Kaosland Land Claim is LIVE now for All Bit.Country Crowdloaners

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Announcement Updated 9th January 2023


  • Kaosland Land Claim is now live. Crowdloaners claim your land now.
  • Best practice tips for claiming Land in Kaosland.
  • Kaosland Anthem.
  • The vision of Kaosland.
  • Kaosland metaverse roadmap.
  • Kaosland FAQ.

Crowdloaners You Can Now Claim Your Land in Kaosland Metaverse

Three, two, one, go! It’s time for the chaos to begin in Kaosland. The clock is ticking, don’t wait. Don’t miss out, claim your Land Units now before everyone else does.

Crowdloaners, your Kaosland Land Units have been unlocked and are waiting for you to claim them. Be in quick. The best real estate will be snapped up fast by Kaoslanders eager to claim the finest digital real estate on the market today.

A total of 25,634 users collectively contributed over $100M USD worth of KSM on the 22nd October 2021 in our Kusama Crowdloan. All of those who contributed more than 0.11 $KSM (24,666 unique users) have been airdropped Kaosland metaverse land units. The amount of Land Units each user has been allocated is proportional to the amount of KSM contributed to the Crowdloan.

Kaosland Center CBD (Real Assets)

Claim your land units now! But wait, if you have multiple land units to claim, we encourage you to be strategic when claiming your land. Please read our Guide on the Best Practice for Claiming Land below for additional tips on claiming land. After claiming your land units, it can take up to 48 hours for them to appear in your wallet. All Land Units that are not claimed by the 9th of April 2023 11:59 PM UTC will be returned to the Treasury.

Please read the instructions or watch our tutorial for a step-by-step guide on claiming your land units.

Follow the Chaos on Kaosland onTwitter.

Kaosland Metaverse Metrics

  • Total Estimated Land Value: 12.6mil USD (9th Jan 2023)
    Estimated Land Value Breakdown
    144,000 Land Units * 367 NEER (average price per Land Unit) = 52.6mil NEER * 0.24 USD = 12.6mil USD
  • Total Land Blocks: 1,440
  • Total Land Units: 144,000
  • Total Size: 14,400,000 ㎡
  • Total Land Holders: 24,666
  • Total Raw Land Block Valuation: 3.3 mil USD
    1,440 Land Blocks * 2.3k USD/land block (conservative valuation based on XenoForm event)
  • Total Cost to Deploy Land Blocks of Kaosland: 158,400 NEER
    1,440 Land Blocks * 110 NEER

Best Practice Guide for Claiming Land in Kaosland

Watch a tutorial on how to claim your Land Units here.

1. The clock is ticking! Don’t wait around to claim your Land Units! There will be chaos as 25,634 wallets make claims. It can take up to 48 hours for the Land Units to appear in your wallet.

2. You do not have to claim all your land Units from the same Land Block. You can claim Land Units from any Land Blocks in your allocated Claimable Area.

3. Two or more adjacent Land Units can be merged to create an Estate. Owning an Estate increases the allowable buildable area to be greater than one land unit (10 m x 10 m). Click here to find out how to create an Estate.

4. Your Estate can take on any desired shape. However, square, rectangle and L-shaped Estates are supported by our building partners. If you want to fast-track building on your land, you can pre-built models in these shapes.

5. You must have at least 2 Land Unit Credits to make a land claim. So select carefully to maximize your digital real Estate. Keep in mind your land unit count when making a claim. Stay away from leaving one land unit to claim, as this will not be possible.

6. Confirming your land selection is an irreversible action.

7. Landowners can add a thumbnail to their land that will be visible on the Map. The thumbnail will automatically be adjusted to fit the shape of your land. If you want to use a landscape thumbnail, it is best to create a landscape-shaped estate. Currently, thumbnails can only be added to a rectangle or square-shaped land.

Location and Quality Allocation of Your Land Units

The number of Land Units allocated to each wallet address was algorithmically calculated proportionally to the amount of KSM contributed to the Crowdloan.

Formula to calculate the location of your Claimable Area

The Kaosland Map was divided using a square ring system. Ring 1(1,1) is the first ring, it includes four Land Blocks located at the following coordinates (0,0), (1,0), (1,1), (0,1). Each ring subsequently moves 1 Land Block outwards. Starting from Ring 2(2,2) and using the formula to get the length of the Ring “(8*(r-1))/4”, which we will have 4, from there we will have the list of coordinates in Ring 2.

