Development Updates June 2021

Here is the development update for June 2021 from the middle metaverse. Testnet Faucet is live, collator node operator program is live.

  1. Launched testnet node operator campaign. Currently holding the 1st position among Polkadot projects! See it here
  2. Launched our testnet faucet and receiving over 50K transactions.
  3. Ambassador program launched with 500 registrations. Apply Here
  4. The waiting list reached 18,000 users who want to create their Bit Countries for their people.
  5. Established partnership with agency companies who want to onboard KOLs. e.g. MV production.
  6. Established partnership with world builders and architects.
  7. Initial PR campaign launched.
  8. Onboarded more team members for marketing and developers.
  9. The ticker is renamed to be $NUUM. See Why

Our current goal is to ship the testnet UI to grow more community members with prized competitions. Est: Oct 2021

Testnet Faucet

The Testnet faucet is open.

You can get Bit.Country native token $NUUM for upcoming testnet now. $NUUM will be used to create your own metaverse on Bit.Country.

We are sending 2 NUUM per request, a total of 4 NUUM per day.

It is a good idea to start saving some tokens now as we will create interesting prizes for NUUM holders once our testnet is launched. We are working hard to make the public testnet accessible in 9 to 12 weeks.

Get $NUUM on Discord
Get $NUUM on Telegram

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Here are some of the prizes we are preparing for the upcoming testnet,

  • Top resources miners — you need $NUUM to mine.
  • Top resources sellers — you need $NUUM to sell.
  • Top builders — you need $NUUM to build.

Collator Node Operator

View node telemetry:

If you like to test out and be our node operator and like to commit to it so you can get selected when our mainnet launched.

Read more:

About Bit.Country

Bit.Country is a platform that enables anyone to start their own metaverse. An individual can choose his own token, with a specific token economy structure in his/her metaverse. The framework also supports NFTs.

Purpose of Bit.Country

The main purpose of Bit.Country is to provide opportunities of value access for ordinary people. The network will help many individuals benefit from the metaverse. Even common people will be able to earn a tangible income by contributing to the Bit.Country communities.

Bit.Country’s Education System

The team believes that education is the door to great things. As such, they have released multiple courses to train and educate people and help them be more informed. It is vital that as many as possible become aware of the upcoming paradigm shift in the digital ecosystem. The education system set in place by Bit.Country aims at achieving this.


Bit.Country will take the virtual world to another level. While many things can be done and enjoyed virtually today, some key elements of the real world are still missing. It is the goal of the company to replicate the fun and reality of the physical world in the virtual ecosystem.

Since humans will always be inclined to explore new things, the concept of owning and playing a role in Bit.Country will be welcomed by tons of individuals. More so, the framework of the virtual bit country ensures that individuals can earn and get rewarded for services just like it happens in the real world. This will be an added reason for participation.

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$NUUM (Taking from Continuum and it is about ‘U’)

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