Dec 30, 2019 · 3 min read

Birdlance‘s first alpa version of image protection and reverse image search powered by the Birdlance Blockchain will be live on the 6th of january.

After logging into your account on, you can navigate to the upload photos section where you will be able to see the following page. Here it will be possible to upload an image and optionally provide a title and some meta tags that categorize the shot. In a later stage, Birdlance will be using their custom made service for providing tag suggestions based on the content of the uploaded image.

For this test, we will be uploading the following image.

We provide a suitable image title and appropriate (content-based) meta tags before submitting our shot.

When verifying our uploaded photos in the My photos section, we can see our recently uploaded image surrounded with a green border. This indicates the image is not (yet) flagged as duplicate (this is in contrast to an image with a red border). A unique fingerprint of the image (i.e., a hash) is calculated and stored on the Birdlance blockchain.

When clicking the image we can see a pop up containing an enlarged version of the image together with the title and meta tags (if initially provided). Additionally you’ll find a link to the Birdlance explorer’s transaction of the image.

When following the transaction link, we can see that the transaction has the following attachment:

  • 9170c… 6f509: the unique hash of the image that has been uploaded.
  • : the URL of where the image is stored on IPFS
  • We can also see that the fee of uploading a picture is 4 BLNC(this fee is rewarded to the node that forged the block). As stated before, in the current alpha version it is only possible to upload a single picture at a time and Birdlance will cover the transaction fee of 4 BLNC.

In case the image is found on another website, our application will flag it as a duplicate and give it a red border. Images that are not (yet) found, will remain with a green border, as we explained earlier.

When clicking the image with the red border, a “show duplicates” button has appeared, this will show all the external URL’s of where the image is found by our reverse image search.

In the next node update we will integrate our reverse image search with each node. This means that the more nodes the birdlance blockchain network has, the more powerful our reverse image search will become.


An online marketplace for pictures, illustrations and artwork while providing proof of authorship

Mathias van Heule

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An online marketplace for pictures, illustrations and artwork while providing proof of authorship

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