Kaosland Cup Competition — Extra 500,000 $NEER on-chain behaviour airdrop for Kaosland Cup NFT Holders

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9 min readDec 14, 2022



  • Kaosland Cup successfully concluded with around 8000 selfie entries.
  • The extra 500,000 $NEER Kaosland Cup airdrop pool is activated.
  • Kaosland Cup NFT Holders can be airdropped up to 100 $NEER by completing on-chain activities to collect up to 500 points.
  • Kaosland Cup NFT holders will be airdropped 100 $BIT.
  • NFT holders have until the 9th of January 2023 to collect 500 on-chain activity points.

Kaosland Cup NFT holders, we loved your selfies and hope you love your team wearables!

As promised, the extra 500,000 $NEER airdrop pool was activated when we hit 5,000 selfie entries. This means, that apart from Kaosland Cup Wearables, NFT holders can receive up to 100 $NEER from the Kaosland Cup Airdrop pool. How?

To claim your $NEER you need to collect 500 points on Bit.Country by doing on-chain behaviours. Each behaviour has been allocated a set amount of points. Upon completing the on-chain activities, you will be awarded the points. Collect 500 points by completing all activities to receive 100 $NEER.

To help new users with the on-chain activities, we have airdropped 100 $BIT to all Kaosland Cup NFT holders. Use this $BIT to experience NFT crafting and building inside the Bunker or on land you own in a Metaverse. Furthermore, we have increased the utility of the Kaosland Cup NFT to grant you access to your Bunker without the need to hold a Bunker NFT Activator pass.

Summary table of on-chain activities that Kaosland Cup NFT Holders can complete to earn 500 points

Collecting all of the 500 points during the airdrop period (dates) will unlock the maximum giveaway of 100 $NEER. If you collect less than 500 points, your Kaosland Cup Airdrop will be proportional to the number of points you collect (5 points = 1 NEER).

Important Dates: All on-chain activities must be completed by the 9th of January 2023, 11:59 UTC. A snapshot will be taken of all wallet addresses that hold a Kaosland Cup NFT. An on-chain analysis will be carried out to verify your activity. $NEER rewards will be distributed after the event ends.

Detailed explanation of on-chain behaviours that earn points

Bit.Country believes all Metaverse pioneers should be competent in the following five areas of activity;

  1. NFT trading on Bit.Country Marketplaces (buy or sell an NFT).
  2. Staking $NEER in the Material Campaign.
  3. Owning a metaverse.
  4. Burning $BIT by either;
    - Crafting a metaverse object, such as an activation pass or a wearable.
    - Building in the bunker or in a metaverse.

5. Follow these metaverse projects.


If you are new to Bit.Country and have yet to perform any of the activities mentioned above, you still have time. Complete the tasks, and collect 500 points to be eligible for the up to 100 $NEER airdrop.

If you are an existing user and have already completed the 5 activities, you do not have to repeat all of the activities to earn points. The activities must have been done using the same wallet address that holds your Kaosland Cup NFT.

1) Trading Activity on Bit.Country NFT Marketplaces (20 points)

Maximum Points to Earn = 20 Points

Points Earnt per transaction = 4 Points

Earn 4 points for every NFT you buy or sell. For example, if you purchase two NFTs and sell one, you will earn 12 points from your trading activity. If you then sell another NFT, you will earn another 4 points. The maximum amount of points you can earn from trading NFTs is 20 points.

2) Staking $NEER (100 points)

Maximum Points to Earn = 100 Points

Points Earnt per average $NEER staked = 1 Point

Earn 1 point for every $NEER token you stake during the snapshot period. For example, if you stake 100 $NEER in the Material Campaign this will earn you 100 points. The maximum amount of points to earn from staking is 100, so if have more than 100 $NEER staked, you do not earn more points.

If you already have $NEER staked, the wallet address of the staked $NEER must match the wallet address that holds the Kaosland Cup NFT.

3) Own a Metaverse (300 points)

Maximum Points to Earn = 300 Points

Points Earnt per metaverse owned = 300 Points

If you are a metaverse owner, you will earn 300 points. If you want to become a metaverse owner, you can create a metaverse in 12 seconds here.

4) Burning BIT (50 points)

Maximum Points to Earn = 50 Points

Points Earnt per $BIT burnt = 0.1 Points

$BIT is our in-game token that is burnt by crafting wearables and activation passes and building in the Bunker or the metaverse. The amount of points you can earn is proportional to the amount of $BIT burnt. For every $BIT that you burn, you receive 0.1 points.

