August Development Update

In August 2021, we completed a number of new key features, created proof of concepts for future key features and many optimizations.

Updates From CTOs:

3D Metaverse

  • Seamless world update, now users can travel from block to block within a bit country without reloading or interruption while in the 3d world.
  • User-created games concept implemented, two games accessible within the world for users to interact with directly in the 3d world. Later work will provide an SDK or similar for external users to create their own games and place them inside the world.
  • World generation has been updated to create landscapes with more points of interest and variety.


  • Avatar customizer allows users to alter their avatar for use within the metaverse. Users can change different qualities about their avatar such as height, gender and color palette.
  • Users are now able to put a jacket on their avatar for others to see when in the world. Other wearable clothing items and accessories will be made available.

Continuum Map Viewer

  • Improvements to the Continuum and BC map viewers have been developed, allowing for faster access and experience to bit country placement on the Continuum and the blocks within them.
  • User experience update to map viewer, quick access to Continuum spot for auctions, country navigation, and purchasing of new land blocks has been developed.

Social Token

  • The Blockchain team completed the Social Token issuance concept’s implementation, which allows each bit country to issue their social token when creating a new bit country.
  • The social token vesting schedule mechanism was also implemented to ensure the credibility of bit country social token.

Bit.Country Swap

  • We also developed and implemented the Social Token DEX that allows bit country owner to bootstrap their social token liquidity with NUUM.
  • Bit.Country Protocol enforces the minimum initial liquidity between social tokens and NUUM to ensure the sustainable liquidity ratio for each bit country social token.
  • Social Token holders also can earn a liquidity fee when adding liquidity to the pool.
  • Completed Bit.Country Swap integration between Blockchain protocol and the App UI.


  • Developed the ownership tokenization feature which allows Bit.Country Protocol tokenize any entity ownership to an NFT. In other words, an NFT can represent the ownership of any entity in Bit.Country Protocol.
  • NFT minted on Bit.Country Protocol is now usable in the metaverse.
  • Completed UI integration to create the simple flow on minting an NFT.

EVM <> Bit.Country Protocol Bridge

  • Integrated asset cross-chain bridge protocol between Bit.Country Protocol and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
  • Starting with Ethereum and more EVM will follow such as BSC, Heco.
  • Designed and developed Bridge UI for users to do cross-chain transfer.

WIP Demo

About Bit.Country

Bit.Country (Metaverse Hub of Polkadot) enables everyone to start their own metaverse with the 3D world, digital real estate, user-created games, NFTs, and social token and play-to-earn-mining opportunities.

The Purpose of Bit.Country’s Metaverse

While our team is excited about web3.0 development, our destiny is to create a network that brings real-world impact. We want to provide ordinary people with opportunities of value access in this paradigm shift.

Our vision and dream come true when the common people of the world are able to earn a modest income by contributing to their Bit.Country communities; and Bit.Country owners distribute value to their followers by generating greater influence through network expansion.

Our Backers

Reaching 200 Million Fans…

On the network of influencers, Walsh Wealth Ventures co-leads the round by bringing a powerful network of KOLs and influencers reaching 200 million fans on classic social media platforms.

Their network includes CryptoGodJohn, MrBeast, KSI, Tobias31, Lazarbeam, MrFreshAsian, LachlanYT, CryptoWizardd, and others.

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