Bit.Country Pioneer App is Live!

Hi Pioneers, a decentralized multi-metaverse revolution has begun.

It is year one, inside the Metaverse.Network blockchain, the foundation era is ready for you to turn bits into stories, economies, creations, and experiences.

It’s time to prepare for CHAOS… Bit.Country Pioneer App is Live! We welcome you to join us on this journey as we together evolve into becoming true metaverse pioneers.

Bit.Country Pioneers focus is on user-created metaverses. Together we have the opportunity to define Web3.0 social connectivity. Get ready to kick-start your creativity and imagination into gear, our canary network is ready. You are about to be a part of something great. Your journey with Bit.Country Pioneer starts today, it could be one of your greatest Web3 achievements to date.

Bit.Country is a SocialFi platform, it has all of the infrastructures for content creators and brands to create a community network where everyone who participates and contributes can benefit. Bit.Country metaverse will be inter-connected and communities can collectively benefit from engagement and building individual metaverses.

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What Can You Expect from the Bit.Country Pioneer Launch?

Bit.Country Pioneer features will be progressively released in stages. Details of the initial features to be launched can be found below.

1) It’s Time to Stake NEER in the Material Campaign to get BIT

The Material Campaign is fundamental to Bit.Country Pioneer. BIT is our in-metaverse utility token. It can only be mined in the Material Campaign or burnt through in-metaverse activities such as building in a Metaverse or the Bunker, customizing a Metaverse Home page, and crafting Metaverse Object NFTs.

Every 24 hours a set amount of BIT is mined. Every round BIT is mined. The amount is subject to change to avoid inflation depending on the BIT economy circulation. If users are burning their BIT more BIT will be mined to increase circulation, if BIT is not being burnt through in-metaverse activities the amount of BIT mined per round is reduced. The mined BIT is distributed in the Material Campaign into four categories; NEER Staking (38.17%), Estate Staking (Coming Soon) plus two more categories that are yet to be revealed.

Stake NEER to earn BIT in the Material Campaign.

Initially, for the Pioneer Launch, NEER staking will be the only method to earn BIT. Users that stake NEER in the Material Campaign will be rewarded a proportion of the mined BIT. The amount of BIT that each wallet receives per round is determined by Your Staking amount relative to the Total Network Stake. The more that you stake, the higher your ranking will be and the more BIT you will receive per mining round.

Uses of BIT on Bit.Country

  • Metaverse building — BIT is burnt when a user places and removes voxels, props, and NFTs in a Metaverse or in the Bunker. BIT will only be burnt if you save the changes that you make. If you exit out of the Metaverse or the Bunker without saving then no BIT will be burnt.
  • Crafting NFT Metaverse Objects — Metaverse Objects include avatar wearables and Activation Passes. Minting Metaverse Objects burns BIT and the object will appear in your My Wallet as an NFT. Activation Passes grant the holder metaverse holder utility and access privileges.
  • Modifications of the Metaverse Home page — Metaverse owners should use the Pulse News Feed page to communicate with their communities. Posting to the feed burns BIT.
  • Customization of Estates — Deployed Raw Land blocks should be subdivided into Estates to allow for community co-building. Each Estate can upload a thumbnail image to make it more identifiable.

*The Development team is testing and verifying $BIT & $NEER cross-chain XCM transfer with parachains on Kusama.

Note: Land distribution and Estate creation features will be released in the XenoForm Event of the Pioneer launch. See details below.

2) It’s time to Create your OWN Metaverse Project

Bit.Country is your home for launching your own metaverse. You do not need any technical coding or blockchain knowledge. We give you all of the tools that are required to build your own metaverse.

A metaverse is a digital 3D world that can be built by placing voxels, props, 3D models, or NFTs. They are a place where you can build an interactive community hub for your brand.

It is a place to build brand identity and create a new wave of connectivity. In a metaverse you can reward your loyal followers, co-build with your community, run competitions, giveaways, and network.