For example, if you craft a Baggy Pants wearable it will burn 112 $BIT. This activity will earn you 11.2 points. Once inside your Bunker, you build by placing voxels and props, and burn 200 $BIT. From this building activity, you will earn 20 points. The maximum amount of points you can earn by burning $BIT is 50 points. This can be achieved after burning 500 $BIT.

5) Following Metaverses (30 points)

Maximum Points to Earn = 30 Points

Points Earnt per Metaverse Followed = 1 Points

For every metaverse that you follow, you will earn one point. For example, if you follow five metaverses, you will earn five points. The maximum number of points to collect is 30, so if you follow 50 metaverses, you will still only earn 30 points.

If you are looking for metaverses to follow, you can find all of the winning Xenoform Event metaverses here.

Useful Explanations to Help you Earn On-chain Activity Points

How to Bind your Twitter Login to a Web3 Browser Extension

If you have logged into Bit.Country using your Twitter account, we need you to bind your account with a Web3 browser extension. The function of these extensions is to track, send, receive and sign transactions on Bit.Country. You cannot do this with your Twitter login. Bit.Country supports Polkadot.js and SubWallet browser extensions.

After downloading your preferred Web3 browser extension, you need to bind your Twitter login with that extension. To do this, you will need to import the mnemonic seed phrase generated when you created your Bit.Country Twitter login. Importing your seed phrase will link the browser extension to your Bit.Country account.

How to Buy an NFT

NFTs can be purchased either on a Local Metaverse NFT Marketplace or the Global NFT Marketplace. Every metaverse has its own NFT Marketplace, this can be found on the Metaverse homepage under Marketplace.

For NFTs to be discoverable on the Global NFT Marketplace, the metaverse owner must hold a Global NFT Search activator pass. You can craft a Global Search Activator pass here.

NFTs can be sold via an auction or buy-now process. To purchase one, go to the marketplace and select the NFT you wish to buy. Use the filters in the side menu to refine your search requirements. After purchasing the NFT it will appear in your My Wallet under My Assets.

How to Sell an NFT

To sell an NFT, you must first own the NFT. It can be an NFT you have created or purchased from another user. Under My Wallet, go to My Assets and select the NFT you wish to list for sale. Next, click on the three white dots at the bottom of the NFT thumbnail and select Sell.

To sell the NFT it must be listed on a specific metaverse NFT Marketplace. If you own the metaverse, you can authorise it to be listed on that marketplace by clicking the three white dots and selecting Authorise Collection.

If you do not own the metaverse, you must ask a metaverse owner for permission to list your NFT collection for sale on their metaverse NFT Marketplace. To do this, you need to go to your NFT collection and click Sell on Other Local Marketplace. Select the metaverse you wish to sell on from the drop-down menu. Only after your collection is approved by the metaverse owner will it be listed for sale on the marketplace. For a metaverse to be displayed on the drop-down selection, the owner must hold an NFT Authorization activation pass. You can craft one here.

How to Stake $NEER in the Material Campaign

Staking $NEER in the Material Campaign will earn you $BIT rewards every mining round. From the main home page, click on the Staking tab. This will take you to the Material Campaign. Click on the Staking bubble, and under the Token Staking Pool, click Stake $NEER. The minimum amount of $NEER that you can stake is 100 $NEER.

$NEER token is listed on Gate.io and KuCoin exchanges.

How to Create a Metaverse Project

Users can create a Metaverse project in 12 seconds for 50 $NEER. From the Home page, click Create a Metaverse Project button. Follow the steps to create your own metaverse project.

What is a Bunker?

The Bunker is a metaverse space that is your own. You can customize it by building with voxels, props and NFTs. It also features a vault, which is a metaverse representation of your $NEER and $BIT balances. To access the Bunker you must hold either a Bunker Activator NFT or a Kaosland Cup NFT. You can find your NFTs under My Wallet.

How to Build in the Bunker

Building in the Bunker is similar to building in the Sandpit, however, you can save your creations by burning $BIT. When in the Bunker, activate the build mode by pushing R on your keyboard. You can then place props, NFTs and voxels with a left click of the mouse and remove them with a right click or by using the asset selector.

To save your creations click Submit in the bottom right corner.

How to Follow a Metaverse

To follow a metaverse, you need to go to the home page of that metaverse. In the top left corner, underneath the metaverse name, click the Follow button, which will change to read Following. All the metaverses you follow will appear in a column on the left-hand side of your screen.

About Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network

Bit.Country is a platform for user-created metaverses and games with opportunities to earn. Metaverse.Network is the blockchain protocol on top of which Bit.Country is built.

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