Bit.Country Metaverse Odyssey Event Checklist

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3 min readNov 27, 2021


All you need to know about acquiring NUUM token on Tokensoft ahead of the Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network launch on Polkadot. The sale is already oversubscribed, so follow the instructions closely.

Key Steps

Step 1. Complete your KYC with Tokensoft: (United States, New Zealand, China, Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Crimea are excluded for KYC).

Step 2. You will receive an email from Tokensoft 24 hours before the sale opens if you are on the whitelist.

Step 3. Arrive early, and only use the official sale site:

Note, Tokensoft will send an email to inform you once sale site is available for login. (~24 hours before the sale)

Not sure if you qualify? Once you receive an email from Tokensoft, you can try logging into with your email and password.

Step 4. Patiently and carefully complete the payment flow.

Key Times and Dates

Round 1 — Private Sale (Guaranteed)

  • Start Time: November 30th at 15:00 UTC
  • End Time: December 2nd at 11:00 UTC

Round 2 — Private Sale (First Come First Serve)

  • Start Time: December 2nd at 15:00 UTC
  • End Time: until sold out

Round 3 — Public Sale (First Come First Serve)

  • Start Time: TBC
  • End Time: TBC or until sold out

The private Round 1 & Round 2 invitations have gone out to all pre-whitelisted Bit.Country Pioneer Crowdloan contributors, node operators, ambassadors, star program, partners, and friends.

Everyone will be invited to the Round 3 public sale event including KYC verified Tokensoft community members.


  • Sign-in at least 30 min before the event starts to reduce wait times
  • To complete the process use one email, one device, one browser window, and one payment and do not use a mobile phone or mobile broadband connection (because IP addresses can change)
  • Any variation may cause error or violate terms and void eligibility


Make sure to have your funds available in your wallet prior to the start of the sale, and enough ETH or DOT for gas fees

  • Use a Metamask or Polkadot wallet where you control the keys
  • Pay with ETH, ERC-20 USDC and ERC-20 USDT (All gas fees are paid in ETH)
  • Pay with DOT (All gas fees are paid in DOT)
  • Provide a NUUM Token Receive Address: your Polkadot wallet address
    (Note: a Ledger wallet address is not supported)
  • Direct payments outside of Tokensoft will be considered as a donation to the Bit.Country Treasury

Prices and Vesting

  • $0.45 USD equivalent stable coin with 30 days lock-up, no vesting period ($500 min to $2500 max)

Getting Your Tokens

All tokens will be distributed to your Polkadot wallet address 30 days after the Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network on Polkadot TGE (Token Generation Event).

Questions and Discussion?

All TGE questions will be addressed via the Support Center. Do not accept any help from anyone except the admins, do not respond to direct messages, do not follow any unusual links or emails, please be patient with the team.

Tokensoft FAQ




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