Bit.Country has strategically reserved regions within Kaosland. Infrastructure and the environment within these regions will be built by our team. They will serve Kaosland to facilitate future functional opportunities such as facilities to host events or learning environments. One hundred Land Blocks at the centre of Kaosland (Ring 1 to ring 5) will be developed into the central business district (CBD) of Kaosland.

Location distribution of Land Units starts at Ring 6 and was sorted in descending order depending on the number of allocated Claimable Land Units (See Below). Land Units will be allocated to the user until the land units in that ring have all been used, then allocation will move on to Ring 7, and so on.

When you visit Kaosland, you can see which Ring you can claim your land units. Additionally, you can claim 1 Ring further from your Ring. In the example below, your land is in claimable Ring 7, you can also claim in Ring 8.

Formula to calculate the number of Claimable land Units Allocated to Users

For KSM >= 1.0

KSM = your KSM contribution to the Pioneer Crowdloan

x = (KSM -0.11) / 10280.89

y = x * 996 + 4

LandUnits = Round( Max(4, Min(1000, y) ) )

For KSM >= 0.11 and KSM < 1.0

LandUnits = 2

For KSM < 0.11

LandUnits = 0

Some Examples

For 0.1 KSM, you will receive 0 land units in Kaosland.

For 0.5 KSM, you will receive 2 land units in Kaosland.

For 1 KSM, you will receive 4 land units in Kaosland.

For 250 KSM, you will receive 28 land units in Kaosland.

For 5000 KSM, you will receive 488 land units in Kaosland.

For 10281 KSM, you will receive 1000 (max) land units in Kaosland.

Kaosland Anthem

My soul’s been waiting for you to set it free
Let’s go, together we can live our dreams

Cos this is looking like a place I knew

And I’m breaking through just to be with you

I can feel your energy that’s running through my veins
Disappear, reappear, time and time again
We can take it higher there’s no rules in games we play, no
Step inside, let kaos reign

I wear this skin like my armour
These scars made me a warrior

Save me, I’ll do anything for you

And I’m breaking through just to be with you

I can feel your energy running through my veins
Disappear, reappear, time and time again
We can take it higher there’s no rules in games we play, no
Step inside let kaos reign

(Lyrics of Kaosland Anthem)

Welcome to Kaosland

Kaosland is the metaverse for pioneers. The vision starts with you. Citizens of Kaosland will be known as metaverse trailblazers. Together, as Kaoslanders, you will explore the boundaries of digital creation as you build Bit.Country’s first community co-created metaverse. Your community is an exclusive club of Web3 leaders who breathe metaverse creativity.

Kaosland landowners will embark on a journey of discovery, pioneering the first era of Kaosland. Together the community will build a legacy they own and govern with pride. Citizens of Kaosland will sing their anthem loud and proudly fly their flag as a united community for all events.

Kaosland will be one of the largest community-co-created metaverses on Bit.Country Pioneer. Located at the heart of the Pioneer Map, this metaverse will be one of the busiest and sort-after metaverses. It will thrive across all economic, social, and entertainment factors.

A Kaoslander is someone who owns land in Kaosland. Together you will become a digital community that builds a collective vision of the metaverse. Together, the community and Bit.Country will make Kaosland great.

Kaosland will be a labyrinth of chaos customized by its builders. Meaningful metaverse utility will be born in this digital world. It will be one of the busiest and largest metaverses on Pioneer Bit.Country and in Web3. Its narrative will hallmark the golden standards for the metaverse.

Kaosland Teaser Video

Why Co-Build in Kaosland Together?

Kaosland is not just a game. Instead, it is a world with digital and physical value that benefits all its visitors.

Kaosland will be a popular metaverse on Bit.Country. Located at coordinates 1,0 on Pioneer Map, it will be an epicentre for events. As the Pioneer Map becomes a thriving network of metaverses, the Kaosland community and economy will be unique. The land value in your metaverse will be proportional to the strength of your community. You will achieve exponential growth by actively co-building and engaging as one. With teamwork and intelligence, you will create Kaosland to be the champion of metaverses.

