November: Build the Foundation for Marrying Enriched Social and DeFi.

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Since its inception, our team has been diligently committed to refining and advancing our platform and underlying frameworks. This dedication is pivotal to supporting the evolving narrative of SocialFi.

We have been actively building serveral innovative modules and protocols to support enriched social and DeFi experiences, all unfolding behind the scenes. These endeavors are focused on the seamless integration of Social and Decentralized Finance, thereby enriching user experiences to onboard the rest of the 95% population to the Web3 paradigm.

As always, it will firstly launch on Pioneer for pioneers🌟.

Taking Social and DeFi Experience to a New Level

In the meantime, let’s dive into the details of what we have done last month.

Yes! Continuum Officially Started Producing Blocks

Continuum is live on Polkadot Relaychain

As the team diligently works on testing and refining the pending features to be released on Pioneer, and prepares the necessary documentation, SDKs, and APIs for the first version of the Enriched Social Experience (ESE) Framework, a significant milestone was reached.

On October 24th, Continuum Network connected to the Polkadot relay chain and began producing blocks. This milestone is crucial as it continues to lay the groundwork and strong foundation for the upcoming launch of Continuum.

The team is currently in the process of evaluating the network’s behavior to ensure everything works as expected to continue deploying on Continuum Network all the current available features on Pioneer.

Screenshot of Continuum’s Network explorer validating the block 41,499.

Release of Pioneer App v0.0.2.1:
This update brings improved background behavior, faster connections, and enhanced video positioning. It also refines proximity peer selection in BC Spaces and resolves various bugs, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Release of Pioneer App V0.0.2.2:
Introducing the ‘favorite space’ feature and a full comprehensive tracking for the Bit.Country Halloween Haunt event. This update also optimizes 2.5D character behavior, performance, and the app’s routing system, addressing route issues and styling inconsistencies.

Growth Highlights

In a month-over-month comparison between September and October, we’ve experienced a remarkable 113.7% growth in meeting minutes using BC Spaces, exceeding 50,000 meeting minutes in October.

This surge is an impressive 3.5 times higher than the 14,247 meeting minutes recorded in the first month when the BC Spaces were released.

Preparing the Launch of the Developer Community with our Existing Network

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our Developer Community, leveraging our established network across Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Ho Chi Minh City, and Auckland.

Our existing network of developers and tech pros.

This initiative is aimed at fostering a dynamic and innovative environment where developers can connect, collaborate, and create. Central to this launch is the organization of a Hackathon, an event designed to encourage developers to build upon our existing framework.

This Hackathon will not only serve as a platform for showcasing talent and creativity but also as an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the latest technological advancements. We are committed to providing an enriching experience that supports knowledge sharing, skill development, and the forging of new professional relationships within the tech community. Our goal is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem that bridges geographical boundaries and accelerates technological innovation in the realm of decentralized applications.


On October 23rd, we announced the Bit.Country Halloween contest 🎃, inviting our community to create and decorate BC Spaces with Halloween-themed elements.

Participants have till Nov 23rd to collect as many points as possible for a chance to win from an 8000 $NEER reward pool, limited edition wearable NFTs 🧛, and an additional 30% reward for Metaverse Odyssey event participants 💰

The event is taking place on both, the Bit.Country Pioneer app and Galxe. Make sure you complete the tasks on both platforms to secure your prize.

Monthly Metrics that Matter:

Bit.Country Statistics:

BC Space Statistics:

Pioneers at Work:

As a Metaverse Infrastructure provider, our team is passionately working towards establishing Bit.Country as the leading metaverse dApp in the Web3 realm and onboarding web2 users to the web3 space in the most friendly way. Bit.Country and Metaverse.Network specialize on providing the foundational tools and crafting useful and enjoyable virtual spaces for diverse sectors, including business, healthcare, education, and social interactions.

Github Activities Highlight of the Month:


- 33 commits to all branches. On development/Master, 22 files have changed and there have been 902 additions.

Bit.Country UI

- 181 commits to all branches. On development/Master, 170 files have changed and there have been 7,736 additions.

Bit.Country API

- 141 commits to all branches. On development/Master, 55 files have changed and there have been 3,099 additions

BC Space UI

- 363 commits to all branches. On master, 181 files have changed and there have been 14,729 additions

Tip of the Month and Community Notice Board:

If you want to participate in the Bit.Country Halloween contest and win the amazing prizes mentioned in the events section, yet performing all the tasks seems too complicated for you, we’ve created the following video tutorial explaining all the steps you need to take to secure your participation in the competition:

Hit play, follow along and make sure you’ve performed all the required tasks. To make things easier for newcomers and everyone in our community interested in taking part in the contest, we’ve reduced the minimum requirements to the following:

Decorate your BC Space with at least 5 items
Get 5 favorites on your Space
Get 5 Followers on Metaverse Project
At least 5 users visited your space
15 meeting minutes accumulated in your space

As we wrap up another month of innovation and progress, we want to extend our gratitude to our community for your continued support and active participation. Your enthusiasm and engagement are what drive us to push the boundaries and create a metaverse that truly stands out.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and don’t forget to follow our official channels for real-time news and announcements. Let’s continue to shape the future of the metaverse together! 🌟

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Metaverse.Network is an Empowering Infrastructure Framework for Social Transformation, Productivity Amplification, and Metaverse Revolution.

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