Software Development Summary December 2021

November was full of big events for Bit.Country and Metaverse.Network.

Pioneer Network is Live on Kusama

The Bit.Country Pioneer network produced its very first blocks as a parachain after being onboarded at the start of the lease period. Now the team is looking at ensuring scalability and consistency for block production before looking at enabling transfer and doing TGE for NEER.

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Demo Day

Our largest demo day to the public took place with more than 5k registered and roughly 4k watching live across different platforms! More than 3k of you registered on the first 2 days after the announcement!

✈️Timesaver Version Watch 2 mins HD highlights

💎Insightful VersionWatch 30 mins HD highlights (Recommended)

✔️Deep drive VersionWatch 120 mins full recording

The Metaverse Odyssey Token Event showed strong support from the community. Thank you all for your support, your vision and your belief in Bit.Country! A more detailed update will be announced about the outcome of the event.

Daniel’s Update

  • Improved the 3D model viewer on Global Marketplace to scale the object based on the actual dimension of the object.
  • Allow users to add new assets on Global Marketplace directly.
  • Improve the filter on Global Marketplace, allowing users to filter items in the collection.
  • Resolved some of the UI issues/ bugs.
  • Testing workflow for Global marketplace.

Shannon’s Update

  • Further rendering improvements to the web client, improve PBR materials and improve shading of the world in general
  • More shaders added to the renderer (including auto exposure and color grading), metaverse owners will be able to customize these qualities as well,
  • The live preview mode of environment customizer, see how your world looks in real-time as you modify the look and feel of your metaverse
  • Bug fixes, including a fix for incorrect scaling on asset placement
  • Improvements to asset placement, new image placement options to add glowing effect, and new shaders to apply to 3d models to give a holographic look.
  • First previews of R&D with Unreal Engine based desktop client, with completed animation system, asset system

Justin’s Update

  • Upgraded Offchain Worker scaling that supports hundreds workers instances running simultaneously.
  • Designed and implemented Pre-whitelisting system to whitelist more than 20,000 contributors for public Metaverse Odyssey Event.
  • The first block of Pioneer Network on Kusama was produced. There are 30,000 blocks produced so far.
  • 16 Pioneer Network Nodes and 2 Collator nodes are running across different parts of the world. 3 more collator nodes will roll out in Europe.
  • Upgraded Pioneer Runtime and Collator to polkadot v0.9.12 which addressed PVF compilation time issue.
  • Stabilized the blockchain and DApp integration to ensure the entire flow of creating metaverse, mint social token , minting NFT, marketplace trading, social token swap, etc. working as expected.
  • Upgraded Continuum Map Protocol to ensure only slot neighbors can vote and eligible bidders can participate in Continuum Slot Auction.

Options of Partnership & Integration

We announced our partnership & integration initiative, and our key objective is to bring on communities, organizations, and builders that can add value directly to our NUUM or NEER holders.

1. Land Block Grant for a Project’s Metaverse on Bit.Country

2. Private Land Purchase (Seed Round)

3. Metaverse.Foundation Grant

4. General Partnership & Collaboration

5. Creators or Service Providers

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More Team Members

Our team is growing, we will steadily employ more people who also bring in the same culture and share the same value with our community.

Need more information about Bit.Country Metaverse Network?

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