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A Different Track

Why Birdseye exists

Andrew Paterson

We’re not the first people to want to build a startup that is distributed, self-funded, family-friendly, and profitable. Nor are we the first to try and create something new and break away from traditional solutions. So although we’re following a certain direction, we are going to take a different track.

“Creativity must be about questioning the way things are, and doing them differently.” (from “Predatory Thinking: A masterclass in out-thinking the competition)” by Dave Trott)

We have three goals at Birdseye.
1. helping freelancers grow their business (sustainably)
2. make something better than CRM (for freelancers)
3. build a company that lets its people continue their creative projects (freedom)

Help Freelancers Grow
Most people think that the farther away they go on a vacation, the more regenerative it will be. The only problem with this assertion is that they spend 95% of their existence in their local communities and that’s where they need to make a change to live better lives. The same goes for freelancing; a sustainable flow of business doesn’t come from across the planet, it starts right around the corner from where you live. We think there’s more to our role than just providing excellent software and that’s why we’re in the midst of setting up a program that will directly benefit the local community of our members (not just a monthly subscription) because their welfare starts with their environs. We know, it hasn’t been done before and we’re fine with that.

Make Something Different
Solo acts function very differently than SMB but unfortunately, their tools are the same, and we believe this needs changing. The reasons these tools are effective for teams are the same that they are practically useless for freelancers. Fundamentally, the difference is like riding a bike or being a passenger in a car; if you’re doing the aforementioned, you can’t be playing around with your smartphone.

So we’re making something different, that hasn’t been done before, and we don’t care if a lot of people are shaking their heads. We’re starting by focusing on just one area; the difficulty to know what to do next when you’re struggling with dozens of leads and prospects at different stages of engagement. We’re building a product that is going to simplify all the steps that come before signing an agreement with a client, including how many leads you need and where to find them, pricing your work, recurring revenue opportunities and concrete steps to improve your conversion. And to make things easy, our app doesn’t require you to enter endless quantities of information or constantly explore multiple pages, views, and graphs to try and find answers — everything you need to move on is there in one clear display. But what we’re really proud about is what you won’t see, everything that is working for you behind the scenes — you’ll be amazed by the nudges and the application’s uncanny knack for foreseeing trouble and proposing solutions.

Let Our People Choose
What get’s us up in the morning is how we can genuinely make it easier for freelancers to grow their business. But we also care about our personal lives, families, friends, our local community, and our other passions. Who wants to be creative, learn and develop themselves only at work, when there are so many other things to do out there in the world. So we’re building a company where the impossible is, possible. We want our people to be able to continue their creative lives outside of Birdseye. Great culture nurtures unique talent, exceptional quality, and nonconformist innovation. It also makes room for a shift in standardized thinking. People should be allowed to grow individually while serving a collective mission, that’s what teamwork is all about. We strive to create that place, where everyone can answer the calling from within them, to bring about the change they’re looking for in their lives.

We started Birdseye without raising money because we don’t believe that you need millions of someone else’s dollars to build a good business. More importantly, our goal is to establish an independent and lasting company so if you use someone else’s funds; the only solution is an exit. Not our thing, next. We’re building our product right now with people all around the world that not only share our mindset but also want to simply take part in the adventure, create something new, on a different path, and serve a purpose. Because our livelihood is intimately tied to the success of our future customers (and not investors interests), we work exclusively in that direction. If we’re able to make it easier for freelancers to do business, through what we’ve learned, and live sustainable careers, then that’s the start of a virtuous cycle. Which means, we’re not going to pay for advertising or other traditional marketing ploys, most of our customers don’t like that approach anyway. We prefer meeting in person at the events we’re organizing (a mix of inspiration, training, and opportunities) and connecting through our published content like blog posts, social and yearbooks. Our marketing is not about pitching ‘the gold rush’; it’s about staying true to who we are and working alongside the community so together, we can thrive as independents.

So, as we continue to put finishing touches on our product and finalize the preparations for launch, we’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on what we’re building but also, on what you’re biggest difficulties are as a freelance and how you tackle them today. Start the conversation — you’ll be surprised…

Birdseye Blog

Our blog, where we share news about our app and help freelancers with their prospecting efforts so they can reach their financial goals.

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Birdseye Blog

Our blog, where we share news about our app and help freelancers with their prospecting efforts so they can reach their financial goals.