Bit.Country Metaverses Aim to Bring Jobs to Africa

By Ifeanyi Egede

A lot of innovations have sprung up since the advent of the blockchain. These innovations have led to a positive paradigm shift.

Cryptocurrencies have caused a shift in the finance ecosystem while NFTs have affected the digital and virtual ecosystem. At the moment, it seems almost everything can be digitized, thanks to blockchain technology.

While there are many projects in the blockchain and digital space, only a few have stood out as unique. Bit.Country is one of such unique innovations and its project roadmap will prove to be beneficial to all in the crypto space, especially in Nations with low employment rates.

What is Bit.Country?

Bit.Country is a blockchain-based project that enables individuals to create metaverses with unique token economies, NFTs, and rules that will govern every sub-niche in a metaverse. The project aims at giving individuals the same feeling from real-life experience, or even better in a virtual ecosystem.

Users will be able to buy and sell, auction, and occupy spaces in their Bit Countries. The recreation of real-life experiences in a virtual world will also make it possible for users to earn real crypto assets that could be converted to physical cash. This incentive will drive adoption and enable users to be rewarded for their efforts in promoting Bit.Country.

How Bit.Country Will Benefit Africa

It is no longer a secret that many African Countries have a high rate of unemployment. As of last year, South Africa ranked first in the list of countries with high unemployment rates. Nigeria on the other hand has had its unemployment rate tripled in the past five years.

The Bit.Country project will enable anyone who contributes to the ecosystem, from anywhere in the world to earn.

Many African countries that have embraced cryptocurrency trading have already boosted their finances from the profits made from trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. However, the Bit.Country project goes a step further in enabling individuals to earn.

The project’s structure will enable Africans and other races to earn crypto assets in a relatively risk-free way.

Play2Earn, Build the Community to Earn

(A powerful and meaningful play2earn model will be revealed in the near future)

Virtual Building Creation

Just like real estate can be owned and flipped in the real world, buildings and lands existing in the metaverse can be bought and sold for profit. This is way easier than real-life scenarios of real estate transactions.

Transactions done on the blockchain are transparent, thereby limiting fraud. Also, the fact that it is decentralized assures asset owners that their hard-earned assets will not be easily lost to superior agencies. With just a few clicks, a lot of individuals who are currently unemployed can acquire digital assets and make some bucks from them.

Content Creation

Bit.Country will reward content creators in proportion to their network of followers. Content creators on the network help to expand the community and increase the value of Bit.Country’s native currency. Efforts of creators and influencers alike will be rewarded with crypto assets.

Additionally, arts, music, photos, and other digital items minted as NFTs can be sold for profit on Bit.Country’s metaverse. Skillful creators who have not had the chance to showcase their talents and skills in real-world jobs will have the opportunity to do so in this space.

Specific Features of Bit.Country’s Metaverse

The metaverse has a Continuum that consists of slots that could be auctioned or sold out. New slots are simulated by on-chain logic and several other factors in the ecosystem.

Bit Countries (BCs) can be started by individuals or groups in the metaverse. Owners of BCs can set their own rules in their country. Great rules and principles will attract more users to a BC. As the virtual bit country grows, more money can be made by the founders and citizens of the ecosystem.

Blocks in the ecosystem will consist of topics by content creators. Related contents will be grouped to make it easier for users to move from one block of interest to another.

The currency of a Bit Country can be created by the founders. As the country grows, just like in real-life scenarios, the currency gains strength and the virtual economy becomes more solid.


The project seems to be promising, given the fact that it is founded by some blockchain experts with an amazing track record in the space. Ray Lu, Justin Pham, and Shannon Christie are some of the team members backing the project.

Also, Bit.Country is built under the Polkadot network. This ensures the security of users and the scalability of the project. The cross-chain NFT feature which allows flexibility is also a great feature that will attract adoption. The project will solve a lot of problems in the blockchain space and will in turn create employment opportunities for many in Africa and other continents.

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