Create you 1st metaverse with no coding or blockchain knowledge.

3) Do you want to Practice Building for FREE? Try the SANDPIT!

The Sandpit is the perfect metaverse for you to learn how to build with voxels, and test placing your 3D assets.

The Sandpit is a ‘free-play’ area. The building does not burn any BIT, however, nothing is saved in the Sandpit. When you exit the Sandpit all of the buildings and 3D assets will be cleared. The sky environment is also changeable in the sandpit.

Avatar in the Sandpit practicing building with voxels.

4) Is it Time to Get Serious with Your Building? Welcome to the BUNKER!

The Bunker is your private gallery. To get access to the Bunker you will need to hold a Bunker Activator NFT. You can either craft a pass by burning BIT or you might be able to buy one with NEER on our NFT Marketplace.

In the Bunker, you will burn BIT to save placement or removal of voxels and 3D assets. Show off your Bunker to friends by sharing the URL link and hanging out together by activating multiplayer. The Bunker has a limited building area and features a secret volt to store all of your tokens in the metaverse.

Avatar in their private Bunker where voxels and 3D assets are saved.

5) Do you Want to Dress your Avatar in the Coolest Swag or get an Activation Pass?

Metaverse Objects fall into two categories, wearables, and activation passes. All Metaverse Objects are crafted as NFTs and once collected will be found in your My Wallet. Owners can also list them for sale on an NFT marketplace.

Avatar NFT Wearables

In the metaverse, your identity is represented by an avatar. The appearance of your avatar can be customized by changing its wearables or its skin color. Wearables are crafted as NFTs. Once you have crafted it, you can dress up your avatar in the metaverse.

Mint avatar wearables to add identity to your avatar in the metaverse.

Activation Passes

Activation passes are like metaverse keys. Holding the pass unlocks metaverse utility. There are three Activation Passes on Bit.Country. Holders of the activation passes enable certain functionalities.

  • Bunker Activator — Grants access to the Bunker
  • NFT Authorization Activator — Allows a metaverse owner to accept NFT listing requests for their Local Metaverse Marketplace. If you are an NFT creator but do not own a metaverse you must send a request to the metaverse owner to list your NFT on their local metaverse marketplace.
  • NFT Search Activator — Grants metaverse owners the ability for all of the approved NFTs that are listed on their local metaverse marketplace to be discoverable on the Global Metaverse Marketplace.
Mint Activation passes in the Craft Metaverse Objects tab.

6) Are you Eager to Mint your OWN NFT Collection?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be used to grant holders value, benefits, or rewards. They represent digital ownership and prove the authenticity of physical or digital assets.

Your metaverse is home for your NFT culture.

Every minted NFT must belong to an NFT Collection. The NFT Collection can be customized to reflect the utility and rarity of the NFTs that are minted into that collection. Royalty fees can be embedded into individual NFTs so that the original owner will benefit perpetually from every further transaction carried out on that NFT.

Bit.Country Pioneer supports JPEG, PNG, WEBP, MP4, OGG, GLB, and PDF file types.

Create your own NFT Collections without technical knowledge.

7) Now you have created a Metaverse, how about Metaverse Customization?

Your metaverse, your customization. Bit.Country gives metaverse owners the ability to add social links, upload a profile & banner picture, communicate with their communities via the Pulse news feed page, approve NFT listings on its own Metaverse NFT Marketplace, set NFT Marketplace listing fees, and set performance limitations.

Use the Metaverse Settings page to customize your metaverse.
Use the Pulse page to communicate to your community.

8) Local Metaverse NFT Marketplace

Each metaverse has its own local Metaverse NFT Marketplace. It is unique to that specific metaverse.

For a metaverse owner to be able to list other community members’ NFTs on its local metaverse marketplace, the metaverse owner must hold and activate the NFT Authorization Activation Pass. An NFT artist can send a request to the metaverse owner to ask permission to list their NFTs on that local Metaverse NFT Marketplace.

