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Bitmatrix Joins The Liquid Federation

We’re excited to announce Bitmatrix, and five other projects (DIGTL, GMO Coin, Mempool, Specter, and Zaprite) have recently joined the Liquid Network Federation.

The new additions will bring the total number of Liquid federation members to 63, including various exchanges, wallets, and Defi projects.

We’re thrilled to be a Liquid federation member and are looking forward to building the next generation of Bitcoin-native financial applications on the Liquid network.

Learn more about the new members and how they are integrating with the Liquid Network.

What is Bitmatrix?

Bitmatrix is a constant product market maker built on the Liquid Network, which utilizes the power of bitcoin opcodes to enable automated liquidity provision across L-BTC and other Liquid assets.

What is the Liquid Network?

The Liquid Network is a sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges. Liquid enables faster, more confidential Bitcoin and Tether transactions and the issuance of digital assets.




Automated liquidity provision on Liquid.

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