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BitOffer: Bitcoin ETF Rakes in Big Bucks, Key to the Wealth?

Day by day, finance becomes an indispensable part of our life. As inflation getting more and more serious, your money will be devalued without any flow brought by finance. The demand for the investment return becomes higher than before, and the traditional investments, such as stocks, funds, bonds, are no longer able to satisfy the demand nowadays. Thus, more and more capital starts moving to alternative assets: gold, realty, artwork, bitcoin, etc. Statistically, high-net-worth investors allocate at least 20% of their capitals to invest alternative assets, especially bitcoin.

It is noticeable that bitcoin owns the best performance with its increases exceeded 9,000,000% for a decade, which ranked №1 among all the investments. In the past 10 years, the S&P 500 Index rose by 2 times, gold increased by 25%, and even the best-performed stocks in the Russell 1,000 Index only boosted by 3000%. What is more, “9,000,000%” is only the profit reflected on the spot trading, if it was calculated in bitcoin derivatives, such as ETF and futures trading, the rate of return may reach a number we cannot imagine.

Recently, BitOffer, a professional bitcoin derivatives trading platform, launched BTC Leveraged ETF. With the features of “Buying Long&Short”, “No Margins”,” No Liquidation” and “Hold&Sell Supported”, BitOffer Bitcoin Leveraged ETF suddenly became popular and its total purchase amount has been over $50,000,000, which leads it to become the main force of capital investment.

Why Does Bitcoin Leveraged ETF Become the Main Force in 2020?

Bitcoin Leveraged ETF launched by BitOffer is significantly different from the traditional ETF. With the 3X leverage added on the base, each ETF corresponds to a certain number of futures contract positions. Moreover, due to its Automatic Position Adjustment Mechanism, the profits of BitOffer BTC Leveraged ETF will be more than 3 times to the profits of bitcoin on the spot trading market. If the market keeps rising, the profit would be higher and higher due to the Automatic Position Adjustment Mechanism plus the fund’s net value by compounding.

For the investors who prefer to invest bitcoins, Bitcoin Leveraged ETF has more advantages: with a similar trading pattern, but the rate of return is 3 times higher than the spot trading. Besides, in terms of the current situation that the popularity of BTC Leveraged ETF, it is obvious that most investors hold a good view of the halving of bitcoin next year. Even more

and more investors said that they would buy bitcoin ETF rather than buy bitcoins directly.

BitOffer has launched 3 indexes of BTC3X, BTCR, BTC3R as the net value and the prices of the corresponding ETF. The price and the net value may have some deviations, but it will be incredibly small in the purchase and redemption on BitOffer.

BTC3X means Open Long 3X BTC: When the bitcoin price rises 5%, the BTC3X is expected to rise by about 15%.

BTCR means Open Short 1X BTC: When the bitcoin price drops 5%, the BTCR is expected to rise by about 5%.

BTC3R means Open Short 3X BTC: When the bitcoin price drops 5%, the BTC3R is expected to rise by 15%.

At last, here is a case:

1. The 3rd halving of bitcoin is coming; the bitcoin price is expected to rise by twice;

2. The upgrade of the miner machine will probably lead the bitcoin price to rise by twice;

3. Now the bitcoin price is $7,500, the price after halving is expected to be at $7,500*4= $30,000.

In this period, the bitcoin price rises by 4 times, here is a comparison between holding bitcoins and Bitcoin Leveraged ETF:

1. 4 times profit would be made if holding bitcoins;

2. The least profit would be 12X, and the highest profit would be 20X; If purchasing Bitcoin Leveraged ETF(BTC3X).

After reviewing the case above, Bitcoin Leveraged ETF is your best investment strategy if you hold a good view of the bitcoin market in 2020; Otherwise, inverse ETF is also supported on BitOffer. In simple words, purchasing Bitcoin Leveraged Inverse ETF(BTCR, BTC3R) would also gain a huge amount of profit when the bear market presents.



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