Bit.Country End of the year 2022 — Development Update


  • Highlights of 2022
  • 💥2023 Feature Sneak Peek

As we approach the end of 2022, we can hardly believe where the last 12 months have disappeared. Time flies when you are working hard, and time has passed by this year. Coming into the festive season, we reflect on December’s success and the milestones we have achieved this year.

The Kaosland Cup Selfie Challenge was a massive success. We onboarded 25,000 new users via our Twitter login feature, and 8,420 users took a selfie inside the football-themed stadium using our camera tool. In addition, 5000 winners were selected and airdropped the Kaosland Cup NFT and 100 $BIT using our Campaign tool.

Congratulations on your win Kaosland Cup NFT holders! As a true metaverse pioneer, you successfully unlocked the Kaosland Cup Airdrop of up to 500,000 $NEER. Make sure you collect all 500 points by completing on-chain activities by the 9th of January to be airdropped 100 $NEER.

Kaosland Metavese is preparing for chaos. On the 9th of January, anyone that contributed at least 0.1KSM can claim land unit(s) in Kaosland — The first co-created metaverse on Bit.Country. We invite all crowdloaners to come on a journey with us as we navigate through five phases to launch Kaosland. We are excited for Kaoslanders to build the vision of metaverse on Bit.Country!

In light of recent events and turbulence in the blockchain industry, Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network remains strong and focused on our vision of metaverse mass adoption. We are expanding our team to scope with the growth. This month we welcomed three new developers to our family, and we continue to seek new talents to join our journey.

December Development Update

Each month we recap the major features that have been worked on and developed by our team. Details of these features can be found below for each division.

Metaverse.Network Team (By Mike)

  • Kaosland cup-related tasks, including verification of entries and distribution of NFTs
  • Continued internal testing of the campaign manager and the new governance UI
  • Established more XCM testing with parachains through HRMP
  • Stackable NFT implementation and final tests.
  • NFT EVM precompiles implementation and testing
  • Metaverse EVM precompiles implementation and testing
  • Marketplace EVM precompiles implementation and testing

Bit.Country Metaverse Team (By Shannon)

  • “Satellite” imagery layer and capture for metaverse map. Capture imagery from the sky of your metaverse to show on the map, with future support for points of interest and more.
  • Experience proof of concept (Treasure Hunt) utilizing experience framework to run activities.
  • Bulk placement tool — quickly place multiple assets in a larger area with control over the distribution and randomness of placements. Testing and verification pending.
  • The search bar in the build menu, quickly finds props, NFTs, media, blocks and more by using the search bar. Final stages of development.
  • Permission tool — allow others to build on your land by specifying their wallet address. Much of the UI and API is complete, the remaining work is testing and verification.
  • Event world functionality for multiple guest types and activities within the event, such as gifting and more.
  • Redesigned infrastructure to improve the modularity of 3D world for use in integration or white labeling.
  • Updates to internal security measures and permissions.
  • General, performance and memory improvements. Updated limits on terrain to allow for more control by a metaverse owner.

Bit.Country Tech Lead Team (By Daniel)

  • Implemented a new MetaSoul UI and added all existing functions from the current avatar customizer.
  • Improve the facial detail on the avatar, allow the user to customize the details, e.g., modify the eyebrow style, change the shape of the face and allow the possibility of adding more customization on the face.
  • Implemented a new skin color menu and allowed updating the color of a wearable.
  • Implemented a new animation menu, improving the user experience.
  • Kaosland landscape distributions, planning and design.
  • Implemented a new UI for showing your land units and estates on the map, allowing users to navigate the map easily.
  • Implemented a notification for a successful claim on Kaosland.

Community & Operation

Bit.Country Hosted blockchain event, Techfest Vietnam. Here we had a stand plus gave multiple presentations to over 150 members and the Vietnamese officials. Find more details and photos here.

  • The Coin Bureau, a crypto KOL, published an article overview on Bit.Country. Read it here.
  • Chris represented Bit.Country at the Polkadot Metaverse Championship in Budapest.
  • Twitter Space hosted on the 15th of December as an AMA. The top 5 questions asked from the community received a Bit.Country wearable. Listen here.
  • Twitter Space hosted on the 21st December with ARTTS Co-Founder and Evangelist David Schmitz titled Metaverese Inspiration with @de_dasc. Discover ARTTS Metaverse. Listen here
  • Chris joined Telegram AMA with our the 8Crypto Community, lead by our Evangelist May.
  • Keira joined Twitter Spacer with MUA DAO
  • Joined Polkadot ecosystem #PolkaPalsChristmas giveaway. Details here.
  • Joined the Polkadot Community Call via Twitter Spaces. Listen here.
  • Chris joined Twitter Space with the Hedera Kicks team, a Sneakers Enthusiasts Project launching their Metaverse Project on Bit.Country.

Creative & 3D Team

Highlights of 2022

  • Metaverse.Network Pioneer Blockchain Launched — 13 forkless upgrades and 2.1 million blocks produced.
  • Launched Bit.Country Testnet on the 30th June 2022. See our on-chain statistics to-date below.
  • Sold 60 Raw Land Blocks in the Xenoform Event — Bit.Country’s first public Raw Land Block sale. The highest winning sale price achieved 11,501 NEER.
  • Hosted a stand at the global cyrpto event, Token 2049, in Singapore. We built a custom Polkadot-themed metaverse to celebrate the event.
  • Kaosland metaverse design and development.
  • Organically onboarded 28,000 new @BitDotCountry Twitter fans.
  • Grew our team by 14 more people.

2023 Feature Sneak Peek

Bit.Country team promises to continue building through 2023 to deliver some of our most exciting core features. We are committed to making the best application to deliver metaverse as a service to our users. Below are a few of the highlight features we promise to deliver in 2023.

  • 👉Enable EVM and precompiled & developer portal
  • 👉NFT and Marketplace 2.0
  • 👉Marketing Campaign Tool 💝🧧
  • 👉Metaverse Decentralized Avatar System 👩‍🦰 🧑‍🦰
  • 👉Experience & Game Framework, User Created Games🎮
  • 👉3D Map Layers & Metaverse Satellite System 📡
  • 👉Kaosland
  • 👉Partner & Enterprise Metaverse Onboarding
  • 👉 On-ramp governance and local governance
  • 👉Whitelabel Enterprise Solution

About Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network

Bit.Country is a platform for user-created metaverses and games with opportunities to earn. Metaverse.Network is the blockchain protocol on top of which Bit.Country is built.

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Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network is a platform & blockchain ecosystem for user-created metaverses, games, and dApps. Community owners, influencers, KOLs, and individuals can launch their own metaverses for their members, fans, followers, families, and friends.

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