Alpha Testnet is Live & Ready for Public Testing. Join the 100 Metaverse Projects Competition (Prizes)

It is year one— the era of laying the foundation. We are turning the vision from 0 to 1 and completed the majority of development within the last 6 months.

Many years are ahead of us. We will continue to build and innovate together to elevate Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network into the next era of virtual connectivity, as we grow the vision from 1 to 10.


Everyone can create a project and add value to the ecosystem without code. The future is in the hands of the communities’

Take your community to a different dimension among the blocks.

Everyone can turn their communities into a 3D representation within the metaverse context without any technical skills. We envisaged 100s of metaverse representations to emerge on the platform, and it will be exciting to see the variety and scope of creation within the different communities.

Bit.Country is a unique project built on the Metaverse.Network, that allows social groups to interact using a whole new way of collaborating in the virtual world that reflects their culture and ethos. The only limitation is the community’s imagination.

Fellow friends of the Bit.Country community, our alpha-testnet is public and live for testing and competition campaign.

Welcome to the Bit.Country Alpha Testnet. Come join us as we launch the Bit.Country 100 Metaverse Projects Competition and opens the Alpha Testnet to the public!


Together, we can iron out the bugs and collect valuable feedback to ready Bit.Country Pioneer to launch in the near future. Your contribution and support of creating a metaverse project on testnet will add It is year 1 — the era of laying the foundation. We are turning the vision from 0 to 1. Many years are ahead of us. We will continue to build and innovate together to elevate Bit.Country into the next era of virtual connectivity, as we grow the vision from 1 to 10.

We are calling out to all Bit.Country enthusiasts, voxel builders, NFT creators, 3D artists, and pioneer Web3.0 influencers. Do you want to be a part of Bit.Country and Web3.0 history? We invite you to join us now.

Read on below to find out how to enter and win a prize in the Bit.Country 100 Metaverse Projects Competition. If you want to check out the alpha testnet first, click here.

The 100 Metaverse Projects Competition

The 100 Metaverse Project Competition will be run by Bit.Country to celebrate the launch of the Alpha Testnet to the public. The aim is to create 100 unique metaverses on Bit.Country. Each metaverse will be co-created by its community.

A metaverse can be anything you imagine.

This is your opportunity to show us what your version of a metaverse looks like. What utility can you create in your metaverse? How many people can you invite to co-create?

We encourage users to be bold and co-create statement structures. Create art, build digital replicas or try something completely new. Be the loudest digital voice on Bit.Country and build a metaverse that is renowned.

Challenge Objective

Create and build the best co-created metaverses on Bit.Country and collect user feedback for the greater future.

Are you an influencer who wants to take your following to the next level? Do you want to integrate the concept of metaverse with your brand? Invite your followers to join you in the metaverse to co-create an exclusive metaverse for your fans that screams your community brand.

Can you build using voxels? Are you a 3D artist, or do you just want to create with friends? Use Bit.Country to showcase your skills on a global platform. Build a metaverse that makes noise on the web. Get creative, and pave your way in a virtual world. Design NFT collections that will create bidding wars and see your NFTs deployed in multiple metaverses! Embed royalties into NFTs to earn while you sleep. Now is your chance to build a metaverse on Bit.Country.

Collectively we are all Metaverse Enthusiasts. Bit.Country is prepared to propel social connectivity, expand brand audiences and be the host for the imaginative process of co-creation.


👑👑👑1st Place Metaverse receives 12 Raw land block units on the Canary Network on Kusama (Metaverse.Network Pioneer)

🏆🏆🏆2nd Place Metaverse receives 8 Raw land block units on the Canary Network on Kusama (Metaverse.Network Pioneer)

🏆🏆3rd Place Metaverse receives 4 raw land block units on the Canary Network on Kusama (Metaverse.Network Pioneer)

🏆4–10th Placed Metaverses receive 1 raw land block on the Canary Network on Kusama (Metaverse.Network Pioneer)

10–100th Placed Metaverses receive a limited edition Pioneer-themed NFT that will boost their staking rewards by 10% for 14 days. (As long as they meet certain criteria).

Share your metaverse with friends and followers. Invite them to join you in a bid to win the best co-created metaverse.

Judging Criteria

Best Metaverse — Overall best-presented metaverse.

Winners will be decided by a community vote on Discord. Voting will be open for 1 week after the competition closes.

To be eligible for a prize, you must follow

  1. @MetaverseNW
  2. @Bitdotcountry

Important Dates

  • Competition Start Date: June 30th, 2022 (Now)
  • Competition Closing Date: July 28th, 2022

How to Get Started

There will be “Buy Now” or “Auction”
  • Deploy Raw Land into your metaverse. (Click an empty spot on the map)
Deploy Raw Land Block to your map by right-click on an empty part of the map.
  • Subdivide Raw Land Blocks into Estates.
Right-click on the land you own, and users can create an estate
  • List Estate for sale on your local metaverse marketplace and let your community member buy your estate, the new estate owner can build on top of their land.
  • Enter the metaverse and start to build and create.
  • Secure a spot on the Pioneer Map by joining the spot auction.
Pioneer Map hosts metaverses which secured a spot
  • Create NFT collections and deploy NFTs into your metaverse.
  • Customize your avatar’s skin color and wearables.
  • Customize your metaverse sky environment.
  • (Optional) List your NFT in other metaverses. If your metaverse like to enable listing NFTs from other users, you will need to have NFT Authorization Activator which you can craft one using BIT under Craft NFT menu.
Craft an NFT Authorization Activator to list NFTs from other users on your local marketplace

Don’t Forget to Tweet Your Creation

Tag @BitDotCountry and #100Metaverses

Show your creatives on Twitter, we believe any arts created by human minds are great for our world.

Tag @BitDotCountry and #100Metaverses and we will acknowledge it.

Challenge Help

User Manuals

You do not need any coding or technical skills, nor must you be a 3D digital artist to create a metaverse on Bit.Country. Our platform is remarkably straightforward and trouble-free to use. We also have a dedicated support team to help you and give advice around the clock should you need it. Please ask questions on our Discord or check out our User Manuals if you need further help.

Do not underestimate your ability. Come on the journey with us. We want you to be the first users of Bit.Country. Explore the possibilities of co-creation.

How To Report Bug

We developed a bug reporting tool that allows users to take a screenshot and record a video on the screen without additional software. You can find the Report Bug button on the right-hand side of the screen across the pages.

The issue will be logged into our bug tracking management system.

How to Report a Bug and Make it Better


The team

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey this far. As promised, we have built the Bit.Country alpha testnet with pace and precision. We have stabilized major features and have built the minimal viable product of Bit.Country. Users have consistently been at the front of mind throughout development, and we are excited to deliver our alpha testnet.

Remember, this is year 1… we are just getting started and continuing the build and innovation for the future.



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