Metaverse! — Partners with Bit.Country to Launch in the Metaverse

Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network, a parachain on Kusama of the Polkadot ecosystem, is extremely proud to announce an official partnership with

Our team is really excited to see industry leaders launching web3 new brand identity with metaverse and pushing web3 adoption.

We are excited to join forces with and help expand their reach into the metaverse by launching Metaverse. is one of the world’s top ten digital currency platforms. It focuses on providing a safe exchange that ensures a hassle-free cryptocurrency journey for all levels of trading. Metaverse will be a digital community hub for its 12 million registered users. Bit.Country will host Metaverse, and help the community collectively build their first metaverse experience.

Your Metaverse Creates a New Brand Identity and Community Hub

The launch of Metaverse will give the community the opportunity to create an immersive hub for online interactions and events. This partnership enhances our joint mission to innovate the accessibility to products and services by using the metaverse. Bit.Country will provide all of the tools that are required to build a purposeful metaverse for the community. Together, the community can co-create within the Metaverse to multiply the value of their metaverse. It will be an online space that provides secure and reliable products and services globally to companies and clients. Metaverse will be built on Bit.Country without the need for technical knowledge.

Custom +Bit.Country wearables for an avatar. Metaverse will be a digital center of activity. It will be a captivating community-inspired digital world where people can visit, network, and explore. The metaverse will be built from the virtual ground up. Raw Land Blocks are deployed into the Metaverse, and subdivided into small land areas known as estates, which can be purchased or gifted to community members. Landowners can develop their land to build a metaverse that the community will collectively benefit from.

Virtual land is supplied as an NFT and can be sold on the local Metaverse NFT Marketplace. Location of the land within Metaverse, as well as the location of the metaverse on the Bit.Country Pioneer Map carries value. The origin of both maps acts as an epicenter for activity. will appear at position (-3,-1) on the Pioneer Map. Community members can use the Metaverse as a gateway to becoming pioneers in digital co-creation. metaverse.

Virtual land in the Metaverse will soon be programmable. Bit.Country’s simple code engineer will allow landowners to author mini-games, marketing campaigns, and experiences for their visitors. A 3D vision of the brand can be built into the metaverse land to create immersive experiences for its 12 million registered users. Campaigns can be customized to create digital and physical utility for the community. Metaverse.

“I am very excited to have launching their metaverse on Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network. has been one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges to provide the best liquidity for the crypto community. Launching their metaverse on Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network will add a new channel for the audience. It will be a place for the community to network, socialize and have fun, while also creating amazing immersive experiences for our community.

I am looking forward to seeing the Metaverse community utilize and maximize the potential uses of the full set of metaverse features like NFTs, Marketplace, play2earn mini-games, and marketing campaigns.” — Justin Pham, CEO, and Co-Founder of Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network

Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network is excited to support the community to become metaverse pioneers and build success in the Metaverse. Together we will continue to facilitate the growth of as a secure and efficient crypto trading exchange in the metaverse. Metaverse will use Bit.Country to seek new opportunities and grow connectivity within the community. Metaverse.

About is notably one of the world’s most reliable digital asset exchanges. Innovating in the crypto industry since April 2013, offers products and services for all traders from elementary to professional and institutional levels.

Strong cyber security and simple usability are key features that facilitate their 12 million users to trade over 1,400 cryptocurrencies safely, quickly, and easily. It is an efficient and convenient global trading exchange that is renowned for discovering lesser-known cryptos. With relatively low fees, is a multifaceted exchange that is world-class.

Custom wearables on a Bit.Country avatar. has built a strong and loyal community since its establishment. Their community has passion and understanding of cryptocurrency and metaverse opportunities. Metaverse will be a place to grow audience reach, create a brand vision and enhance connectivity with registered users and visitors.

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About Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network

Bit.Country is the first decentralized application to offer brands, influencers, and individuals the opportunity for their community to co-build a collective vision of the metaverse. We provide all of the tools necessary to build a metaverse without any technical or coding knowledge. Anyone can effortlessly create a metaverse and create a 3D community hub for visitors to network, learn, earn, play, and socialize.

Bit.Country encourages users’ to build chaotic, imaginative digital worlds with their communities by placing colorful voxels, and 3D assets. Metaverses can be built to create experiences and opportunities for their visitors. Bit.Country encourages communities to co-build their metaverse so that it collectively benefits its creators and contributors. Bit.Country envisages that a metaverse will be used as a community hub that brings innovation to online social connectivity, content creation, and economic growth.

Everyone has their own vision of what a metaverse symbolizes and how it should look. Bit.Country gives its users the tools to build a vision of their brand and create artistic statements in the digital online world.

Metaverse.Network is a layer 1 blockchain that provides a scalable solution for our ecosystem’s growth as we align ourselves to be the go-to blockchain for metaverse service and dApp development. Bit.Country is the first protocol to be built on the Metaverse.Network blockchain.

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