As traction in Kaosland develops, notable brands and KOLs will gravitate towards your metaverse. Brands will want to collaborate and run campaigns or events inside your metaverse that benefit the Kaosland community. As home to metaverse pioneers, Kaoslanders will be amongst the first to experience the benefits of brand loyalty NFTs. You will be invited to exclusive brand events, your avatar will be dressed in the best swag, and you will experience the power of the metaverse.

The success of Kaosland will be a drawcard for the young and old, as the benefits for individuals, businesses, and institutes will be obvious.

Kaosland central area

Kaosland Roadmap

Kaosland will be one of the largest metaverses on the Pioneer network. It will be Bit.Country’s first community co-created metaverse. Bit.Country’s Kusama crowdloan contributors will be the citizens of Kaosland. Together with the Bit.Country Treasury, you will build a vision of the metaverse. That vision will be known and remembered as Kaosland.

Building Kaosland will be a journey. Together, we will navigate our collective creativity to build a unique world in 5 phases.

Phase 1: Land Claiming & Trade (9th of January 2023 11:59 p.m. UTC)

  • All crowdloaners will be allocated claimable Land Units proportional to the amount of KSM pledged. Claimable Land Units can be exchanged for Land Units in Kaosland. Neighbouring Land Units can be merged into Estates to increase your building area. A tutorial will be provided here
  • Estate Staking (Added on 9th Jan 2023)

Phase 2: CBD development and environment setup

  • The Bit.Country Treasury will build infrastructure in the central Land Block that will act as a community hub for events and meet-ups.

Phase 3: Suburban Development & Enable Governance

  • Community building will be enabled. Create your vision of the metaverse on your land. Build with videos, props, and NFTs.
  • Kaosland local governance

Phase 4: Enable Land Gamification

  • Enable user-created games and experiences for Kaosland Community. Invite your visitors to play and reward them for their engagement to stimulate the Kaosland economy.

Phase 5: Launch https://kaos.land

  • Kaos.land will be the home of Kaosland metaverse, the complete looks and feel of Kaosland metaverse built on Metaverse.Network Pioneer SDK and Bit.Country API.

To learn more about Bit.Country land economy, please read this.

Kaosland Tower

Kaosland Launch Phases Explained

Phase 1: Land Claiming and Trade

The claim date is confirmed; on 9th of January 2023 11:59 p.m.UTC, users can claim the land on the Kaosland map.

Welcome, Kaoslander, Bit.Country is excited for you to join the chaotic revolution that is starting now. As a Kaoslander, you are part of our family. Together we will build Kaosland into a powerful and successful metaverse.

Bit.Country has deployed all of the Raw Land Blocks that will make up the Kaosland metaverse (Deployment of future Raw Land Blocks will be determined by Kaosland citizen governance). Each Raw Land block is made up of 100 Land Units. Every wallet address that participated with at least 0.1 $KSM in the crowdloan has been allocated a set amount of land credits proportional to the amount of KSM you pledged in the crowdloan. One Land Unit Credit can be exchanged for one Land Unit on the Kaosland Metaverse Map.

The location of your claimable area depends on the amount of KSM you pledged. The claimable areas are organized in columns and rows outwards from the epicentre of Kaosland. The Raw Land Blocks you can claim from is highlighted with a white perimeter. You can select your Land Units from any of these blocks. Upon entering the Raw Land Block, you can see the availability. Take your pick as you secure some of the best real estate in the Web3 industry.

Example of Land Reward Claiming Tool

Phase 2: CBD development and environment setup

Kaosland’s CBD is the central hub of the Kaosland Parliament, where all key decisions are made. It will be the origin of all future main Kaosland activities. Bit.Country will launch the fundamentals of the Kaosland CBD and environment. Our team has strategically designed the terrain and infrastructure of the Kaosland metaverse. Areas within Kaosland have been designed to facilitate future functional opportunities for the future of Kaosland.

Within the CBD, monorail bridges connect our partnership hubs. It will allow you to network, meet with friends and create opportunities. In the suburbs surrounding the CBD, our Treasury has strategically deployed iconic landmarks for Kaoslanders to utilize. A stadium, an auditorium, Thunder University, and a museum can be found in these suburban areas.

