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Launch of the MBX Marketplace — Bisonai

Netmarble has been a front-runner in the gaming sector since its founding in 2000. In an effort to represent innovation, it adopted the publication of online games before any other company in the sector. With the success of well-known games including Everyone’s Marble, Seven Knights, Marvel Future Fight, and Lineage 2: Revolution, Netmarble cemented its place as the top mobile gaming firm in Korea after making its official transition to mobile in 2012. Ever-evolving Netmarble is now prepared to step onto the world scene and provide its cutting-edge games to players worldwide.

Netmarble’s mascot character KeKe

Netmarble was created in 2000 by Junhyuk Bang with just $84,000 and eight workers. With 3,500 staff and 68 million monthly active players, it is a gaming powerhouse today. Action-packed role-playing games by Netmarble, like Lineage 2: Revolution and MARVEL Future Fight, have become well-known worldwide.

Netmarble developed the first “free to play” income model and the first game site in history. He was a pioneer in 2011 when it came to shifting the company’s focus from PC gaming to mobile games, garnering praise from the industry and bringing in millions of new customers. In 2017, Netmarble was listed on the stock market, raising US$2.4 billion in the country’s biggest listing in seven years.

Netmarble developed the MARBLEX Playground and will be released in February of this year — a fusion of gaming, NFTs, gamefi, DeFi and more with a multigame ecosystem planned with the MBX (MARBLEX) token at its core. The goal of MBX, a blockchain ecosystem built on the Klaytn mainnet, is to boost the enjoyment of Netmarble games. The ecosystem not only promotes players’ natural engagement but also compensates them for taking part.

By utilizing the ecosystem for various games and technologies, as well as prospects in the NFT and Metaverse sector, Netmarble launched MARBLEX in early 2022. Netmarble’s MARBLEX aim’s to increase opportunities and maintain its market competitiveness by focusing on blockchain gaming. Klaytn mainnet was first developed by Ground X and later transferred to Krust Universe.

Marblex 2.0 arrived with the launch of several games, the NFT Launchpad and the MBX Marketplace

Several AAA games will be released, such as “Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds (Global),” “RF Project,” and “Meta World:Let’s Get Rich” after “A3: STILL ALIVE.” People are anticipated to be drawn to the comparatively unexplored MBX ecosystem by the strong IPs. Gamers can benefit by playing games, and those who design, publish, and supply MBX services for games can also be paid through a variety of initiatives.

After the release of top games A3: STILL ALIVE, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and recently The King of Fighters: ARENA as well as the release of the NFT Launchpad and Marketplace, MARBLEX 2.0 has officially begun. The MBX 2.0 update focuses on expanding and revitalizing a broader ecosystem based on high-quality blockchain games!

Marblex’s MBX Marketplace!

Bisonai had a large part in building the MBX NFT Marketplace which went live in November 2022. The MBX Marketplace is a platform that encourages unrestricted trade among MBX ecosystem NFT users. NFTs can be purchased and sold in any manner that players choose.

The MBX Marketplace is an integral part of the MARBLEX Playground and a destination that players will visit frequently to buy, sell and swap for other Marblex collectibles. The Marketplace enables gamers to exchange NFTs of different games that have been integrated into the MBX ecosystem via auctions and trading at set prices.

For an active trading environment, three types of trading methods are supported: ‘Buy Now, ‘Auction,’ and ‘Make Offer. For more information on how to navigate the MBX Marketplace, please check out Marblex Docs or try the MBX Marketplace.

Landing page for the MBX Marketplace

Bisonai is very excited to work on one of the biggest gamefi projects in South Korea and be instrumental in the success of Netmarble’s MBX project. The NFT Marketplace is one of the central pillars of the MARBLEX Playground where gamers can buy, sell and look at other collectibles from the various games due to be released on the MARBLEX Playground.

With this entrance into the blockchain industry, we at Bisonai are delighted to partake in such a complex and interesting project for a fantastic games company. Through working closely on building the MARBLEX Marketplace, we gained incredible experience in working alongside South Korea’s leading mobile games company and are confident that we can build high-quality blockchain products for clients in the future from a variety of sectors — gaming, traditional Web2 companies who want to onboard to Web3, as well as those already in Web3 such as NFT related projects, DeFi more!

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