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Bitmatrix F.A.Q.

  1. What is Bitmatrix?
    Bitmatrix is a constant product market maker built on Liquid Network, which utilizes the power of bitcoin opcodes to enable automated liquidity provision across L-BTC and other Liquid-based assets.
  2. What is Liquid Network?
    The Liquid Network is a sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges. Liquid enables faster, more confidential Bitcoin and Tether transactions and the issuance of digital assets.
  3. What can I do with Bitmatrix?
    You can create your own AMM pool, add liquidity to an existing pool, or swap two assets.
  4. What assets can I trade on Bitmatrix?
    You can trade any Liquid-based fungible asset on Bitmatrix, such as L-BTC, USDT, L-CAD, and EURx. However, the initial Bitmatrix version will support only one pool for the L-BTC<>USDT pair.
  5. What is the transaction capacity of Bitmatrix?
    A Bitmatrix pool can process up to 32 interactions per minute or 0.53 interactions per second.
  6. What are the trading fees on Bitmatrix?
    A dynamic %0.2 liquidity provider fee, a fixed 650 sats base fee, a fixed 50 sats service commission is charged from every swap. You can additionally offer a 1 to 2147483647 sat ordering fee that determines the ordering of your transaction.
  7. Can Bitmatrix transactions be front-run?
    The initial Bitmatrix version is subject to slippage-based front running. We’re planning a slightly different architecture for a second experimental version to mitigate slippage-based front running by design.
  8. Are flash loan attacks possible on Bitmatrix?
    No. Flash loan attacks are not possible in a Bitmatrix environment.
  9. How long does it take to transact with Bitmatrix?
    A Bitmatrix interaction can take one to two minutes to finalize.
  10. What wallet do I use to interact with Bitmatrix?
    You will need to have Marina Wallet installed on your browser to use Bitmatrix via the web interface.
  11. When will Bitmatrix go live?
    We’re expecting to roll out a private beta around late December this year. The public launch is delayed for Q3 2022.
  12. Where can I learn more about Bitmatrix?
    You can check out our Medium articles, read the early preview of the design paper, or join our community channel to ask specific questions that you may have.



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