Download Windows 10 ISO with your favorite downloader

Windows 10 ISO has been released for a long time, if you want to re-install your Windows 10 completely or do a fresh install of it, you may want to download a copy of Windows 10 install ISO.

Microsoft provides a tool called MediaCreationTool, it downloads the ISO file very slowly. We want to download the ISO file with a third-party downloader.

If you open with a browser on Windows, you will be redirected to, there’s no option for you to download the ISOs.

The solution is to change the User-Agent. User-Agent is in the HTTP header sending to the web server, it tells the server what browser and operating system you are using, so Microsoft knows you are using Windows to open that page.

You will need to open to download Windows 10 ISO with a system which isn’t Windows.

User-Agent are specified by browsers, but you can change it with extensions of browsers.

To do this with Chrome, download & install this extension:

Open a new tab, press the new icon at the top-right part of Chrome. Click “Safari”, then press “Mac Safari 7”. Then go to at the same tab. The download link for ISO will then be appeared.