Kaosland Land Claim is LIVE now for All Bit.Country Crowdloaners


  • Kaosland Land Claim is now live. Crowdloaners claim your land now.
  • Best practice tips for claiming Land in Kaosland.
  • Kaosland Anthem.
  • The vision of Kaosland.
  • Kaosland metaverse roadmap.
  • Kaosland FAQ.

Crowdloaners You Can Now Claim Your Land in Kaosland Metaverse

Kaosland Center CBD (Real Assets)

Kaosland Metaverse Metrics

  • Total Estimated Land Value: 12.6mil USD (9th Jan 2023)
    Estimated Land Value Breakdown
    144,000 Land Units * 367 NEER (average price per Land Unit) = 52.6mil NEER * 0.24 USD = 12.6mil USD
  • Total Land Blocks: 1,440
  • Total Land Units: 144,000
  • Total Size: 14,400,000 ㎡
  • Total Land Holders: 24,666
  • Total Raw Land Block Valuation: 3.3 mil USD
    1,440 Land Blocks * 2.3k USD/land block (conservative valuation based on XenoForm event)
  • Total Cost to Deploy Land Blocks of Kaosland: 158,400 NEER
    1,440 Land Blocks * 110 NEER

Best Practice Guide for Claiming Land in Kaosland

Location and Quality Allocation of Your Land Units

Formula to calculate the location of your Claimable Area

Formula to calculate the number of Claimable land Units Allocated to Users

Some Examples

Kaosland Anthem

Welcome to Kaosland

Kaosland Teaser Video

Why Co-Build in Kaosland Together?

Kaosland central area

Kaosland Roadmap

Phase 1: Land Claiming & Trade (9th of January 2023 11:59 p.m. UTC)

  • All crowdloaners will be allocated claimable Land Units proportional to the amount of KSM pledged. Claimable Land Units can be exchanged for Land Units in Kaosland. Neighbouring Land Units can be merged into Estates to increase your building area. A tutorial will be provided here
  • Estate Staking (Added on 9th Jan 2023)

Phase 2: CBD development and environment setup

  • The Bit.Country Treasury will build infrastructure in the central Land Block that will act as a community hub for events and meet-ups.

Phase 3: Suburban Development & Enable Governance

  • Community building will be enabled. Create your vision of the metaverse on your land. Build with videos, props, and NFTs.
  • Kaosland local governance

Phase 4: Enable Land Gamification

  • Enable user-created games and experiences for Kaosland Community. Invite your visitors to play and reward them for their engagement to stimulate the Kaosland economy.

Phase 5: Launch https://kaos.land

  • Kaos.land will be the home of Kaosland metaverse, the complete looks and feel of Kaosland metaverse built on Metaverse.Network Pioneer SDK and Bit.Country API.
Kaosland Tower

Kaosland Launch Phases Explained

Phase 1: Land Claiming and Trade

Example of Land Reward Claiming Tool

Phase 2: CBD development and environment setup

The central area of Kaosland

Phase 3: Enable community building

Kaosland CBD Landscape

Phase 4: Enable Gamification and Games

Phase 5: Launch https://kaos.land


When can I start claiming my Land Reward?

I have claimed my land. What shall I do now?

What will Kaosland look like?

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