Xenoform Event: Bit.Country Raw Land Block Sale

Xenoform Event has successfully concluded on 30th Nov 2022

Totally 60 Raw Land Blocks have been sold with the highest winning price 11,501 NEER.

We haven’t decided on the future land sale event. However, the team is planning to offer private land sales to experienced builders and brands with a good amount of community.

In the context of land and metaverse, our next priories are,

  • Kaosland development & land claim
  • Onboard the new land owners to build together with Kaosland development
  • Partner metaverse development & user onboarding

For more details about the event and auction results, please continue to read.

Event Announcement

Launch a web3 native metaverse project on Bit.Country and be a founder in web3 today without any technical skills. We believe metaverse will be the web portal in the near future on the internet.

Summary of Announcement

  • Recent Auction Results
  • What Digital Land Ownership Can Bring You
  • Phases of the Xenoform Event & Links
  • Utility of Land Ownership in Bit.Country
  • Land Size Matters
  • Land Economy Explained
  • Location, Location & Location

Recent Auction Results (Last update: 22nd Nov 2022)

Congrats to the following 👩‍🦰🧑‍🚀 pioneer founders of the web3 metaverse projects.

Fixed Price Sale

Fixed price: 1000 $NEER

Auctions with 1 week's duration

Maximum: 11013 $NEER
Minimum: 5100 $NEER
Average: 7636.2 $NEER

Auctions with 48 hours duration

Latest Winning Bids: 9000 $NEER
Latest Winning Bids: 8088 $NEER

Auctions with 7 Days duration

French Estates Metaverse Project: https://pioneer.bit.country/meta/d6fc0991506c41e7bc9b35633f7ee637/home
11,013 NEER

French Estates Metaverse Project: https://pioneer.bit.country/meta/d6fc0991506c41e7bc9b35633f7ee637/home
5,556 NEER

b5a6928 Metaverse Project: https://pioneer.bit.country/meta/b5a69287b3384956871afb9f07c16fed
6,400 NEER

Aqua Metaverse Project: https://pioneer.bit.country/meta/6331ee4c81f7418c89addc28217bde73
8,100 NEER

Jamesalone Metaverse Project: https://pioneer.bit.country/meta/34ef9308f70a4fa78fdb09c92d22673d
6,432 NEER

Artera Metaverse Project: https://pioneer.bit.country/meta/a2900048dd064786bf088102ed024dd1
5,100 NEER

HEDERA KICKS Metaverse Project: https://pioneer.bit.country/meta/71ed28f798a3437991448288060f421d
5,561 NEER

Bullverse Metaverse Project: https://pioneer.bit.country/meta/bbd692cebd474d749d198fae1ea213ca
10,100 NEER

Stoic Land Metaverse Project: https://pioneer.bit.country/meta/d6c46b66629e4ac7a096ca6a87231b4e/home
10,000 NEER

Memeverse Metaverse Project: https://pioneer.bit.country/meta/26ea4b90b0074cb69ebd63262d41d9d9/home
8,100 NEER

logion & ARTTS NFT land
6,200 NEER

6,047 NEER

geek star
11,000 NEER

4,500 NEER

NFT Lovers
5,003 NEER

6,400 NEER

5,000 NEER

4,500 NEER

5,500 NEER

Iceberg Nodes
8,043 NEER

10,005 NEER

7,450 NEER

10,001 NEER

10,061 NEER

7,500 NEER

7535 NEER

11,501 NEER

7,550 NEER

Check out the live auctions (Finished)

or click https://pioneer.bit.country/marketplace/raw-land-blocks


What are the Unique Features of Raw Land Block

  • Center (0,0) in any metaverse map will have the most premium economic advantages e.g. Land staking.
  • Raw Land Blocks can be subdivided into estate lands.
  • A Raw Land Block brings a metaverse project to life.

What is the difference between a Raw Land Block vs Land Unit in a Metaverse? 👇

️Raw Land Blocks are for users that want to launch their own metaverse project.
1⃣Buy Raw Land
2⃣Deploy Land
3⃣Create 3D World
4⃣Run campaigns
5⃣Build Community
6⃣Create Estates

️Land Units are for users that want to be part of an existing metaverse community.
1⃣Buy Land/Estates from a local or global marketplace.
2⃣🔜Estate owners can stake land to earn $BIT.
3⃣Landowners can co-build in a metaverse.
4⃣Get rewards for contributing to metaverse growth.


