[Announcement] The New Era of Bit.Country and Metaverse.Network

Dear Friends and Metaverse Enthusiasts,

July and August 2022 were monumental for the Bit.Country and Metaverse.Network team. We successfully launched the alpha testnet to the public delivering the minimal viable product of Bit.Country features. Community fans have been learning our protocol and exhaustively testing all features. To date 3,917 metaverses and 243,118 NFTS have been minted by users on our testnet.

Our team and community has extensively tested and iterated our product. We have made over 1,600 code commits to fine-tune and stabilize our infrastructure and blockchain protocol. Without our community’s fantastic support and feedback, the first metaverse pioneers, it wouldn’t be possible.

On 12.08.2022, Bit.Country alpha version was released. This is the first feature-complete version of Bit.Country testnet and final features to be released before transferring across to our mainnet.

Key Bit.Country alpha testnet features include;

  • Create a metaverse
  • Build in a metaverse, the sandpit or bunker using voxels and 3D assets
  • Create NFT collection
  • Deploy and subdivide virtual land
  • List and buy NFTs on local and global marketplaces
  • Customize metaverse environment
  • Customize avatar appearance

Check out the above mentioned features on Bit.Country’s official trailer:

NEER Token Transfer

Our Pioneer Blockchain Runtime upgrade has been scheduled to enable NEER Token Transfers on 30th August 2022.

After runtime upgrades, token holders can transfer NEER. NEER is the native utility token of Metaverse.Network Pioneer and Bit.Country Pioneer. Its primary purpose is to service platform purchases, governance and staking rewards. Check out the diagram below for more details.

Together we will begin the new era of multi-metaverses journey on our Canary Network — Metaverse.Network & Bit.Country Pioneer.

A complete features launch on our Canary Network — Metaverse.Network & Bit.Country Pioneer

Initial Bit.Country Pioneer features to be launched in the coming week include $NEER staking in the Material Campaign to receive BIT rewards, NFT Minting, Metaverse project creation, customization of metaverse settings, and the Global and Local NFT Marketplaces. All announcements will be made on our official @Bitdotcountry Twitter page.

Stay tuned for an official Medium post explaining the next release phase, which includes, the sale of Raw Land blocks, ability to build in the Metaverse, auctions to secure a spot on the Pioneer Map, and claiming of Kaosland land rewards.

In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with all the features on our AlphaTestnet at https://testnet.bit.country

The Future

Metaverse.Network is a multi-metaverse blockchain protocol that provides scalable infrastructure for metaverses and dApps to build upon. Bit.Country is the first dApp to be built on Metaverse.Network blockchain. The first development phase of Metaverse.Network & Bit.Country has been completed. The foundations for multi-metaverse growth have been built. It’s time to go wild and create chaos on our canary network.

Monitoring and stabilizing our infrastructure and blockchain network is a priority. The next step for Metaverse.Network and Bit.Country is to advance from our canary network and prepare for our mainnet launch on Polkadot.

With a tremendous amount of support from our community and the Metaverse.Nework ecosystem, we have successfully turned the platform from 0 to 1; we turned inception into a product. We assure you that this is only the beginning of the journey for metaverse pioneers. We strongly believe that anyone can create their own virtual world, apply economic layers and have fun.

Justin Pham as the CEO

We are excited to announce Justin Pham as our new Chief Executive Officer. Justin’s industry experience, technical knowledge, high caliber work ethic, ambition, resilience, and energy will continue to lead our team to deliver meaningful results. Previously, in his CTO role, Justin took lead in the development and integration of our platform. He successfully proved his capability to lead, push and educate our team to collectively deliver our Alpha Testnet which will soon be released as our Pioneer network to the public.

“I’ve worked with Justin for almost a decade, with him starting as my student, then progressing to a developer, then CTO, and business management person. He has always demonstrated an eagerness to succeed, carrying a great vision for our project.

Honoring his effort and continuing his growth, this executive role will be a great step for him and the project. I believe his operation will take the project to a new level with the team. I am excited to see the impact he will make while I remain as the chairperson, providing support to the founding team, and co-developing strategies and channels.” — Ray Lu (Chairperson)

“It’s a big honor to be the new CEO, and I want to thank Ray for having faith in me and for his continued support in leading a fantastic team with amazing souls like Shannon, Daniel, Chris and the rest of the team to a new era.

I am truly humbled by this opportunity to continue innovating and fulfilling the great multi-metaverse vision that Metaverse.Network and Bit.Country carry. Our recent successful Alpha Testnet launch has proven our commitment, constant innovation, and ability to get things done. It will only get better.

As a Vietnamese living in English-speaking countries for almost 2 decades, I am looking forward to bringing not only a great mix of rapid execution and innovation but also my worldwide connection.” — Justin Pham (CEO)

What will we deliver next?

  • Metaverse.Network Smart Contracts
    - Bit.Country’s backbone is Metaverse.Network, which is a Layer-1 multi-metaverses protocol.
    - Metaverse.Network will enable the deployment of smart contracts, allowing dApp developers to build play2earn, learn2earn, GameFi and dApps to tap into any metaverse across the network.
  • Bit.Country Code Engine
    - Our code engine will enable custom logic to run inside individual metaverses. Creating new possibilities for developers to author minigames, campaigns and experiences on the Bit.Country platform.
  • Bring Your Own Infrastructure
    - To efficiently run a high performing metaverse requires resources. To align the benefit of having the best performing metaverse and flexibility, we will allow metaverse owners to choose their own desired infrastructure e.g computational resources.
    - Creating an open economy for infrastructure providers to provide the computational resources for metaverse owners.
  • Community Development and Grants
    - We will work with and announce community development grants, hackathons, partnerships, and other incentives to continue to build Metaverse.Network to be the go-to blockchain for metaverse utility and dApps for games.

Need more information about Bit.Country & Metaverse Network?

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