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4 min readMay 1, 2023


Get ready to elevate your NFT trading experience on Bit.Country to new heights! We are excited to announce the release of our Marketplace 2.0. With a sleek new UI, new features, and improved functionalities, Marketplace 2.0 is set to revolutionize how you buy, sell, and manage your NFTs on marketplaces across metaverses on Bit.Country.

-Sleek new UI
-Stats charts on collections and individual NFTs
-Bulk purchases. Add multiple items to cart, pay everything in one checkout
-Cancel listings
-Multiple trend categories added
-WIN in our NFT Trading Lucky Draw

Win a Charmed Pioneers NFT

To celebrate launching Marketplace 2.0, we are giving away 20 Charmed Pioneer wearables!

How to WIN!

To be eligible for the draw, you need to make a purchase on any Bit.Country NFT Marketplace using the CART feature. Twenty lucky users will be randomly selected to receive the Charmed Pioneer Hoodie wearable.

Every purchase made using the CART feature will count as one entry into the draw. You can enter as many times as you like to increase your chances of scoring a Charmed Pioneer Hoodie.

The competition ends on 00:00:00 UTC 28th May 2023.

Don’t miss this opportunity to win the latest Bit.Country swag for your avatar! Start shopping today using the CART feature. Good luck!

Marketplace 2.0 Features

1) Sleek new UI: Effortless Navigation and Access

The first thing you’ll notice about Marketplace 2.0 is the new sleek UI. We’ve completely overhauled the design to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. The new UI is more streamlined, with all the important features and functions easily accessible, making NFT trading a breeze, even for beginners. If you’ve been trading NFTs on our legacy platform, you’ll find it way easier to navigate the new UI.

2) Stats Chart: Unleash Your Inner NFT Trading Pro

We’ve added a stats chart that allows you to track your sales and purchases of individual NFTs and collections over time. This feature will be especially useful for traders who want to keep track of their trading history and identify trends in the market for individual collections. The stats chart lets you easily see how sales and purchases have fluctuated over time and adjust your NFT trading strategies accordingly.

3) Add to Cart: Bulk Purchases Made Simple

Say goodbye to the hassle of purchasing NFTs one by one. With our new “Add to Cart” feature, you can add multiple NFTs to your cart and complete the purchase in a single transaction, making it the perfect tool for NFT floor sweepers and avid collectors.

NFT Shopping Cart

4) Cancel Listings Before Bidding or Sale Expires

One of the most requested features from our community was the ability to cancel listings before receiving any bid sale expires. We’ve listened to your feedback and added this feature to Marketplace 2.0. Now, if you decide to cancel a listing, you can do so anytime before the sale expires.

5) Discover the Hottest Trends with new Trending Categories

The categories feature will streamline your shopping and trading experience. NFTs are now sectioned into different categories, and you can easily see what collections are trending at a glance. The new categories include;

  • Top Metaverses
  • Trending Collections
  • Trending Collectibles
  • Trending Bundles
  • Trending Wearables
  • Trending Estates/Land Units
  • Trending 3D Models.

With these categories, you’ll never miss out on the latest trends and hottest items in the NFT world.

Check out Marketplace 2.0 on Pioneer Now

At Bit.Country, we’re committed to providing our community with the best possible experience and always looking for ways to improve. We'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback or suggestions. You can use the feedback tool to leave your comments.



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