Annoucement: We won Slot 14 on Kusama

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6 min readNov 8, 2021


01001011 01101110 01101111 01100011 01101011, The great metaverse odyssey is about to begin. Your dream of truly owning a perpetual virtual world may become a reality.


  • Thank you! $100 million USD worth of KSM from more than 25,634 contributors (Breaking the historical record)
  • Metaverse Odyssey Token event starts from around 15th Nov (top priority)
  • Reward and additional land gifts will be announced after data analysis
  • Metaverse.Network goes live as Pioneer Network on Kusama
  • Ecosystem development and parties involved for bootstrapping
  • Bit.Country Pioneer on Kusama vs Bit.Country Continuum on Polkadot

Thanks to all the KSM contributors, just now, we have won the 14th parachain slot on Kusama and our team welcomes you to the NEER family. We are excited to have you onboard to co-build the future of Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network.

Since 22nd Oct 2021, the day we started our crowdloan, we’ve raised over $100 million USD worth of KSM from more than 25,634 contributors.

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The total number of our contributors has broken the historical record for Kusama crowdloans and we are seeing great interest from users keen to launch their individualized metaverse for friends, families, and communities.

The average contribution is 8.17 KSM / wallet which is lower than previous crowdloans. While contribution using a single wallet was encouraged by our reward model, this means we have attracted more consumer users to participate.

The survey indicates 56.6% is first-time contributors, we estimated, there could be 12000+ new KSM crowdloan contributors coming to the ecosystem.

What’s Next

Metaverse Odyssey Event (Top Priority)

Help to energize the web3 expedition for mainstream adoption, in the Metaverse Odyssey token (NUUM) event.

We will shortly announce details for our whitelisted public sale event of NUUM, the native token of Bit.Country Continuum for Polkadot on Tokensoft’s token sale platform. Where we will honor qualified contributors in round 1 with guaranteed allocation, and round 2 will be based on a first-come and first-served model.

In round 1, we will whitelist qualified KSM contributors, qualified ambassadors, qualified node operators, blind-box NFT winners, Star Program applicants, and our identified community helpers.

For round 2, we will make allocation available to those who are excited about the metaverse.

This is our top priority, and we plan to announce it as soon as it becomes available. We aim to start the process around 15th Nov 2021.

For KSM crowdloan contributors, there will be a web page for you to join for whitelisting by verifying your wallet. For the others, we will send you an email if you are qualified.

For ambassadors and node operators, we will look into applications before 22nd Oct 2021.

Reward Distribution

The team will begin analysis on the contribution records from the blockchain, and all the logs collected from the crowdloan site and 3rd party contribution platforms. Using this to understand the distribution of contributors.

All of the insights gained from this analysis will be used to determine fair and final values for the mystery land bonus reward. Please remember, the land gift is an additional reward on top of our existing reward model.

We will also create a new web page for you to check your NEER reward breakdowns, such as the referral bonus and details of whether the additional land gift was allocated.

Generally speaking, through our survey, approximately 90% of the community followers would love to see us bring as many true metaverse launchers as possible. Based on the principles of web3, we will listen to the community’s interests and will come up with a plan accordingly.

This will be announced as soon as we are ready.

Product Release & Ecosystem Development

Metaverse.Network will go live after the existing code passes a 3rd party security audit. We will then enable transfer functionality, allowing our ecosystem projects to start working with our live blockchain network.

After which, the rollout of functionality will be gradual to ensure that every feature released is properly audited and validated for security.

Exchange listings and DEX are naturally the next steps after our network goes live, this will allow more builders to join. We will work with reputable parties for listings. however, this may take a little while for the due diligence and agreement process.

Metaverse.Foundation, MVP.Studio and MVP Ventures will collaborate to support and incubate ecosystem projects to fill gaps and bootstrap the ecosystem. We will set up funds for grants and rewards for serious builders. Metaverse Career Academy by Industry Connect (our education arm) will become the pipeline to bring more well-trained talent to build in our ecosystem.

The Bit.Country UI features have been released internally as alpha 0.7, and going through fast iterations, we will gradually release these features to ensure a smooth onboarding process. We don’t have a definite time for the initial release yet, but we will keep posting unedited demos along the way as we always do.

Pioneer (NEER) on Kusama vs Continuum (NUUM) on Polkadot

A lot of community members asked us whether we will launch a crowdloan on Polkadot. The short answer is yes. And it will happen in the near future when we are ready.

These two platforms will co-exist now and onward. There will be different features, economic rules, governance rules, and reward incentives. We consider Pioneer network will have all the early adopters, risk-takers, and resilient teammates.

Just like Kusama expects chaos, we imagine Pioneer will thrive in chaos.

In the foreseeable future, some of the thriving metaverses on Pioneer will be given Space-Warp Passes to Bit.Country Continuum on Polkadot while making room for more pioneers on Kusama. This so-called Great Incentivized Emigration for the elected. NEER holders would be able to cast their vote through our governance structure to promote these metaverses.

Our principal is to bring opportunities and hope for communities, and together we can bootstrap a new episode on Polkadot for mass adoption.


Thanks again to all of the NEER family, we are proud to have you on the team.

We will unfold a metaverse odyssey composed by you with our initial understanding of our world, people, origin, and future.

Thank you.




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