Pioneer Governance Feature is Live. Vote For The Very First Referenda That Matters to All Land Owners in Kaosland

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3 min readMar 27



  • Brand new user-friendly interface for network governance.
  • NEER token holders can create proposals for referendums.
  • The 1st proposal is now live for voting — VOTE NOW
  • How to vote on a referendum. (Only popular proposal will become referendum)


Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network Pioneer is leading the way for Web3 projects as we transition to a decentralized blockchain.

Community vote for proposals.

NEER token holders will use on-chain governance to collectively make decisions that will shape the future of the Pioneer Metaverse.Network blockchain.

Decentralized governance empowers the community by giving them decision-making authority in a self-governing system that is open, accessible, and transparent.

Any token holder can submit a proposal with a minimum of 10,000 NEER deposit, and the community will vote on it to determine whether it should advance to a public referendum. Only the most relevant and meaningful proposals will be actioned into referendums.

Popular proposals will become Referendum

First Referendum Is Now Live

The key point in this proposal

Develop and enable a bridge to also make Kaosland Land (or NFT) available to other ecosystems

This proposal has become a referendum and is ready for you to vote on now. Your vote has the power to determine the future interoperability of NFTs on Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network Pioneer.

In this proposal, Kaosland Land will be bridged over to other ecosystems, starting with Ethereum. This means interoperability, liquidity, talent, NFT artists, and communities discovering and learning more about Metaverse.Network and Bit.Country ecosystem.

With the proposed expansion, Kaosland land could be available on popular NFT marketplaces such as or Plus, by bridging to other ecosystems, we’ll bring new possibilities for projects, KOLs, and communities.

How to Vote

On-chain logic will automatically ‘table’ the winning proposal to start the referendum when the launch period ends.

You can vote on the referendum by casting an AYE or NAY vote in the referendum, you must decide;

  • The amount of $NEER you want to commit to your decision.
  • The lockup period for the committed $NEER.

To increase the weighting of your vote, a user can increase the value of $NEER or the conviction time of locking the committed $NEER.

The enactment period is the time after the referendum closes that is granted for the proposal to be put into effect. To increase the weighting of your vote, you can lock your $NEER tokens for up to 16 times the enactment period.

Please note that the enactment times are subject to change. This image is just an example timeframe.

Referendum Outcomes

Referendum Not Passed: $NEER tokens will be unlocked for users to claim from the Network Governance page.

Referendum Passed: All $NEER tokens will be locked according to the voting conviction selected by the user. When the tokens are unlocked, they can be claimed from the Network Governance page.


Referendums can significantly impact the future and direction of a project. Community members should carefully consider the proposed referendum before casting a vote selection.




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