Pioneers, are you ready to master the power of co-creating your own metaverse. Do you want to become an owner and developer of digital land? Bit.Country’s Xenoform event is your first opportunity to become a digital real estate tycoon. Xenoform is the first sale event for Bit.Country Raw Land Blocks.

Xenoform is the 1st of Raw Land Block sales events. In this event, 90 Raw Land Blocks will be supplied to the public. The intent of the limited initial release is to bootstrap community-built metaverse growth. Pioneer is a multi-metaverse platform that focuses on users collectively building metaverses together.

Example of the size of one raw land block

Digital land ownership can begin in two forms;

  1. You can buy a Raw Land Block(s) and deploy them into your own metaverse. Only a metaverse owner can deploy a Raw Land Block(s).
  2. If you are not a metaverse owner but would still like to own digital land you can buy an Estate or Land Unit that is located in a metaverse.

Diverse ownership of Land Units or Estates encourages co-creation in a metaverse. Successful co-creation will increase the value of Estates and Land Units with that metaverses.

Kickstart your metaverse creativity with our Xenoform event.

What Digital Land Ownership Can Bring You

  • Owning digital land gives you the opportunity to build an immersive experience. Creating a desirable experience will encourage visitors to follow, return and get involved with your metaverse community. Metaverses with a strong following will be able to leverage the power of their community to run promotional collaborations with brands that will benefit the entire metaverse community.
  • Owning and developing Land Units or Estates inside of a successful metaverse is an investment. Landowners will benefit from boosted rewards in campaigns that can be used to bootstrap future metaverse growth.
  • Your metaverse project is a web3 portal for various fun and business activities, you will utilize metaverse to grow your community and businesses. Build your culture and legacy inside your perpetual metaverse that lasts for generations. Your metaverse project can be strong backing for your NFT culture, an immersive space for your community to develop and thrive.
  • Create and sell Estates to your community believers to accelerate the growth and popularity of your metaverse. Rapid initial growth of a metaverse will trigger public user gravitation and further growth that will benefit the entire community.
  • To enhance metaverse growth, metaverse owners can grant Land Units or Estates to community believers that have proven metaverse-building skills to enhance the experience and increase traffic to your metaverse.

Phases of the Xenoform Event

Xenoform is the first of multiple seasonal land sales to come in the future. The intent of this 1st Land Sale is to bootstrap the organic growth of Pioneer and encourage true metaverse builders to curate the power of community metaverse growth and create valuable Estates.

PLEASE NOTE: ✅ To be eligible to purchase a Raw Land Block from the Treasury the users must have ‘Created a Metaverse ProjectClick here to creatre a metaverse project in 12 seconds with 50 NEER

Phase 1 — Fixed price, first come, first serve

When: 18th October 07:00 AM GMT 👩‍🦰🧑‍🚀 (Concluded)

What: 10 Raw Land Blocks will be listed for public sale on our platform at a fixed price of 1,000 $NEER

🎉Where: https://pioneer.bit.country/marketplace/raw-land-blocks

Phase 2 — Public auction

When: 18th October — The 1st auction will start as soon as all of the Raw land Blocks from Phase 1 have sold out

What: 50 Raw Land Blocks will be listed for public sale in batches via a linear auction. The auctions will be scheduled to run for 7 days and start weekly for 5 weeks.

🎉Where: https://pioneer.bit.country/marketplace/raw-land-blocks

Raw Land Block Airdrop for Top 10 Highest Staked Metaverse Owners

  • The Bit.Country Treasury will gift a total of 10 Raw Land Blocks to the top ten individual metaverse owners that have the highest amount of $NEER staked by 18th October 07:00 AM GMT.
  • A total of 20 wallet-bounded Raw Land Blocks will be allocated to Bit.Country Metaverse Evangelists who have contributed the most to the community.

Apply for a Land Grant/Subsidy

Bit.Country Treasury invites all experienced builders to apply for a Land Grant/Subsidy. Users with proven builder skills (on Testnet or in the Bunker) will be given the opportunity to purchase Raw Land Block(s) for a set price. The Raw Land Block will be wallet bounded with the intention of the builder to use it solely to start creating a metaverse.

Important Note: You must have created a metaverse project to be eligible to purchase a Raw Land Block.
Bit.Country reserves the right to accept or not the submissions.

Future Land Sale Events

Future seasonal land sale announcements will be made upon the conclusion of our Xenoform event.

The total initial supply of Raw Land Blocks on Pioneer is 10,000. The Treasury will issue Future issuance of Raw Land Blocks will be determined by community governance protocols.

