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Partnership Announcement

Bit.Country is excited to announce its partnership with Manta Network known for delivering revered plug and play privacy for the entire Defi stack, whilst simultaneously delivering privacy-preserving architecture at its core.

We are deeply aware of the privacy considerations that need to be met to build a metaverse future that is truely protopian and principled.

We are a firm believer in Manta Network’s Architectural Design choices and ability to take DeFi to the next level in terms of privacy, speed, and interoperability.

We look forward to welcoming Manta World to Bit.Country, to witness Manta demonstrate their advanced privacy features to their metaverse community as well as to other metaverses, whilst maintaining a 3D world filled with opportunities and high-level engagement.

We share a long-term vision of Web3.0 and remain steadfast in our objective of creating a framework that is scalable, user-friendly, and safe. Polkadot’s parachain architecture enables interoperability and allows us to grow by leveraging the Manta Network interface, a fellow Web3Foundation Grant recipient, and Kusama juggernaut.

“We’re very excited to be working with Bit.Country because it gives us a unique opportunity to expand our on-chain privacy technology to use cases beyond DeFi. We see private purchases of items and assets in the metaverse as a big problem to tackle, because it represents a piece of identifiable information just like any on-chain transaction, but beyond amounts of numbers, it is a digital good that expresses personal preference and online identity.

Not all users want their online identities so easily linkable or identifiable. The partnership we are creating will not only give Manta Network an opportunity to expand the limits of its privacy technology but also give Bit Country an additional and distinctive value proposition for its ecosystem.

We will use Manta Metaverse to showcase our solution allowing other metaverses and communities to experience the power, at the same time, Manta Metaverse on Bit.Country would become the de-facto portal of our metaverse journey,” — quote from Victor Ji, CPA, Co-Founder of Manta Network

Quote from Ray, CEO & Co-Founder of Bit.Country Metaverse Network — “I am very excited to Manta Network and Manta World are coming to Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network.

This partnership indeed offer an additional and distinctive value proposition for our ecosystem. There are many valueable goods and private items will be transacted and their privacy needs to be protected in the metaveres.

I am looking forward to seeing the privacy transactions features users in Manta World as well as other individualized metaveress on the platform. I feel we are doing a great integration to offer the value to both Manta community and Bit.Country communinty.”

About Manta Network

Manta Network is focused on building a better Web 3.0 with privacy guarantees designed from the first principle: applying cutting-edge cryptographic constructions such as zkSNARKs to deliver end-to-end privacy guarantees for blockchain applications. The project delivers this guarantee while prioritizing interoperability, ease-of-use, high performance and auditability. What this translates into for the user is on-chain privacy in transacting and swapping any parachain assets. This means that users are able to privatize parachain assets like DOT into private DOT, and privately swap for other parachain assets or privately send to other wallet addresses. Our vision is to expand privacy-preservation in a user-friendly manner to all blockchain applications.

Manta’s founding team comprises many US cryptocurrency veterans, professors, and scholars whose experience includes Harvard, MIT, and Algorand. The advisors of Manta include Hypersphere Ventures co-founder Jack Platts, Polychain partner Tekin Salimi, former Web3 Foundation co-founder Ashley Tyson, and Consensys’ Shuyao Kong.

Manta Network’s exclusive funding rounds include notable investors such as Polychain, ParaFi, Multicoin, CoinFund, Alameda, DeFiance and Hypersphere. Manta is also a grant fund recipient of Polkadot’s official Web3 Foundation. Besides, Manta is an outstanding member of the Substrate Builder Program and the Blockchain Accelerator of the University of California, Berkeley.

Need more information about Manta Network?

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About Bit.Country & Metaverse Network

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is a platform & blockchain ecosystem for user-created metaverses, games, and dApps.

Everyone can start their own metaverse with their own fungible or non-fungible tokens, timeline view, and 3D virtual world view. Community owners, influencers and KOLs can utilize the platform and protocol to grow and engage their audience.

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is disrupting the current creators’ value system built by web2.0, as traditional social platforms are harvesting the value from the community’s time, only distributing a portion of the profits to the creators while members are only being entertained, but not rewarded.

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is building a future for metaverse owners to have the ability to grow exponentially while letting the members take ownership and earn through a variety of opportunities, benefiting directly from the development of the metaverses they are in.

  • We won the 14th Slot on Kusama with record-breaking total contributors.
  • Our core founding team launched three other successful global startups in tech, education, and real estate since 2013.
  • Accepted participant of Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator (2021), Bootcamp (2021) at Creative Destructive Lab of Toronto University, and a Web3 Foundation Grant Winner. A member of the Substrate Builders Program.
  • On May 12th, 2021, Bit.Country completed the seed round capital raise of 4M USD from reputable venture capitals. Read more…
  • Our testnet has over 1600 node operators. Node operators are excited about energizing one of the biggest social experiments on web3.0.
  • On our early access waiting list, there are 60,000+ users eager to create their own metaverses for their people, and grow it into a valuable asset.
  • We designed our token distribution in a community-first approach.

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