The Metaverse owner can also set listing fees for their marketplace, upon a successful sale a listing fee will be paid to the owner.

9) Global Metaverse NFT Marketplace

The NFT Search page is a compilation of NFTs that are listed on metaverses hosted by Bit.Country. The NFT Search page is public, it does not require a visitor to log in to view the NFTs that are listed for sale.

For an NFT to feature on this page the NFT must be listed for sale on a local Metaverse NFT Marketplace and that metaverse owner must also hold an NFT Search Activator pass in their wallet.

What is Next for Bit.Country Pioneer in the near future?

1) Upcoming XenoForm Event (Raw Land Block Sale in Early Oct 2022)

For Bit.Country Pioneers land economy is the backbone of metaverse creation. To build in a metaverse a user must firstly deploy Raw Land Blocks.

To do this, once you have created metaverse you need to purchase and then deploy Raw Land Blocks into your metaverse. A Raw Land Block is made up of 100 individual land units which total 10,000 square meters of virtual land in the metaverse. The size of one land unit is 10 meters by 10 meters.

A Raw Land Block can be subdivided into different estates. Estates can be sold or transferred to other users.

Upon stabilizing the release of the initial feature set Bit.Country Pioneer will then launch our XenoForm Event. XenoForm is the sale event of Raw Land Blocks to the public.

All Raw Land Blocks are issued by the Treasury as NFTs. The total amount of Raw Land Blocks to be released on Bit.Country Pioneer will total of 10,000. Users will be able to purchase Raw Land Blocks via auction on our platform in our XenoForm Event.

The intention for Bit.Country Pioneer is for users to build metaverses. It is our canary network, we want to true metaverse builders to have the opportunity to showcase their passion and skills to create 3D digital worlds for communities with the utility on our platform.

Raw Land Block affordability is at the front of our minds. We want users to be brave, practice building and create chaotic 3D worlds that will be extremely impressive. We want our builders to make waves in the Web3 space. Together on Bit.Country Pioneer we will build a culture that can be translated from Pioneer across to our Continuum network.

Specific details about our XenoForm Event will be released soon.

2) Claiming Kaosland Rewards

As promised to our Crowdloaners, land in Kaosland will be claimed/distributed to your wallets soon after the XenoForm Event. Kaosland will be the first Bit.Country community owned and created metaverse. We cannot wait to see the chaos that the community builds!

3) Pioneer Map Spot Auction Campaign

Bit.Country Pioneer Map is the hive of our platform’s activity. Metaverse owners should strive to secure a spot on the Map. Owning a spot on the Pioneer Map is like owning a property overlooking Central Park in New York.

The Pioneer Map is a multi-metaverse map that is populated by Bit.Country Metaverses. Securing a spot on the Pioneer Map gives your metaverse maximum discoverability. Location is paramount. The Map will feature epicentres that are indicated by an orange perimeter.

An epicentre metaverse acts as a magnet for like-minded metaverse communities. For example, there will be epicentres for music, fashion, and crypto other niche industries. It is on our roadmap to allow metaverse owners to geodrop tokens within their own metaverse and to select surrounding metaverses in marketing campaigns based on location.

Metaverse Bit.Country Geodrops (Campaign features) are a work-in-progress

The metaverse that is located at the origin of the Pioneer Map is Genesis. Genesis is a Bit.Country owned Metaverse that represents historical landmarks in the metaverse. Neighbouring Genesis is Kaosland, the first Bit.Country community-built metaverse.

To secure a spot on the Pioneer Map a metaverse owner must have at least one Raw Land Block deployed in their metaverse to place a bid on the auctions.

Thanks to the community for the solid support, we will continue to develop, evolve and deliver a more exciting future.

Need more information about Bit.Country & Metaverse Network?

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Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network is a platform & blockchain ecosystem for user-created metaverses, games, and dApps. Community owners, influencers, KOLs, and individuals can launch their own metaverses for their members, fans, followers, families, and friends.

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