Cryptoassets: A crowd sourced evaluation & due diligence framework

Alexander Lange
Aug 24, 2017 · 3 min read

Cryptoland still feels like the wild, wild west on many levels. Entrepreneurs planning to tokenize their business model and raise funds through TGEs have to deal with crypto economic design, service providers, regulatory issues, smart contract security, community management, communication & PR strategies and much more. Investors in the space often lack time and skill to properly evaluate specific digital assets due to their unique characteristics of combining venture, commodity and stock trading at the very least.

With an interdisciplinary group of crypto enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs, researchers and investors we pulled together a framework which is supposed to contribute to an open discussion. Maybe it’s an early version of a map leading through the TGE jungle. 🌴 🌲



Framework preview 1.
Framework preview 2.



  • Establish best practices for a qualitative and quantitative fundamental analysis of digital assets
  • Share the most relevant data sources and resources to dive deeper
  • The document only is an abstract guideline, NO INVESTMENT ADVICE. Don’t sue us, please 👨‍⚖ ☠️

How to evolve

  • the industry is still in its infancy, we need the support & input from all of you — please comment, discuss, scrutinize publicly — be nice though!
  • if you are / know interested blockchain developers, crypto traders, stock analysts or VCs please make them aware of our efforts.


Ravi Kurani, Venture Capital

Christoph Ortlepp, Venture Capital

Jan Baeriswyl, — Earlybird Venture Capital

Erik Voorhees, — CEO

Alex Felix,— Partner CoinFund

Chris Burniske, — Investor

Lawrence Lundy, — Researcher

Jonathan Libov, — VC USV,

Wendy Xiao Schadeck,— VC Northzone

sven laepple, — Founder Astratum

Zoe Adamovicz, — CEO Neufund

Yannick Roux, — Investor,

Stefano Bernardi, — Investor,

Adam Stradling, — Developer, Blockchain Entrepreneur

Trent McConaghy, — CEO BigchainDB

Elfi Sixt,

Sebastian Bartz, — CEO Cryptonia Capital

And some more who preferred to stay anonymous :-)

Are you interested to contribute or have comments, ideas, suggestions? Did we miss any valuable resources? Reach out to us and comment below.

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Thoughts and news from the Earlybird VC team.

Earlybird's view

Thoughts and news from the Earlybird VC team. Read more at: or

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Earlybird's view

Thoughts and news from the Earlybird VC team. Read more at: or