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[Update Mar 29, 2023]

Check Out Collection Detail on Pioneer App (New Collection Detail UI)

Click the Link Below

[Update Mar 6th, 2023]

All staking boosting rewards will be distributed on March 18th.

[Update Jan 23, 2023]
If you are eligible to claim an Odyssey NFT Key, click here to claim:

[Update Jan 20, 2023]
If you are eligible to claim $BIT and $NEER rewards, claim now in the following URL:

If you are eligible to claim NFT Rewards from the Blindbox Campaign, Wearable NFT Competition or were selected as a winner during the AMA in the Vietnamese Telegram channel, claim your rewards now in the following URL:

Genesis fans, you are our family. You joined our journey as you believed in our vision. You are a true metaverse pioneer. Together we have embarked on a quest to bring Pioneer and Continuum to life.

Foresight for the success of Continuum is apparent with the success of our canary network to date, coupled with the thriving successful launch of Kaosland land distributions. Over 8,200 users have claimed land on the map, and the Kaosland Marketplace has a trading volume of over 70,000 $NEER solely from land.

The success of Kaosland has been impressive. Our team has been watching closely as Kaoslanders have embarked on a community-driven journey to form the newest digital realm in our industry. You have shown us the power of creating a digital world where ownership can be observed on a custom map. We have been invigorated to carry this success across to Continuum.

The vision of the 1st metaverse on Continuum.

To honour the early supporters of our vision and mission, today we announce our invitation to participants of the Metaverse Odyssey event to bootstrap the first metaverse on Continuum. Already evident to be a strong community, the first metaverse community on Continuum will lead by example and demonstrate the paradigm shift from Web 2 to Web 3.

From the moment we began working on Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network, we have recognized the support of our earliest believers. We are on this journey to bring our dreams and vision to life. We will bring people together from all walks of life to create a new decentralized world where every human’s voice is heard equally. As a result, every individual can benefit from the revolutionary potential of metaverse technology.

Odyssey Key NFT Airdrop for Metaverse Odyssey Participants

The launch of the Odyssey Key Collection is based on the success of our land distribution in Kaosland. We are confident that this model can be used to carry success into the first metaverse in Continuum. The evidence is in the numbers. Our Treasury invested in Raw Land Blocks (3.3M), which have since been claimed and are now traded on the Marketplace.

Preview of Odyssey Key NFT.

What is the Odyssey Key NFT?

Owning a key (or Keys for contributors of multiple rounds) to the first metaverse on Continuum will allow you to continue your pioneering metaverse journey alongside enterprises entering the Web3 space. The Odyssey Key NFTs give you the right to claim Land Unit(s) in this first metaverse. If you choose to trade your Odyssey Key NFT, you will transfer your rights to claim the land and the associated benefits holders will receive to the new owner.

There are four types of Odyssey Keys; Noble, Exotic, Premium and Exclusive. All TokenSoft contributors will receive an NFT that reflects your contribution amount. If you contributed in Round 1 and Round 2, you would receive two NFTs to reflect your contributions.

Sneak peek of Odyssey Key NFTS

Check out Collection Detail on Pioneer App

Noble Key.
Contributors of 1111–2222 $NUUM

Exotic Key.
Contributors of 2223–3333 $NUUM

Premium Key.
Contributors of 3334–4444 $NUUM

Exclusive Key.
Contributors of 4445–5555 $NUUM

Note: The number of claimable lands per NFT will be announced as we get closer to the launch of the first metaverse on Continuum.

Apart from the privileges that the Odyssey Key can claim in the first metaverse on Continuum, you never know what these keys could unlock in the future 🙂

How to claim your Odyssey Keys?

If you participated in the Metaverse Odyssey event, you need to connect the Polkadot wallet you configured to your Tokensoft account at the moment of passing the KYC (the snapshot was taken right after the conclusion of the Odyssey Event) to receive the $NUUM according to your contribution.

Click here to check if you are eligible for an Odyssey Key NFT.

If you need help determining which wallet you used, you can use this document as a reference.

Distribution Date for Odyssey Key NFT: 23rd January 2023 11:59 PM UTC

The launch of the Campaign Tool on Pioneer

After vigorous testing, we are excited to bring you our Alpha version of the Campaign Tool. A revolutionary tool that allows Metaverse owners to design a campaign in minutes that they can distribute to their followers with $BIT, $NEER or NFT rewards.

Screen recording of a user claiming a $BIT reward.

Follower reward campaigns are the first type of campaign to be enabled. The beta version of the campaign tool will allow metaverse owners to reward fans that hold specific NFTs, and other landowners in your metaverse or challenge visitors to complete particular tasks in your metaverse to earn a reward. Whitelisting and geo-targeted campaigns will also be available in the future.

To showcase the power of the Campaign Tool, we are using it to distribute approximately 20,000 rewards for winners of previous campaigns to claim rewards. The claiming schedule below specifies which campaigns are included, the claiming dates and the reward type.

Claiming Schedule

Table of dates and times for users to claim rewards.

[Update Mar 6th, 2023]

All staking boosting rewards will be distributed on March 18th.

If you are eligible to claim $BIT and $NEER rewards, claim now in the following URL:

If you are eligible to claim NFT Rewards from the Blindbox Campaign, Wearable NFT Competition or were selected as a winner during the AMA in the Vietnamese Telegram channel, claim your rewards now in the following URL:


All rewards must be claimed within 14 days of the claimable date.

Snapshots will be taken at the end of the staking round, the time of the snapshot is only an estimate of the node.

Staking Booster Rewards

How will the Staking Booster Reward Work?

Eligible wallets will receive boosted staking rewards over two weeks. The first snapshot taken will log the amount of $BIT that you have in your wallet. Fourteen days later, another snapshot will be taken. From this, we can calculate the amount of $BIT you have earned during the snapshot period. The booster will be applied to the amount of $BIT that you earnt during the period and airdropped as a claimable reward to your wallet.


Between the 1st of February 2023 and the 14th of February 2023, I collected 1500 $BIT as staking rewards. Therefore, on the claimable date, which is the 16th of February, I will receive a claimable airdrop of 225 $BIT, which is 15% of my 1500 $BIT rewards.

Continuing the Journey with Continuum

Over the past 15 months, our team has continuously worked on hitting development milestones to bring Pioneer to life. We promise to deliver Pioneer and then Continuum to be a functional and stable, user-friendly application. The Metaverse.Network ecosystem is being built with the focus of providing the much-needed service of metaverse to Web2 users instead of speculation.

We are a group of like-minded individuals who believe in metaverses. Our mission is to inspire, educate and support people in their journey as they discover this emerging technology through our content and events in our metaverses. We will continue to build and look forward to the journey ahead of us for 2023.

About Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network

Bit.Country is a platform for user-created metaverses and games with opportunities to earn. Metaverse.Network is the blockchain protocol on top of which Bit.Country is built.

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