Hip the Power of Hop!

After emerging from the streets of the Bronx and other subcultures, Hip-Hop has become a dominant force in American and Global pop culture. Once a local art form of street stories and freestyle poetry, the Hip-Hop sound, style and slang now provides incitement for mainstream movies, television, radio, fashion, advertising, news media and of course, The Internet. “Hip Hop” has permeated popular cultures and its influence has become worldwide in an unprecedented fashion.

Because of its enormous universal appeal, “Hip Hop” culture is the great unifier of diverse populations. It has gone from the fringes, to the suburbs, and into the corporate boardrooms. The Hip Hop culture has challenged the system in ways that have unified individuals (particularly the youth) across a rich ethnic spectrums throughout the world.

This is evident as Doritos and Mountain Dew slam us with a Super Bowl LII commercial featuring “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage lip-syncing Busta Rhymes‘s “Look At Me Now” and Morgan Freeman lip-syncing Missy Elliott‘s “Get Ur Freak On.”

Content source: https://www.birthofhiphop.com/hip-the-power-of-hop/