The central area of Kaosland

Phase 3: Enable community building

When the Kaosland CBD and environment are complete, the building tool for all Kaosland landowners will be enabled.

The land in the suburbs surrounding the CBD will be yours. A total of 25,634 fans will be allocated Kaosland land as a thank-you gift from the Bit.Country Treasury for your support in helping us win the Kusama parachain slot in November 2021. The location and the amount of land distributed to each wallet will be proportional to the amount of KSM contributed.

As a landowner, you will contribute to building the identity of Kaosland. The goal is to create the most immense and chaotic community metaverse in Web3. No technical knowledge is required to build on your land. Build simple structures by placing block voxels from our predefined libraries or import your own textures to create unique topographies. If you prefer a more realistic feel to your builds and landscapes, mint your own 3D objects as NFTs or buy them in the Marketplace. MetaDojo.IO is a Bit.Country partner specialising in metaverse in custom architecture compatible with our metaverses.

Kaoslanders, this is your opportunity to spread your creative wings and build your vision of the metaverse.

Kaosland CBD Landscape

Phase 4: Enable Gamification and Games

Quests and game development will be introduced to Kaosland. Landowners can easily deploy scavenger hunts, survival mode mini-games or use our tools to create a custom experience for their visitors. Gamification of land will encourage Kaosland citizens to engage and socialize with each other and stimulate the Kaosland economy.

Are you a business, KOL, or Community Leader, and would you like people to learn more about your product, ideas, and community? You can create activities inside your land and reward people for the activities performed. The activities won’t be limited to only minigames but learning tasks, ads, or activities that, upon completion, will allow them to claim a reward or be teleported to a different space. The sky will be the limit.

Phase 5: Launch https://kaos.land

To complete the launch of Kaosland, we will be the first metaverse project to enable a Whitelabel Enterprise Solution on Metaverse.Network with https://kaos.land.

The Kaosland Landholders and citizens will access Kaosland Metaverse directly on https://kaos.land, and it will be completely branded with Kaosland. Our upcoming Whitelabel Enterprise Solution will allow enterprises metaverse the ability to create a unique Whitelabel Metaverse Solution.

More information will be provided at a later date.

The Kaosland Roadmap is now released, are you ready to be part of the largest and wildest community-owned metaverse on Bit.Country Pioneer? The timer is set for you to claim your land rewards and become a true Kaoslander.


When can I start claiming my Land Reward?

If you are a Metaverse.Network Pioneer crowdloan contributor, you can check the eligibility for Land Reward on the 9th of January 2023 at 11:59 p.m UTC. Check out the Land Reward Claiming tutorial here.

I have claimed my land. What shall I do now?

The Bit.Country team is building and optimizing the design and performance of the Kaosland CBD area. Initially, you will only be able to create estates and add custom images to your estates. Estates and land Units will also be tradable on the Marketplace.

Once Phase 3 is enabled, you will be able to enter Kaosland, and explore. You will be able to start building on any land you own. Stay tuned in our socials to be always up-to-date with our roadmap so you can start building as soon as it’s enabled.

What will Kaosland look like?

Kaoslanders, this metaverse is your vision. You will build the economy. As a Kaosland community member and landlord, you will unite and kickstart the great revolution that will be recognized and praised as Kaosland.

The definition of a community is being reconfigured as the world becomes more connected and is no longer bound by geographic limits. Online individuals can readily seek to find a community that fits their character. Kaoslanders will connect like-minded pioneers and unlock fruitful opportunities.

As a Kaosland Landowner, you can decide whether Kaosland should have its social token. You will unite to experience the benefits of a flourishing digital economy. Citizens of Kaosland will explore the physics of metaverse creativity. With the power of co-creation, you will be amongst the first to experience immersive campaigns, events, and metaverse networking.

Kaoslanders, we encourage you to develop your land to make waves in the Web3 industry. Develop economic zones in Kaosland, network with your fellow landowners, experience the power of a digital community and reap the benefits that your metaverse will provide.

It’s time to build chaos. Build a world from your imagination, build a world that solves current-day problems, and build a world that provides a service in need. Use Kaosland to create what cannot exist in the physical world.

Build your legacy, build an economy, and together you will build Kaosland to be your digital nation.

Be bold, be brave and bring chaos.

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