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Announcing The Launch of Closed Beta

Bitmatrix is rolling out a private beta in the last week of December! Closed beta participants will test the early version of Bitmatrix for the first time on the Liquid testnet. You can apply to participate in beta by filling out this form.

Our team will send the first-100 closed beta participants a special type of NFT called MATRIX. MATRIX is a non-fungible digital art theme uniquely living on the Liquid network. It will allow the switch of the standard dark-mode Bitmatrix interface theme to a special one.

MATRIX will be issued on the Liquid network the following month after the closed beta. It will appear in “Settings” > “Theme” > “Exclusive Themes” if you happen to have the NFT in your Marina wallet.

What is Bitmatrix?

Bitmatrix is a constant product market maker built on the Liquid Network, which utilizes the power of bitcoin opcodes to enable automated liquidity provision across L-BTC and other Liquid assets.

What is the Liquid Network?

The Liquid Network is a sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges. Liquid enables faster, more confidential Bitcoin and Tether transactions and the issuance of digital assets.



Automated liquidity provision on Liquid.

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