A day spent with the inspiring women

A few days ago, one of my colleagues in our Slack Channel wrote:
“Hey people, we have an opportunity to join this event tomorrow if anyone is interested in, let us know!”

Since I joined the computer science world with my university studies, I have always been super interested in tech-events. I was part of a group at university which organized tech-events, inviting speakers and exchanging knowledge. My university was pretty new and we were quite a few people; it was always so exciting to meet people who were already working in the sector. As a student, meeting people who are from the real world was a very important experience for me. That is simply how I got encouraged to love my job more and more. Since then, I never skip events that are interesting to me as it also helped me to find friends when I moved to a new city.

Yes, the event. After checking the schedule, I said “YES” I would love to go! One of our colleagues was also going to give a talk about the “growth story of trivago”. Why not go support her and also get to know some inspiring women in tech & beyond.

This event is called “I AM TOMORROW”, an interactive festival and conference that brings together incredible women in tech, business, arts, sports, science, politics and beyond. It is organized in many different cities in Europe, I attended the one that happened in Cologne.

Sara Usinger and Anitta Krishan on the stage

It was a one-day event with 10 incredible women speakers. One of them was my colleague Anitta Karishan who talked about the leadership model at trivago and a little bit about her leadership experiences back in Canada. Her talk was done as an interview with an another speaker, Sara Usinger who told us an incredible story about her 3 years in Iran. The talks followed with Marsha Grant and Rachel Brochado who work at eyeo. eyeo is a German startup that develops and distributes free open source software to let its users control what kind of information they request and share on the internet. One of their biggest products is the browser extension ad blocker Adblock Plus which I did not know that is developed by them. I have been using it quite a while! :)

Marsha Grant and Rachel Brochado

One of the most interesting talks for me was “How to invest in shares and make money” by Sabine Roeltgen. She had a very good story-line in her presentation about how to start investing, what is important for beginners etc. It was very important for me as a person who is kind of new to earning her own money and thinking about how to use it. The talk by Sabine, helped me to understand the many many aspects of investments and the money itself!

Sabine Roeltgen

There were 8 talks so it is impossible to write about them all here with details, but overall, I enjoyed my day very much! I met some wonderful women from the audience who were developers, managers, business partners etc. All of them have different stories to learn from.

All together

I first would like to thank my company trivago who gave me this opportunity to join such an event, and then all the women who were up there, shared their stories with the huge courage and inspiration.

By the way, the next “I am tomorrow” is going to be in my home country Turkey in Istanbul. Make your time in your schedule and have an awesome time!

That is all I have today,