Utility of Land Ownership in Bit.Country

Landownership grants the capacity of activities and economics for your metaverse.

  1. Landowners can build immersive experiences and cultures for their visitors. Building a popular metaverse will create a community. It supports both Voxel building & 3D assets.
  2. Landowners will earn extra $BIT rewards by staking their Estate in the Material Campaign (Roadmap).
  3. Landowners can program their land to give their visitors minigame experiences (Roadmap).
  4. To be eligible to bid for a spot on Pioneer Map the metaverse owner must have at least 1 Raw Land Block deployed.
  5. Raw Land blocks can be subdivided into Estates for other users, but Estates cannot be subdivided. Raw land blocks purchased can be transferred.
  6. To be eligible to purchase a raw Land Block from the Treasury the users must have Created a Metaverse project.
  7. We are considering that the landlord will have the ability to rent the estates to others so the landlord doesn’t have to do the development (Roadmap).

Land Size Matters

  • More land means more potential for more estates you can form by subdivision. Thus, more estate holders within your metaverse.
  • We are considering using land size to determine the max capacity of live event participation. Small land hosts small events, whereas large land hosts more users. Note, the event module will allow hosts and attendees to gather with real-time gifts with epic effects.
  • More land looks good on your map; it establishes your community authority.

Land Economy Explained

What is a Raw Land Block

Raw Land Blocks are the fundamentals of the Bit.Country land economy. All virtual land starts as a Raw Land Block. When a Raw land Block is deployed into the metaverse it comprises 100 individual Land Units that are arranged in a perfect square that is 10 Land Units by 10 Land Units.

Raw Land Blocks are purchased from the Bit.Country Treasury and then deployed into a Metaverse. Once deployed the Raw Land Block turns into 100 Land Units that collectively span 10,000 m2 of virtual land.

What is a Land Unit?

A Land Unit is the smallest buildable area in a metaverse, it is 10 m wide by 10 m long. The total area of a Land Unit in the metaverse is 100 square meters. Each Land Unit has a unique coordinate positioned inside that deployed Raw Land Block. All Land Units are NFTs and can be transferred to different wallets or sold on the NFT marketplace.

All of the individual 100 Land Units that make up a deployed Raw Land Block have unique metaverse coordinates.

What is an Estate?

Estates can be created to increase buildable land area. A minimum of two adjacent Land Units can be grouped together to create an Estate. Formation of an Estate transforms the individual Land Unit NFTs into a singular Estate NFT, it is an irreversible action. Estates can be created by either a metaverse owner or a user if they own adjacent Land Units.

Estates are formed by grouping neighboring land units together.

What is the Pioneer Map?

The Pioneer Map is a public map that hosts multiple different metaverses. A metaverse can be co-built by a community or solely built by an individual. For a metaverse to be collectively built the metaverse owner must sell or transfer Land Units or Estates to its community via the NFT marketplace. Estates take on a variety of shapes and are customized with a thumbnail image. Individual estates can be observed from the Pioneer Map.

Spots on the Pioneer Map will be auctioned to the public from the Treasury. To be eligible to bid on behalf of your metaverse for a spot the metaverse must have at least 1 Raw Land Block deployed.

A multi-metaverse map that is discoverable to the public. There are epicenters in the metaverse and on the pioneer map.

Location, Location & Location

Geo Campaign Airdrop Example

Within each Metaverse, the central location will have better economic benefits in the estate staking calculation.

On the pioneer map, depending on who your neighbors are, you may be surprised by geo-targeting campaigns by the surrounding neighbors.

Kaosland Distribution

After this event, we will focus on land distribution for crowdloan users in Kaosland. The land will be based on land units, and cannot be used to create your own metaverse. Please stay tuned for the update after the XenoForm events.


Metaverse.Network is the blockchain protocol on top of which Bit.Country is built. Designed and developed to support metaverses and related ecosystem projects. Providing an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform and protocol to build metaverse-native experiences.

Create projects to support the platform’s metaverses, or start a new metaverse directly on top of the protocol.

About Bit.Country

Bit.Country is a platform for user-created metaverses and games with opportunities to earn.

Launch your own individualized metaverse for your friends, family or members; with your own sky and dedicated world. Let your community be perpetuated on our metaverse machine, and share in the value created.

Customize your metaverse to match the culture of your community, and let them share in the ownership and governance of your world.

Need more information about Bit.Country Metaverse Network?

Website | Twitter | Medium | LinkedIn | Facebook | Telegram | Discord | Documentation | Parntership



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