Bit.Country X Ash WallStreetBets

Metaverse Partnership Announcement

Bit.Country Metaverse Network and Ash WSB announce their partnership to bring the Ash Army from the Twitterverse to the Bit.Country metaverse.


Metaverse is reshaping the crypto space. The new value creation paradigm is emerging. On top of cryptocurrency, visionaries are exploring a new value store — the perpetual world for their people.

You might recall the name WallStreetBets or WSB, as a subreddit that gained notoriety during the “get your popcorn moment” that was the GameStop short squeeze that caused some serious losses for big US firms and short-sellers around January 2021.

WSB is known for its passionate crypto community and Ash WSB has an equally impassioned Twitter following of 344.9K.

Bit.Country is a metaverse and NFT platform allowing KOLs, like Ash WSB, to create their own virtual world for their fans with governance, assets, and economy. A world where everyone benefits just by being part of it.

Bit.Country’s decentralized network makes it possible for Ash WSB to bring his Ash Army to a new dimension and to build his own independent economic model, by monetizing his community and introducing his followers to the next phase of the digital revolution by inviting them to experience his perpetual world, by creating a space and legacy for his community to engage at scale with user-created games, NFT Real Estate, and 3D wearables.

“I think Bit country is gonna be epic, I can’t wait to build my house in it. I am going to build my world, and invite my community on Twitter to join, build and grow with me at the same time there is no middle man harvesting the time of value. And I also know even in 100 years, the Ash Army World still exists and perpetually so, upward for my army,” — quote from Ash WSB

Quote from Ray Lu, CEO & Co-Founder of Bit.Country Metaverse Network — “I am very excited to see one of the most inspirational leaders and his Ash Army WSB are coming and launching their own metaverse and growing the community, Every stakeholder and member in their community will benefit from the growth and co-govern its future. I’ve come to know Ash personally really well and inspired by his own stories from a taxi driver to a community leader and venture investor. We have similar stories and share similar values of life and community. I am looking forward to meeting Ash and his energetic Ash Army in his metaverse as well as my own metaverse.”

About Bit.Country & Metaverse Network

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is a platform & blockchain ecosystem for user-created metaverses, games, and dApps.

Everyone can start their own metaverse with their own fungible or non-fungible tokens, timeline view, and 3D virtual world view. Community owners, influencers and KOLs can utilize the platform and protocol to grow and engage their audience.

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is disrupting the current creators’ value system built by web2.0, as traditional social platforms are harvesting the value from the community’s time, only distributing a portion of the profits to the creators while members are only being entertained, but not rewarded.

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is building a future for metaverse owners to have the ability to grow exponentially while letting the members take ownership and earn through a variety of opportunities, benefiting directly from the development of the metaverses they are in.

  • We won the 14th Slot on Kusama with record-breaking total contributors.
  • Our core founding team launched three other successful global startups in tech, education, and real estate since 2013.
  • Accepted participant of Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator (2021), Bootcamp (2021) at Creative Destructive Lab of Toronto University, and a Web3 Foundation Grant Winner. A member of the Substrate Builders Program.
  • On May 12th, 2021, Bit.Country completed the seed round capital raise of 4M USD from reputable venture capitals. Read more…
  • Our testnet has over 1600 node operators. Node operators are excited about energizing one of the biggest social experiments on web3.0.
  • On our early access waiting list, there are 60,000+ users eager to create their own metaverses for their people, and grow it into a valuable asset.
  • We designed our token distribution in a community-first approach.

Need more information about Bit.Country Metaverse Network?

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